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  • Mayra Mendoza
    Hello, Happy New years to you. I think is very nice of you to offer us all a free I CHING reading. I will love to have a reading done by you, I hope it is
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 1, 2004
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      Hello, Happy New years to you. I think is very nice
      of you to offer us all a free I CHING reading. I will
      love to have a reading done by you, I hope it is okay.
      I have apply to UC for 2004, and although I am already
      in another University, were I am currently involve in
      a research program. I feel my destine path is to be at
      a UC system to increase my chances to get into
      pharmacy school. I hate to live the program were I am
      now, and I was hoping to do both even if it takes me
      longer. The research program is a full time program,
      so I figure if I take just two classes at the UC at a
      time I will be okay.
      I guess my questions will be Will I get accepted into
      the UC System and if I do will I be able to do both,
      or at least get into the same research program over at
      the UC? This is very important to me as right now I
      fill like I am in cross roads were making the right
      choices are crucial to my success. Thank you. Maira
      --- Jaguar IX Hazri Humphreys <shique@...>
      > Today Sunday 28 December 2003 has been a very
      > special day for me
      > I have been silent all day and in my meditations
      > today I have been especially blessed
      > I am guided to make an offer to each of you who
      > receive my weekly shaman messages to do an I CHING
      > reading FREE of charge on request
      > I do not do this as a business so this in not a lead
      > into a product (My paid activities are in Human
      > Resource Development and Corporate Healing)
      > So if you want to take advantage of this offer
      > please send me an e mail with PERSONAL I CHING
      > READING REQUEST in the subject line
      > In the body of your mail I need your Name and the
      > question you want to ask the I CHING. The question
      > needs to be specific for the I CHING to answer in a
      > way that helps. If your have a "General Question"
      > you will get a "General Answer". It is best to ask
      > about an Issue that is impacting on you NOW.
      > All readings are done personally with 16 Crystals. I
      > do not use a computer program.
      > I will do the reading when "allowed" sometimes
      > Spirit does not allow me to read for someone for a
      > few days.
      > Depending on the Number of requests will also decide
      > how long it takes to respond to you.
      > But I am very strongly guided to make this offer
      > May you be blessed
      > Jag
      > We are all One
      > When One is harmed, all are harmed. When one is
      > helped, all are healed.
      > Therefore in the name of who I AM, and I am one with
      > all;
      > in the way that is for the highest good.
      > I give thanks that this is done!
      > http://ixjaguar.blogspot.com/
      > http://www.cvreferral.com/6/103285.html
      > shique@...

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