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14 Capricorn, The Angels of Gases and Liquids

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    14 degrees Capricorn The Angels of Gases and Liquids Also known as The Angels of Afimo Beloved, We are original inspirers of physics and chemistry. All
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 4, 2004
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      14 degrees Capricorn

      The Angels of Gases and Liquids

      Also known as


      The Angels of ‘Afimo’





      ‘We are original inspirers of physics and chemistry. All people who invent and produce gases are under our guidance and protection’.


      ‘We initiate them into the secrets of evaporation in nature, into the absorbing of liquids, and the return of water in the form of rain and snow.’


      ‘All the physical procedures in the physical world having to do with evaporation of any kind are controlled by us.’


      ‘We teach you how to produce rain and fog in nature and how to stop them and make them disappear. We reveal to you how to turn liquids and solid forms into gas.’


      ‘As mankind embraces fully the scientific ethic of harmlessness, we reveal inventions which help moderate the weather and create conditions like the garden of Eden on the Earth.’




      The more heat- the element of fire and intent , that is applied to a liquid, the element of feeling, the more the liquid [feeling] expands and turns into gas, the element of air, or mental concepts, ideas, and thoughts.


      This describes both the process of water turning into water vapor, and the process of turning feelings into thoughts.


      “As above, so below.”



      Energy takes on different expressions depending its degree of refinement or condensation.



      As the Angels of ‘Trisacha’, 13 degrees Capricorn, explained,  It is the will of Divine Providence at this time of the Age of Aquarius that technical inventions mirror the gifts of the spirit.



      When the Law of One is followed, so that only the highest good of all concerned is desired and created, we help the Children of Light and Love learn that weather can be controlled through consciousness alone, or it can be controlled through technical inventions.


      The five elements which correspond to consciousness-penetrating-all, will, thought, feeling, and form, are transmuted into perfection by seeing them through the eyes of love, by cognition brought about by Love Divine.


      They express themselves harmoniously in each plane of energy, according to the principle of "As above, so below."




      Energy is recursive and fractal. This means that energy patterns repeat themselves indefinitely in both directions of smallness and largeness, condensation and expansion. That is why an atom looks like a solar system.  This is also why it is said that man is made in the image of The Creator.


      In dealing with matter, the analogies are the same as dealing with emotions or thoughts or will. The more expansive the energy, the more it elevates to the next plane above it, and the more contractive the energy, the more it gravitates to the plane below it.



      For instance, in the case of the Angels of ‘Erimihala’, as emotions [water] become more expansive and refined, through will [fire], they expand to thought [air] energy.



      This creates a spiraling positive feedback loop. These thoughts support expansive feelings which create even more beautiful thoughts in turn.


      This is similar to the evaporation and condensation of water in weather patterns.


       The element of desire is fire. High feelings and thoughts naturally lead to desire for perfection. Heat is expansive energy that creates a feedback loop so that energy spirals into higher and higher and more refined states.


      One application of this principle of expansion  is life extension. It is literally possible to change the specific gravity of the physical body, which is primarily liquid, by expansive spiritual practices, and in so doing make it less dependent on physical food to supply nutritional needs,  and then sustenance is derived directly from light and prana, the energy of life itself.


       As one becomes more refined in thought and expansive in spiritual practices, and in turn more identified with the light body, the physical body becomes less weighty and earthbound, and consequently less constricted by physical matter.  Levitation is possible.


      As contraction and coolness is increased, energy becomes more solid. In this case air [thought] condenses into water [feeling], and water [feeling] condenses into ice [solid form].



       The more that the physical realm is loved and seen as Paradise, as equally desirable and important as the higher realms, and seen as an expression of Supreme Happiness, the more cohesion builds and weighty thoughts and feelings become subject to materiality.


      Contracting feelings are subject to individuality, time, and space. They become feelings of number, weight, shape, and measure.  Here energy has physical form. 



      As the Children of Light and Love perfect their own inner elements of heat, air, water and earth, which correspond to will, thought, feeling, and form, so will they gain mastery over the four elements in the outer world.








      A…Wisdom and enlightenment, clairvoyance, levitation, and control of air.  Shines with a light blue color to the sound of letter soft a in the musical note of G.

      F…The legality of harmony in all visible worlds. The above reflects in the below.  Shines with a light green color to the sound of letter F in the musical note of F sharp.

      I…The law of Cause and Effect, memory, conscience, and remembrance, and control over shape, weight, measure and number. Shines with a light opalescent color to the sound of letter I in the musical note of G.

      M…Feeling and Emotion, the power to flow, change,  and control of water. Shines with a blue green light to the sound of letter M in the musical note of D.

      Umlaut O, OE… Transmutation caused by seeing through the eyes of love, it is cognition brought about by Love Divine. Shines with a deep orange light to the sound of letter OE in the musical note of D sharp.







      Note:  Here is a letter I just received with a question about creating a volt with the Law of One.



      If you wish to create a volt of this prayer, carefully meditate on it twice in the Akasha which is consciousness-penetrating-all . Then meditate on it sixty more times with emphasis on the meaning of it, in the mind and mental sphere. Then finally meditate on it four hundred more times with emphasis on FEELING IT. The question here is: the meditation should be done over a period of how many days? weeks?


      Its best to do this gradually and naturally over time as you use the Law to transform everyday situations and concerns, in matters personal or for others, large situations or small. In my case, the Law of One just comes 'sort of automatically' into my mind in any situation that seems hard to deal with. Sometimes it just pop in even when everything is fine. I feel very powerful changes in the universe whenever I invoke the Law of One.


      When this number of meditations have been performed, a volt is formed, so that when you think of The Law of One, a volt shoots from the akasha, [consciousness-penetrating-all], through the will, mind, emotions into form.



      Answer: “Since you are using the Law of One naturally as needed, this volt will form naturally, so don't even worry about it. I only suggest that you do two deep powerful meditations WHERE YOU SEE AND FEEL THIS LAW PERMEATING EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, THROUGH ALL TIME AND SPACE and CONTROLLING EVERYTHING THROUGH THE FREE WILL COOPERATION OF ALL IN CREATION WHO HAVE THE INDWELLING PRESENCE OF DIVINE LIFE THAT WANTS THE HIGHEST GOOD OF SELF AND OTHERS. This will form the 2 that are needed in the Akasha.


      Also, whenever you have the time, when you use the Law of One, THINK ABOUT IT, what it means. Get a CLEAR picture and concept in your mind of WHY THIS LAW WORKS and WHAT IT ACTUALLY MEANS. I think you may have already been doing this anyway, and it is this sort of activity that brings about the 60 mental times.


      And every time you use it, take enough time to FEEL it, FEEL the highest good of all concerned happening, feel how wonderful it is for all those beings to be their happiest, their most joyous and free, having all their needs met in the best way! This will guarentee that the 400 emotional times needed are fullfilled.


      When a volt is formed, you will know it, because when you go to invoke the Law of One you will find that you feel the energy shift just by saying "May the highest good of all concerned happen here." [This is what happened to me} instead of saying the whole thing. Its pretty amazing.







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      The Law of One is the original law of Creation, and when invoked, overrides all other laws in all dimensions.


      We are all one.
      When one is harmed, all are harmed.
      When one is helped, all are healed.
      Therefore, in the name of who I AM,
      and I am one with all;
      happen here.

      I give thanks that this is done.





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