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Fw: 11 Pisces The Angels of Light

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  • Polly Menendez
    11 degrees Pisces The Angels of Light Also known as The Angels of ‘Vollman’ Beloved, ‘We initiate people into the most subtle mysteries of light.’ The
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2002


      11 degrees Pisces

      The Angels of Light

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Vollman’


      ‘We initiate people into the most subtle mysteries of light.’

      The fullfillments of the previous 10 degrees of Pisces have prepared mankind for the next step. This step is complete immersion in and understanding of light.

      Light waves carry information. Different colored light carries the information about different divine qualities.

      ‘Following our instruction, people reach a degree of maturity which enables them to apply the mysteries of light to create miracles.



      ‘They are able to achieve anything with light in all three planes—the feeling, the mental, and the physical, and are set into a state of happiness which cannot be described.’

      By mastering the divine virtues of the letters of our name, a person is able to visualize color with such power that miraculous changes manifest on all levels of consciousness.

      Each color is automatically impregnated with the appropriate divine quality, along with sensation, emotion, and musical tone.

      A person who works with light in this manner is at the stage in which miracles manifest like lightning from the sword of imagination.

      The skill of using light is a path of spiritual mastery.

      This powerful use of will and imagination of light is so profound, that the Children of Earth use it for any transformation needed to bring heaven to earth.

      Here is our story:

      Transformed by the Light

      A scraggly band of men hang out across the street from a small Korean grocery in the roughest part of the city. They are a gang of smugglers who trade not in diamonds and material goods, but in kidnapping helpless people, children and animals who are then subjected to great suffering and possible death.

      A young woman secretly watches from behind the counter of the grocery store. She is very enlightened, and sees who they are and knows exaclty what they are doing.

      How can she stop these men? How can she put a stop to this cruel practice not only now, but in the future? How can she help the victims who pray so passionately for salvation?

      She thinks of her meditations in the cosmic language. She calls on the Angels of ‘Vollman’, the angels of light who she has studied very deeply.

      "Dear Angels of ‘Vollman’, we must transform these men! Once they were innocent children. With the right upbringing they could have grown into artists and writers, skilled scientists and teachers, even holy men and healers. We must help them. We must help their victims. We must end this cycle of abuse for them and everyone. Please help me to help them all!"

      Immediately she inhales and her mind enters infinite silence.

      Great shafts of lilac light appear in her inward vision. The Angels of ‘Vollman’, ever ready to serve in the cause of uniting heaven and earth, come into her presence.

      Soft shades of lilac completely engulf her in cosmic unification of consciousness and she is filled with the coolness of passionate universal love.

      Tones of a lovely bell ringing the note of G fill her.

      She breathes out and imagines the group of men and their victims surrounded by and filled with lilac light. The light permeates their will, their mind, their emotions, and every cell of their physical bodies. They are surrounded and infilled with cosmic intuition and universal love.

      For a few moments she sees this liliac light going backward into their past, healing all their years of poverty, abuse and suffering, and spreading out to touch all the people of their past. She then sees the lilac light stretching into their futures, enlivining them and transforming them into sages, healers, and brave warriors of truth and justice.

      Time stops.

      The ringing bell slowly fades away.


      She breathes in again. This time the light is ultramarine blue of Divine Justice and Harmony. She feels the weight of materializing power. The bell rings this time in the note of C.

      She breathes out again and imagines the deep electric blue of Archangel Michael swirling and flooding through every pore of these men across the street from her, flooding through every cell, and transmuting their wills, thoughts and feelings.

      The deep blue light of harmony and justice spreads into their past and into their future and outward beyond to every creature and every person they have ever interacted with, or ever will.

      She breathes in the luminous olive green of the united spectrum of Divine Virtues of Infinite Consciousness. She breathes out and sees the men and their victims immersed in the splendor and majesty of God. The note of the bell is F. The sensation of ease relaxes them as the olive green light permeates them all with the feeling of true spiritual morality.

      She breathes in the wind of olive green light again, and breathes out as the bell rings even louder in the note of F. The olive green light strengthens its influence in the hearts and minds of the men and their victims so that they cannot fail to see the majesty of God in every creature, in every person, in every breath of life throughout all creation.

      She breathes in the passionate cool bluegreen light of strong feeling and emotion. Breathing out, the bluegreen light takes control, opening everyone’s hearts to the magnetism of the Divine Feminine Force in its purest expression. The bell rings the tone of D.

      The men are rooted to the spot. In a living pentecost, they feel themselves opening their hearts in the embrace of a magnetism so strong that nothing can resist it. They experience their original purity and innocence as infants. They remember their original connection with God.

      She breathes in light blue color of divine wisdom and enlightenment. Breathing out, she blows a sense of ease into their minds, filling them with light blue light and the understanding of the original purity of all ideas.

      The men begin to look upon each other and their surroundings with new eyes, as if they have just awakened from a long bad nightmare and found themselves safe and surrounded with love once again.

      She breathes in again, this time the deep red color of supreme happiness.

      Breathing out, she imagines supreme happiness flooding into their very being. They feel a chill that frees their very souls from every dark influence that has ever attached itself to them.

      The young woman watches inwardly as the Angels of ‘Vollman’ engulf the whole world in heavenly lights.

      After a while the sounds of the busy street fade into her awareness and her attention goes back to the men across the street.

      She sees that they are quiet. Each one is in deep thought. They begin looking each other in the eye. They know. They just know. No words need be spoken.

      The young girl sees that there are angels and ancestors hovering around each of them. She is not surprised when they slowly disband, going off in ones and twos to listen to their hearts and walk the long path to their true spiritual perfection.

      She prays a prayer of gratitude to Divine Providence. She asks the heavenly hosts to continue to protect guide them and turns her attention back to the whole world, praying again for all of the other abusers and victims, asking that they all continue to receive the miracles of the light of the Angels of ‘Vollman’.

      Later that day one of the men quietly comes to the door of the store and catches her eye. It is the thin short man with the limp, the quiet one with the hooded eye who always seemed to know more than the others. He looks at her. She looks back. Eye to eye, their souls meet. They know. Their hearts merge.

      A million words pass without a single word being spoken out loud. She offers her hand. He touches it, nods his head slightly with a faint smile, and slowly turns away.

      As she watches his back disappearing in the crowd, she knows that she has just witnessed the return of a great soul that has been cleansed of lifetimes of agony and pain.

      The heavens are rejoicing.

      Later as she is closing down the store, she has a vivid hunch that some day he will return and ask her to teach him the language of light.



      V…’From the quabbalistic point of view, letter "V" is no actual letter, it is usually dealt with in the same way as "F:, which has the same phonetic pronunciation. If pronounced weakly, it is almost a "W": and if pronounced sharply, it is phoneticaly equivalent to "F". ‘

      In this instance we are treating it as a "W", which is the divine virtue of Universal love and cosmic unification of consciousness. [ If we treat it as "F", it would represent the divine virtue of the legality and harmony of all visible worlds. F is the color of light green and the musical note of F sharp. It is the element of earth and has the sensation of weight. The left hand if formed from it.]

      W…‘Akasha: In the principle of consciousness penetrating all, the W oscillation evokes cosmic unification of consciousness and cosmic influence. Seen from a higher cosmic point of view, this is also an aspect of cosmic, universal love. Divine Providence will only allow a person who is able to evoke unification of consciousness in the principle of consciousness penetrating all to comprehend and understand the original principle of cosmic intuition, which, at the same time, may be regarded as the outpouring of cosmic love.’

      ‘Mental: Unification of consciousness and universal love awakens all faculties of the medium in the intellect. Among many other things, a person develops an excellent sense for clairsentience so that he/she will be able to influence his spirit and mind with any idea of any field of science in such a way that he/she will have the feeling of identification with this idea. Also one’s faculty of concentration increases up to the climax which is called samahi by the Indians.’

      ‘Astral: In the emotional body, unification of consciousness and universal love arouses religious feelings and talents which are necessary for true mysticism. If desired, the emotional body is able to evoke a temple atmosphere within itself, or in its vicinity, whenever and wherever it is needed. People in this vicinity are seized by a religious and mystical devotion which passes into some sort of rapture and isolation from the world. Absolute clairaudience and telephony develops so that not only is one able to hear all beings and perceive, by sense of hearing, everything spoken in the remotest past, in the present or in the future, but also clearly perceive over the greatest distances, everything that he/she directs his/her consciousness to; and will be able to say words into his feeling body—functioning as transmitter—that will be heard physically even by far away non-initiates.’

      ‘Material: The ability to differentiate everything mortal in the world from the eternal is acquired by unification of consciousness and universal love. All kinds of deception are recognized. Control over water and water beings is also acquired.

      Lilac color with the note of G. The element is water so it has the sensation of coolness. The gut is formed from it.


      O…Divine justice and harmony, which gives success in everything. Ultramarine blue with the note of C. Earth element so it has the sensation of weight. The throat and windpipe is formed from it.


      L… All of the divine virtues together, notably sanctification of emotion, which is the astral light. Olive green with the note of F. The air element so it has the sensation of ease. The spleen if formed from it.


      L…The splendor and majesty of God, which are all the virtues taken together.


      M…The heart of passion and feeling. Bluegreen with the note of D. Water element, sensation of coolness. The abdomen is formed from it.


      A… Wisdom and enlightenment, artistic gifts, eloquence, psychic faculties, command over the air and beings of the air. Light blue with the note of G. Air element, sensation of ease. The lungs are formed from it.


      N…Supreme happiness.

      Dark red with the note of A. Water element, sensation of coolness or chill. The liver is formed from it.


      The musical melody of our name is G, C,F,F,D, G, and A.




      The First Law

      The Law of One

      In order to facilitate remembrance of The Law of One which protects everyone in all situations, it is recommended to

      memorize it so well that you can say it in your dreams.


      Be sure to think about each line of this law until you feel that you understand it. If you need to reword it slightly in order to resonate with it better, this is recommended as long as the original meaning is kept intact.

      For instance, a Christian might say, "One with the Christ." A Muslim " One with Allah, or one with Mohammed." A Buddhist ,"One with Buddha", etc….If you wish to replace the word ‘omniscient’ with ‘all-knowing’, ‘’omnipresent’ with ‘everywhere present’, and ‘omnipotent’ with ‘all-powerful’, the meaning stays the same. I have found over the years that I change the wording slightly every now and then to reflect my present state of understanding of it.

      The first law.



      We are all one.

      When one is harmed, all are harmed.

      When one is helped, all are helped.

      Therefore, in the name of who I AM; [ and I am one with all beings, all masters, saints, and prophets, with angels and all enlightened beings throughout time and space and beyond],

      I ask that ONLY that which is THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED

      Happen here and now, as well as through all space and time.

      I am deeply grateful that this is done.

      So be it.




      To new subscribers:

      The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah, which is a very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world’s religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

      Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host and the angels who work with them. The being and the angels share the same name. This name is a key to their powers and influence.

      Each letter of the name represents a particular divine virtue, and each virtue has a sound, a musical note, a color, a sensation, a part of the body that is formed by the virtue. The way to "speak " this ancient language is to be aware of the virtues of each letter using all of these aspects. This requires wholebrain thinking that uses all four brainwaves at the same time: Delta-pure being, Theta-deep inward thought, Alpha-feeling and emotion, and Beta-the five senses, logic, and memory.

      When a human being uses the ancient language in this way, a sine wave is created in consicousness that strikes a sympathetic resonance with the larger universe. The smaller sine wave nests in a larger one and this virtue manifests both in the person doing the meditation and in the outer world.

      [Even if a person uses only a part of this meditation at first, such as only the visualizations and the meaning, so some extent the sine wave of a divine virtue is manifested and creates exciting changes. With practice, the other aspects can be added.]

      Each degree of the zodiac is an attunement with a different aspect of life.

      By looking at each of your planets and important points in your natal astrological chart, you can figure which divine virtues are your unique signature of divine qualities.

      Look at the fixed stars that are aspecting the planets and points of a natal chart for the star assisted portions of a persons DESTINY in this lifetime.


      The meditation for each letter is the same as the meditation for all the other letters and their virtues. If, in this current message, the colors, sensations, and musical note are not given, please refer to previous messages in which they are. Also refer to 12 Aquarius, The Angels of ‘Hatuny’, also known as The Angels of The Cosmic Language.

      For this example, we are using the letter "A" , which is the virtue of Wisdom and Enlightenment.

      See, or imagine, yourself as a tiny dot in your solar plexus with the rest of the body as an infinite
      swirling universe all around you.

      WILL and intend to invoke the virtue of Wisdom and Enlightenment within your being. The strength and purity of your will determines the creative POWER of this meditation.

      Add to this the clear imagination of the color shining forth from the area of the body that is formed
      by the virtue. In this case, see light blue shining from the lungs.

      Meditate on the meaning of the virtue with your intellect, in a Theta brainwave state of deep inward thought. In this case, the letter A, meditate on the virtue of wisdom and enlightenment, on the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind. Focus and concentrate on this long enough for clear insights and concepts to form. This is the BLUEPRINT, OR MOLD for creating with this virtue.

      Hear the musical note, in this case G.

      Now FEEL yourself having mastery of wisdom and enlightenment. Feel yourself having perfect clairvoyance, clairaudience, eloquence, artistic gifts, and the power of levitation. The intensity of your FEELING determines the attractive POWER of your meditation to manifest in form.

      Now add to this a strong imagined sensation of the element, in this case a sensation of ease, filling the
      body. See yourself having perfect dominion over the beings of the air, over storms, wind, and breeze.

      When you breathe out, see all of this radiating through the pores of the skin over the body part, in this case the lungs, and filling all of outer space. When you breathe in, see this radiating in through the pores of the skin and filling the entire body.

      By performing this meditation with a vivid imagination and strong feeling, such a strong
      connection is made between universal mind and individual mind, that
      they become one.

      "I and the Father are one."]



      Use Rapid Eye Movement [REM] while surfing feelings that come up. This is the eye movement that the body does automatically in dreaming. Emotional processing uses many of the same neurological states as dreaming, and could be termed "a waking dream". REM is moving the eyes back and forth, right to left and back again, over and over, at any speed that is comfortable, while reliving the memories or just feeling any feelings. PAY ATTENTION ONLY TO THE FEELINGS and any insights, memories, or thoughts that arise, let the eye movement be absentminded and automatic, otherwise it won’t work. Eye movement shifts the emotional-thought energy back and forth from one brain hemisphere to the other and allows it to process naturally.



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      The International Sound Symposium


      The Australian Aboriginal Elders said to me last year:

      " Music is Sound.

      Sound is Vibration

      Vibration Creates Form.

      To maintain the Health of this Earth

      We sing on Power Spots

      We Sing the Songlines

      back to health.

      If we did not sing the Earth

      it would get very sick.

      That's why we Aboriginals

      have Keepers for Power Spots.

      They are in charge of looking after that place

      and keeping it healthy.

      When we come together in a Corroboree

      it's not just a bunch of blackfellas

      singing and dancing like mad.

      We come together to sing the songlines of Earth back to health.

      This is very important.

      When we get together

      We are more powerful".

      Auntie Pauline

      Mt. Warning, NSW

      Oct. 2001


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