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Mother’s Voice Earth Heart Spirit Newsletter

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  • Jeremy Huber
    Mother’s Voice EarthHeart Spirit Newsletter January 31, 2004 The Earthheart Spirit channeled messages are on the web site, except for Daisy’s “First
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      Mother�s Voice
      EarthHeart Spirit Newsletter
      January 31, 2004

      The Earthheart Spirit channeled messages are on the web site, except for Daisy�s �First Word� below.  On the site after the introduction page when you enter, under the �Earth� button you will find the four pages that change each week, which are: Message from Spirit, Questions and Answers, Focus Fun, and Quote pages.  The Focus Fun contains a suggestion for discussions for the Yahoo group around the Spirit�s message for the week. The hyperlink to the site is below.


      Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Light!

      Once again my heart is filled to overflowing for our four legged friends.  They are my teachers.  They are so filled with Spirit that they exemplify the messages we so often miss. So I will try to share my messages from this week with you in words.

      As the cold and the wind and the snow were swirling around, and visibility was less than a quarter of a mile, the temperatures were near negative 40 F., I was looking out my back glass door.  As I watched, movement caught my eye.  I looked harder and saw a beautiful white fox, the first one I�ve ever seen.  He/she was running from one tree to another, waiting, and then running again.  With each little run, s/he was getting nearer and nearer to our little village. Slowly, s/he approached the area which instinctively s/he feared.  Finally, and with great caution, s/he approached an area about 30 yards out from my house where we put out feed for the wild animals who are in distress, and began to eat.

      It was a beautiful sight, and one that brings joy to the heart, knowing that this little being will survive because it learned to trust with caution.  As I opened my heart to communicate with the little one, s/he looked up a moment and felt the welcome, put her/his head back down and ate its fill.  S/he has come again.

      My lesson here, beloved friends, is that when circumstances look dire to us, it is time to overcome our fears, take a chance to meet new friends, find a new community, and share in the abundance of others who give from their hearts out of joy.  They are there, waiting for us if we learn to trust.  Spirit will always guide us to the right place if we will but just follow.

      My resident Bunny has taught me two lessons this week.  As I mentioned, we are breaking the all time records for snowfall and cold this winter.  My Bunny lives under my front steps.  Usually, she comes out in the morning to play or wait by the driveway to tell me goodbye when I leave. This week, she has only come out once that I have seen.  I shaved a bunch of carrots into little pieces for her and took them out.  Because of the temperatures and the wind, I put them right at the opening (in fact I had to remove enough snow so there was an opening) of her little home.  Later, as I watched, she came out far enough to sniff this windfall, but she didn�t touch and she didn�t eat. It was many hours later that she took one small piece (which by now she had to dig for) and took it back inside.  It has now been five days, and the majority of the carrots are gone. She has spent the week inside, doing whatever her Bunny heart tells her is right.  I know she is safe and warm next to the heated basement of my home.

      My first lesson from this dear heart is when there is a sudden windfall that looks too good to be true, relax, don�t rush, be thoughtful and serene and cautious, using good sense.  If it is real, it is not going away, and is not harmful.  If it isn�t for your highest good, you will see that when you ask for guidance.  Sample a very small portion.  If that feels good and is nourishing to your body and soul, you will know that it comes from Spirit�s wish to care for you and it is good.  Then store some away for other times when there is need.

      My second lesson from the furry one (who is very furry now) is to listen to my own heart and guidance.  When everything within is telling you to go within, to stay inside your safe harbor, to hibernate for a day or two and be alone with your thoughts, do it!  You need not explain nor apologize to anyone for this respite from the world. Revel in the warmth and protection that Spirit provides. Take naps; snuggle up and do whatever you most wish to do.  Think, or not, as the Spirit moves you.  There will be other days to challenge the elements, but store up some Spiritual time and nourish your body and soul first.  Spirit will always �nudge� you toward your highest good.

      My deer.  Ah, they are so glorious!  What joyous hearts these beautiful creatures have.  Daisy is so very right in telling us that they think only in the moment, they live in the moment.  In the village, we have over 200 deer (we aren�t truly sure how many, but have counted more than 200 at a time) who know it is totally safe here.  They cannot be hunted nor harassed within our boundaries, which are extensive.  So, they wander the streets and yards, unconcerned.  They watch for cars, which is a funny sight, because they seem to be asking, �Are you going to drive on or just sit there and watch?�  Then they become impatient and walk or run across your pathway, heads high, showing off just how glorious they are.  One of my favorite Christmas sights was due to a neighbor who put deer sculptures made of some heavy gauge wire out in his yard for the seasonal decoration.  The real deer would go each evening to stand by the sculptures for awhile, and when possible, graze near.  It looked like they were there �just in case the wire ones needed some friends.�

      When the need is great, many people put out feed for the deer (and any other animals that eat the same things).  Recognizing that these beautiful creatures are wild and need to remain so, the feed is just left out with no attempt to tame or schedule feeding times and so forth.  So, the deer wander in and out on their own schedule and have fun doing so.  Just last night, after feeding within the circle in which I live (the drifts were about four and five feet deep) it looked as though the dainty ones would have trouble finding a way out.  What I witnessed was three small yearlings pondering the drifts.  Finally, one walked back toward my front door, then suddenly turned as though the answer had just come to her, and without rush walked to the drift and simply sailed over it.  The other two little ones looked at each other and summarily flew over the drift themselves stretched fully out with legs horizontal to the Earth.  Then the entire group of 20 or so all began a wonderful game of flying over the many drifts, apparently have a great time, because they went around in a huge circular pattern jumping over all of the various drifts  not missing one,  repeatedly.  A new game.  And they were magnificent.  The largest big stag was clearly showing off is beauty, which was considerable.  And they were having a great time.  (Keep in mind a wind chill at that time of more than -40 degrees F, which is very stressful even for those meant to remain outside.)  But these marvelous creatures were saying there was no cause for anything but joy.

      The lesson my beauties gave to me was when appearances would have me believe that there is a challenge that I cannot get around or through, fly over it.  No obstacle is so great that it cannot be solved with a bit of thought.  Turn your back on it, and the answer will come. Create a game of it and others will join in the fun and the joy, and what appeared to be a problem will become the impetus for a new means of bringing more joy and community of love into your world.  Be happy and meet all circumstances in the moment with love and Spirit�s joyful answers.

      Finally, Dearest Ones, I must go to the winged ones, because they are my laugh-out-loud lesson bringers.  We are blessed with many flocks of prairie chickens.  They are larger than domestic chickens and are currently quite chubby (God has blessed them.)  I know I keep saying how cold it is, but the emphasis is particularly significant for the prairie chickens. Here it is, negative 40 degrees, the wind is howling creating blizzard conditions, and Grandfather Sun can�t be seen, but the darkness is fading fast with the reflection of his great light.  Out my dining room window is a snow-drift over six feet high (I haven�t measured, it�s over my head).  And who comes racing on the scene on wee tiny little legs and feet, with an occasional lift from wings, but a flock of prairie chickens.  The wind is blowing their feathers away from their bodies, and sometimes they take a step back after one or two forward.  �These wee creatures face the elements with brave hearts,� I think as I watch them.  But bravery and courage are not in their display.  They have gathered a bunch of friends together in community to play a very rough and tumble game of what appears to be �King-of-the-Hill.�  It was so funny, and they so intent, that I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my cheeks.  It was like watching pee-wee football in free-for-all.  I even saw gestures that reminded me of grown football players.  A wing thrown over a co-player's back for a second to say, �good play.�

       They played for almost 45 minutes when they had evidently worn themselves out and left, all in a huddle of camaraderie, for whatever locker rooms they inhabit.  I wished them farewell and thanks and added a little prayer for their continued well-being.

      The Prairie Chicken Lesson:  When the environment, situation, life (take your pick) contains an unsolvable problem, a currently insurmountable challenge, a terminal puzzle, go get a bunch of friends together and play hard.  Exhaust yourself in communal games and times of shared camaraderie, joy and fun and physical play.  Then when the games are over, all go to one home and discuss the plays and how much fun it was to be together in creating a joyous time for all  even the on-lookers. And I would add, �then take a nap.�  Whatever the challenge or problem is or was is not yours to solve, so leave it.  Time will solve it; it�s not your problem.  Allow.  Accept.  Forget it.

      There, Beloved Earth Heart Spirit friends are my lessons for the week from my animal brothers and sisters.  I hope you enjoyed them and they give you food for thought.

      With great love and blessings,

      Daisy�s First Word

      Greetings to you, my friends!

      It doesn�t feel quite right to be flippant after that newsletter, but I�ll give it a shot!  Teehee.  After all, the point is to have fun, right?  So, my beloved children of the Light, what have been your lessons for the week?  Ah, ha!  Don�t tell me you didn�t notice them.  Think back, I�m sure no one was left out!  Hahahaha

      For those of you who cannot stomach so much joy, look for the little things that were gifts to you this week.  What?  You don�t think there were any?  Now I know what the word �stubborn� really means.  Giggle giggle giggle.  Bless your hearts, you are just so determined, Dear Ones.  So, follow this pathway until you are tired of it, then come and let�s play.

      As for you with the Golden hearts who desire all good things for all  - especially Mother Earth and everyone upon her, don�t forget to laugh and play in all of your seriousness.  For the wheel of love and laughter is circular, Dear Ones, and one creates the other always.  I might even suggest that without one, you may lose the other.  (Horrors!  This Angel is almost blasphemous!  Heeheehee)  But love is not painful, nor heavy, nor does it take itself too seriously, Beloveds, it is, rather, freeing and Light, playful and fulfilling. (Any chance I get to say �Have Fun!).

      Now for those of you who just have no serious bone in your bodies, who always put themselves first in the enjoyment category, who spend their lives playing and just having a good time living only in the moment with not thought to their future or the future of the world and the need to straighten things out either personally, politically, or emotionally, I say, �Great Job! Good for you!  Keep it up!�  For you see, dear ones, these people are the prairie chickens of your species. (OH, I love that sentence! Giggle.)   Through their silliness, you always glimpse the reminder of living in joy and love. So keep a few of these guys around for your own amusement. Heehee.  Hmmm.  I think I may re-name myself the Spirit of the Prairie Chicken. Hahahahahahahaahaha.  My, that felt good!

      With all the seriousness of which I am capable, I send you rich blessings of great Joy, Love, Light and the desire to lay down all cares and have some fun!


      This Weeks New Spirit Messages, Questions and Answers, Quote, and Focus Fun are available at:
      Much Love To All,
      Standing on the bare ground, -- my head bathed by the blithe air, and uplifted into infinite space, -- all mean egotism vanishes. I become a transparent eye-ball; I am nothing; I see all; the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me; I am part or particle of God. The name of the nearest friend sounds then foreign and accidental: to be brothers, to be acquaintances, -- master or servant, is then a trifle and a disturbance. I am the lover of uncontained and immortal beauty. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
      Authors Website:

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