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  • Patti Garrett
    Calling all my wonderful friends here: I just got this in my mailbox today and felt it was something worthy of being shared, especially with a new year
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2003
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      Calling all my wonderful friends here:
      I just got this in my mailbox today and felt it was something worthy of being shared, especially with a new year starting tomorrow.  What better time to start thinking of using more affirmations in your life?
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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      sharing.. source jordanstime.com
      Abundance Affirmations.....
      I NOW accept abundance into my life, it is my right.

      I am Wealthy, I am grateful that i am always provided for.

      I have an abundance of Wealth flowing to me right now

      I am truly grateful for my abundant, joyful, plentiful life.

      I am Wealthy in every sense.

      My live is full of abundance, that i accept gracefully and share willingly

      I know and accept the universal law that sharing my abundance with others draws more abundance to me.

      I AM happy and joyful about others' abundance and good fortune, as we are all One

      I am Prosperous, I am successful, I am joyful and create my own abundance

      I choose to believe that I am worthy of love and all good things

      Creating a new reality.....

      I live my life to the fullest and I love my life and am doing what i want

      I listen to my inner truth and follow that guidance

      I love and respect my ability and my purpose, I AM achieving my set goals.

      I SEE more clearly now, have more clarity and direction

      I Express myself truthfully, everyone understands me

      I can fulfill my dreams now, I am worthy to fulfill my dreams

      I am a wonderful, loveable person and I am confident and believe in myself

      I am worthy, I deserve respect,I am an inspiration to others, I am successful

      I live my life honestly,lovingly and creativly and I love and accept my OWN power
      The universe provides everything i need right now and I want for nothing.


      I am successful, I am happy, life is wonderful and I am a magnet for divine gifts from spirit

      I receive loving guidance and trust it always and I am grateful for everything in my life.

      I am the creator of my own happiness, i now choose to be happy and successful

      I am surrounded by positive, happy people, who are overflowing with joy when in my company

      I am happy and proud of others when they succeed, everyone deserves to be happy.

      I make a positive difference to people's lives daily I offer compassion to everyone i meet. I give unto others, and I do so unconditionally

      I allow the endless gift of love to flow through me to others and  trust and believe that my gift of unconditional love will be received and accepted by others, at the highest level possible

      The light that I am is a gift from God. The light that I am is inextinguishable and I give and share what I have.

      Unconditional Love is the greatest thing I can ever give to anyone. And it is the greatest gift I can ever receive from another. I choose unconditional love

      Self-esteem/Self-empowerment/Confidence Building.....

      I am connected to my divinity, and I am whole and perfect now and I choose to begin the process of well-being and good health by loving my, past, present and future selves.

      I AM now reclaiming my divine birthright as a shining being of light and as I lighten up, I find I laugh more easily. Laughter is good medicine for me

      I love, bless and thank the foods that I choose to eat, and I intend that whatever I consume provides me with positive, healing energy. I am attracted to the wellness of being and I love my body, mind and spirit, unconditionally

      Through the Divine Source of which I AM, the knowledge of how best to heal myself is made clear to me and I AM able to charge the energy around me with my positive vibrations

      I AM responsible for myself ,I love and respect all aspects of myself.

      I love and respect my ability to make my own decisions and am aware of the messages life is sending me.

      I forgive myself and others, release the past and move forward with love in my heart.

      I love and approve of myself, am at peace with my own feelings and stand tall and free

      I am strong, capable, loving and lovable and perfect just as I am

      I accept Divine guidance, trust the process of life and am always safe, secure and protected by Divine Love.

      People DO care about me and I deserve good things in my life .I can trust some people and I can protect myself

      I willingly release every negative thought, every negative feeling, every negative attitude and every negative belief. These have no place in me or in my life. I accept criticism without letting it hurt me or offend me.I look at it objectively and accept only that part of it whichis true. We are all human - I do not expect myself to be perfect! I appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow

      Blessings and Bliss from the HEART of Texas... Austin!!!
      Challenges and obstacles are achievements waiting to happen.

                                   (\          /)
                                   ( \   __   / )
                                    (  \ (  ) / )
                                     (  /<>\  ) 
                                     ( / \/ \ )                               
                                       /      \
                                       (       )

      "The most influential person who will talk to you all day is you,
      so you should be very careful about what you say to you!"

      -- Zig Ziglar

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