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Re: [lovingpurelove] Leaving the wheel of reincarnation

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  • Polly Menendez
    I agree Tom. Several times I ve been confronted with people who seem wrapped up with the idea of reincarnation and life as a means to work out karma, and
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 6, 2002
      I agree Tom.  Several times I've been confronted with people who seem wrapped up with the idea of reincarnation and life as a means to work out  karma, and then leave it all behind.  I have checked with myself and reply that I believe I "continue".  Life is God's and incarnation is a blessing.  We incarnate to make life more divine.
      We have on file the angel message of 11 degrees Capricorn, the Angels of Reincarnation, CERMIEL.  Message #941
      Below, I have included only the physical presentation of these virtues.  Only a portion of the total divinity we are privy to, and shows the importance of mastering the Divine Virtues.
      Blessings to all.
      Love, Polly
      C: ‘On the physical plane the Virtue of the Eucharist gives one the ability to enliven the whole of matter and to equip it with the mental and emotional qualities of the Divine Virtues. This is the true "modification of matter by the word."
      E: ‘The mysteries of materialization-condensation and dematerialization-refinement are understood on the physical plane through this attunement to Universal Consciousness. A person learns to intensify any idea, concept, mental or emotional energy in such a way that they become physically visible. Everything in the physical world, it’s coming into form and it’s going back into the subtle worlds, was made possible by the Virtue of Universal Consciousness’.
      R: ‘In the material world, the virtue of freedom and independence causes a rational widening of intellect which enables the comprehension of any knowledge quickly and without difficulty. The ability to express in words is enlivened and any mission undertaken is met with success’.
      M: ‘In the physical world, the power of controlling the principle of flowing in the micro and macrocosms is achieved. Among other things, this gives control over gravity’.
      I: ‘On the material plane this virtue corresponds to all laws of analogies between the micro-and the macrocosm, the above and the below, the inward and the outward. Everything that has shape, measure, number and weight has been created by the help of this virtue of Cause and Effect. Once this virtue is mastered, the greatest miracles in the material world can be caused by using the respective analogies to shape, measure, number and weight, which are the chief components of the material world. Besides mastering these, a person may become a perfect metaphysician and to comprehend all laws presently still unknown and to apply them in all fields’.
      E: same as above
      L: ‘On the physical world perfect health, beauty and harmony are attained and this creates perfect vitality. This is the path to permanent youth. With permission from Divine Providence a person who has mastered the Divine Virtues may give permanent youth to another. The vital energy controlled by this mastery may be connected to any other letter and virtue for intensification. In this way matter can be spiritualized to make medicines.’
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      Subject: [lovingpurelove] Leaving the wheel of reincarnation

      Over the years (I've been involved in metaphysics since 1973) I have
      met several people who believe that this is their final incarnation.
      There are many teachings which state that once you are enlightened
      enough, you will leave the wheel of reincarnation to become a being
      of pure spirit.  I don't believe that is true.  It is a catch 22
      situation.  If you were enlightened enough to deserve to leave the
      wheel of reincarnation, you would be enlightened enough to know that
      you need to stay around to help the rest of humanity reach your level
      of enlightenment.  Most of those who wish to leave the
      reincarnational cycle look upon matter as evil and view incarnation
      as some sort of punishment.  I believe the opposite is true.
      Incarnation is a blessing, otherwise there would not be so many
      people around!  There are souls queued up waiting for the opportunity
      to incarnate.  There are things we can do only while incarnated,
      otherwise there would be no need to incarnate in the first place.  We
      are here to learn to help one another, if we want to leave, we
      haven't learned that lesson.  We are here to learn to love one
      another and if we want to leave, abandoning the rest of humanity to
      their fate, we have not learned that lesson.  This is such a nice
      place, why leave?

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