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  • Patti Garrett
    Calling All My Special Earth Angel Friends:I just wanted to share this wonderful message from Archangel Michael for 01-2004 with all of you today. As
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      Calling All My Special Earth Angel Friends:
      I just wanted to share this wonderful message from Archangel Michael for 01-2004 with all of you today.  As always, if you do not want to read this because it is just not your 'cup of tea,' please do delete it, with my blessings.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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      I ask not that you believe the messages sent forth, only that you read them with an open mind. For I am not concerned with what you believe -- only with what you see. I wish to also remind you that channeled messages received from ANYONE can become distorted as they pass through the various dimensions to be received by the receiver. ALWAYS go within for clarification. You and you alone are your best teacher and you need no other; follow your own inner guidance.

      If something you read here, or on my web sites, does not ring true to you then by all means disregard it and go on to what does. For one persons truth is not always anothers. What is given today can very well change tomorrow -- in fact in the next instant -- as ALL THINGS are in constant change. Every four-quadrillionth of a second the entire universe appears and disappears -- changing. Please use your discrimination in reading this and all material intended for spiritual growth, as truth is a personal thing, and each journey towards truth, unique.
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      Messages from Archangel Michael * LM-1-2004
      Transmitted through Ronna Herman
      Creating Your Own Sphere Of Light

      Beloved masters, each and every moment you are creating the reality that you will experience in the coming days and years. Your empowerment and abilities to manifest are increasing exponentially regardless of what you think and believe.  If you believe in demons, darkness, lack, suffering and cataclysms, or if you radiate fear, hate or any variation thereof, as surely as you breathe and your heart beats,  that is the reality you will draw forth and create around you.  However, if you open your heart to the transforming radiance that is pouring down on the Earth and humanity and, gradually or quickly, allow the healing vibrations of Love/Light to infiltrate your mind, emotional nature and physical vessel, you will make way for the miracles that are awaiting you: the joy, love, peace, good health and prosperity that are your Divine birthright. You, and you alone, are creating your earthly heaven or hell of tomorrow.

      Stop, dear hearts, and look around at those whose lives are filled with an abundance of blessings of every kind.  It seems the way is miraculously opened for them at every turn and they emerge triumphant and stronger from every test and challenge.  Constantly, they strive to take advantage of every situation, and whether at a slow or fast pace, they are making steady progress upward on the path of ascension into the higher dimensions of all possibilities.

      The world as you know it is changing.  Humanity, the Earth and everything on her, including the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms, are evolving.  Envision this picture in your mind.  A tremendous burst of Primal Life Force Energy is beamed down throughout the galaxy, solar system and the Earth from our Father/Mother God and the Great Central Sun. Magnificent Beings of Light  from the Omniverse incarnate to exemplify specific attributes, virtues and qualities of the Creator that are to be made available to humanity.  The dear brave souls who are ready and willing to accept the gifts being offered them quickly begin to manifest in material form the Divine blueprint for that era or Age.  No matter how difficult the task, or how many obstacles are placed before them, they bravely move forward and the world gradually changes for the better. These spiritual pioneers leave an indelible mark on world history and their daring feats and accomplishments are also recorded in the cosmic records.

      After a great surge in the consciousness of humanity and in the conditions of the world,  there is always a time of the status quo, a time of assimilation and integration.  There is always an ebb and flow in the process of evolution. The cycles of nature are patterned after the cycles of evolution: springtime, a time of awakening and expansion, a time for budding and birthing new growth; summer, a blossoming and utilization of that which is available from within, reaching heavenward, basking in the radiance of the Sun, an outward expansion to the maximum; fall is the time of gleaning and shedding that which is no longer needed in order to make way for the next surge of growth, a time of gradually turning inward, an integration deep within in order to gather strength and sustenance for the next cycle; winter, the time of slumber, maintaining the status quo, or more often, a time of decay or decline.  The seeds of new growth and transformation are programmed in every soul  and in every living thing in the Omniverse, and the fuel/ fire of expansion and evolution is ignited through the gift of Love/Light from the Creator.

      This universe has been in the throes of a winter slumber for thousands of years, and stagnation and decay have been rampant.  The springtime of new life is bursting forth and the vibrations of new Creation is blazing forth into every quadrant of the universe, but nowhere as powerfully or dramatically as on the planet Earth.

      We have told you that your small planet was chosen to play a very important part in this universal drama.  All the wondrous diversity from throughout this universe was brought forth and incorporated on Earth, and you, along with all the other brave souls on Earth, agreed to refract or diminish your Light, bringing your great compassion, knowledge, virtues and talents down through the multi-dimensions as you assumed cloaks of flesh in order to fulfill the Creator's grand plan. Your Earth could be called a cosmic incubator, whereby the seeds and thought forms for new Golden Galaxy have been sown, nurtured and grown.  It is harvesting time, beloveds, and you are the harvesters.

      We of the angelic realms have been with you from the beginning, from the time this universe  was birthed and burst forth in all its glory and even before. We radiate the great refracted Rays of the Creator's virtues, qualities and attributes to you in various combinations, strengths and ways.  We remain mostly in the sixth dimension or higher; however, we refract our Essence in many ways and millions of times in order to serve, protect, inspire and interact with you.  We are part of you  and you are a part of us.  Some of you are refractions of our Essence, and all of you have journeyed with and interacted with the angelic realms from the beginning of time.

      Now, however, during this unique time of tremendous evolutionary expansion and the culmination of a great cosmic cycle, wondrous Beings of Light from throughout the Omniverse have come forth to observe and take part in the birthing of the next cycle of Creation.

      How do you think  these great Beings are able to step down their vastness in order to tolerate the diminished vibrational frequencies of even the sixth and fifth dimension?  They do not, beloveds.  They create a great sphere of Light, which could be called a Light ship, which contains the vibrational energies/patterns of their own Essence.  They bring a bit of their world with them and they bask in the elegant environment of whatever plane of existence they came from.  They observe and learn from you as they radiate forth their unique Light Force energy in a cooperative effort with us in order to assist humanity and the Earth in its birthing process.  The Creator is present in Its multiple magnificent forms as It, once again, takes an active part in the expansion of this universe.

      My brave warriors of Light, you have the ability to create your own sphere of Love/Light on Earth, a sphere which contains all the gifts of your Divine heritage, a rarified environment which will nurture, support and assist you in creating your version of paradise on Earth, an environment which will protect and defend you from the swirling mass of negative vibrational frequencies that are so prevalent on Earth.  You will have the ability to radiate forth your Love/Light to humanity and the Earth, but nothing of lesser vibration will be able to penetrate your sphere of Light.  We hear you ask, "How can we accomplish this?" You begin by opening the door to the temple of your heart where your Spirit Self resides.  Once you reconnect with your own God Spark, you ignite the internal fire of transformation that has lain dormant for thousands of years within you.  Many of you lament, "But where and how do we begin?"  Begin today. This moment make a commitment to yourself and to your God Self to open the treasure chest of your heart, and  begin the process of reprogramming your subconscious mind. We will give you a number of thoughts/affirmations to assist you in this process. These have been given before, and we assure you that if you will focus on each thought/affirmation for several days, firmly ingraining it within, and then implementing these empowering thought forms in your life to the best of your ability, your world will swiftly be transformed for the better.  Your life will flow graciously, and you will ride the waves of ascending Light as you reclaim your heritage and mastery of Self.

      *  We encourage you to accept the universal truth that you are a cocreator with the God Mind. What are your wildest dreams? What sort of world do you wish your Earth to become? Build it in your mind, hold it in your heart and permeate your emotional nature with the yearning for it to manifest, and then begin to affirm it into reality.

      * Dear one, you must rise above what is thought to be good or bad.  Do not be swayed and do not feel you must justify your beliefs. Dare to know, dare to do, and be silent.

      * If you stay heart-centered and in control of your thought processes, you will always be informed as to what you should be doing or where you should be.  You will always be in the right place at the right time!

       * How will you know when you have moved into a state of grace? You will know when others reflect the beauty of your soul; you will see it in their eyes.  You will know when your abundance begins to flow. You  will know when your heart and soul sings. You will know when you cannot keep quiet, and you are compelled to share your joyous experiences with anyone who is willing to listen.

      * Accept each new challenge with eagerness. What is this person trying to teach me? What mirror is he/she reflecting back to me? What misconceptions am I holding that I need to experience?  See each challenge as opportunities to move more fully into your mastery.

      * What is your body trying to teach you? Listen.  Is it out of alignment? Are you giving it the attention it needs via healthy food, exercise or movement, feeding it proper healthy ideas. Remember, ideas and thoughts are food too.

      * Stay soul- and heart-centered, beloved; keep your conscious attunement to your Higher Self, for the messages and instructions will be coming to you at a faster and faster pace. The time of waiting and preparation are over. The time of action has been initiated.

      * We will be transmitting messages at different vibrations and levels, and each of you will know if a message is meant for you, for it will resonate deep within your Being.  Take from each message that which you feel is right for you, but do not be discouraged or feel guilty if you are not ready to accept the full mantle of your spirituality.

      * Let us assure you, dear one, you are safe! You are not without protection....each and every moment.  As long as you stay in tune with your inner Self, you will always, repeat, always, be apprised of what you should do or where you should be, unless you begin to buy into the reality of deprivation, destruction and  cataclysm. Do you need this in your life or as a lesson? We think not.

      * Meditate daily and nightly, better yet, become a living meditation so that every waking moment is focused on the highest purpose for all. Then bring your love and power together to create the meridians of light and energy so that your strength is flowing back and forth amongst you and radiating out from you, both into the heavens and down to the center of your mother Earth.

      * You are to assume the lofty outlook of the masters: calmly, gently, lovingly standing by, observing, helping when possible, but allowing, not judging, for you know all that is happening is for a reason and has a higher purpose.

      * Spread your loving Light and presence as far and wide as possible, dear one.  Counsel those who are led to you. By your actions you will be known, and those who have need of your Light and wisdom will be drawn to you.

      * We tell you, dear one, begin where you are at this moment. Begin to live, breathe and transmit to those close around you the power and love of truth and inspiration.  Truth and love begets truth and love until it builds and surrounds you, and when you have created a surplus you transmit it out and around the world.

      * You will not be required to experience anything more difficult than you have already experienced.  You have completed or accomplished the most difficult parts of your transformation.  The rest of the way is "a breeze."  Enjoy your transformation, enjoy the return to your real identity, the real YOU.

       * As you gain your spiritual strength, more and more will be opened to you: new awareness, new spiritual gifts, new relationships. Prayers are always answered, but in the best and proper time when you place yourself in the care of Spirit.

      * Live day by day, moment by moment. Practice staying in the Still Point of the God moment from within your soul and heart center.  Give to those who need you your loving devotion, and attend to the everyday mundane tasks as you build your spiritual strength and force field of Light.  Your pleas to serve and desire to help humanity have not gone unheeded.  We hear you.  The time to step forward and take up your spiritual banner has arrived.

      Ask and we will respond.  Call and we will join your endeavors.  Send out all the Love/Light you hold and we will increase it a thousandfold. Your cause is our cause, for as you evolve, so evolves the universe.  We are here to guide, guard and protect you.  I AM Archangel Michael.

      Transmitted through Ronna Herman *STAR*QUEST* 6005 Clear Creek Dr., Reno, NV 89502 USA * 775-856-3654 * Email: RonnaStar@... *  Web Site: www.RonnaStar.com 
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