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Fw: To Share Angel Card Message from Doreeen Virtue's 'Healing with the Angels' Cards

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  • Patti Garrett
    Calling All my Earth Angel friends: I was in the midst of going through my e-mails files and deleting old messages when I realized that I had not yet sent this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2004
      Calling All my Earth Angel friends:
      I was in the midst of going through my e-mails files and deleting old messages when I realized that I had not yet sent this information for today out. 
      The card I selected for myself today was:  "Divine Timing."  To me, that is a wonderful thought because I have been thinking of what is going to happen next in my life for a few days now, so maybe this is an answer to my many questions about the future.
      This card means:  "Pay attention to doors that are opening and shutting for you right now.  Walk through doors that open, and learn from the doors that shut."
      Card Meaning:  "Your prayers are being answered; there is no doubt about that.  However, everything operates according to the Universal Laws of Divine Timing.  This means that certain pieces of the puzzle must first fall into place so that other parts can come to fruition.  If you try to skip or rush certain pieces or parts, the whole plan will lack a solid foundation.
      "Don't try to force open any doors that appear closed to you.  Instead, ask your angels for guidance to see if the door closed because of negative expectations, or it is simply a sign of Divine Timing.  Look for other doors that do open, and walk through them with faith and gratitude."
      And the card I drew for the group today was:  "Self-Acceptance."  This card means:  "You are a perfect Child of God, and every part of you is wonderful.  Your angels guide you to let go of negative self-judgments and to enjoy being you."
      Card Meaning:  "'You are much too hard on yourself,' your angels say to you through this card.  Although you enjoy having high standards, it is important to view yourself through loving eyes.  Berating yourself only makes your spirit sink.  Self-improvement comes from a positive mind set. 
      "See yourself through your angels' eyes, and you will see someone who is a perfect and holy Child of God.  Although you have made mistakes in the past, there is nothing that you could have ever said, thought, or done that would change God's love for you.  The angels see past your surface mistakes; they see the beating heart of
      God's love within you.  They love you unconditionally, and they ask
      you to love yourself in the same way."
      For some reason, I loved the message in this "Self-Acceptance" card more than any I have seen in recent days.  I think that is because I tend to berate myself and beat myself up all the time because of all the mistakes and things I feel I am doing wrong.  It just  feels very good to me to realize that God loves me unconditionally no matter what I have done, how many mistakes I have made or what has happened in my past, and so do the angels.  For some reason, those
      thoughts bring a real feeling of peace and contentment into my life and give me the strength to pick myself up and start over each new day, no matter what has happened the day before.   
      So I guess in addition to the "Divine Timing" message, I also needed the "Self-Acceptance" one.  All I have to say is "thank you" to my God within, to the angels all around me and to the universe as well for knowing just what I needed today.
      Again, have a wonderful, special, beautiful day.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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