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Fw: Correction for astrology chart in Angel Message

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  • Polly Menendez
    Additional message from Cynthia: Dear Spiritual Family I just noticed that the astrology chart in today s message, 15 Aquarius, The Angels of Astrometaphysics,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2002
      Additional message from Cynthia:

      Dear Spiritual Family

      I just noticed that the astrology chart in today's message, 15
      Aquarius, The Angels of Astrometaphysics, did not come through
      correctly in the email. Hopefully it will in this one.

      >From the letters that I am receiving, and from my own personal
      experiences during this time, it appears that we are going
      through tremendous healing, especially in the magnetic feminine
      area of feelings, emotion, and form. This is the alpha and beta
      brainwave regions that include psychic sensitivity, memory and
      logic; as well as the material world.

      I am focusing on UNCONDITIONAL DIVINE LOVE and directing it to
      whatever problems are coming up for me. This is working as an
      immediate reaction to the sudden unexpected memories and events
      that appear. The answers and needed healing is happening quickly
      and satisfactorily.

      For instance, this morning I thought I had lost my computer to an
      extremely destructive virus....I was tempted to panic, but snapped
      into the Cosmic Love instead. Then I turned it over to the angels
      and relaxed. Immediately I felt in control and happy again. Then
      the answers unfolded, bringing blessings, and I was back on line
      almost immediately. Simultaneously, about four other scenarios
      were unfolding that I was attending to at the same time. Using
      Divine Love, the feeling of it, kept the feelings and mind clear.
      Like fog responding to a bright sun, all painful feelings turned
      into clarity and gentle love.

      If you want to try this, simply meditate on Unconditional Divine
      Cosmic Love until you get a sense or feel of it. Practice feeling
      Unconditional Cosmic Love Divine as often as you can. Train your
      mind to stay focused on it even while you are doing other things.
      Then, when an emergency happens, focus strongly on that feeling
      and direct it to the situation. This works for situations that
      exist in present, past or future time. The mind is not limited to
      time or space.

      With love,

      Cynthia Rose

      Divine energy flows from the ALL THAT IS into an individual
      incarnated Atman which is sun/moon and corresponds to Delta
      brainwaves of Pure Being. Then down through the secondary suns
      of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto; which corresponds to Theta
      brainwaves of deep inner thought. Then down through the inner
      planets, which are Alpha brainwaves of emotion and feeling, and
      through the signs which are Beta brainwaves of memory, logic, and
      the five senses.

      It looks like the following flow chart: +=masculine, fire,
      electric - =feminine, water, magnetic

      [All that is]


      equals Spirit-Soul

      Neptune, Pluto
      Willpower[+], Wisdom[+,-], Love[-]

      Under Uranus is Under Neptune
      is Under Pluto is
      Earth [+]-Saturn [-] Jupiter[+]-Mercury[-
      ] Mars[+]-Venus[-]

      Under Earth[+] is Under Jupiter[+]
      is Under Mars[+] is
      Leo[++]-Cancer [+,-] Sag.[++] and Pisces[+,-
      ] Aries[++]-Scorp[+,-]
      and and
      Under Saturn[-] is Under Mercury[-,]
      is Under Venus[-] is
      Aquarius[-,+]-Capricorn[-,-] Gemini[-,+]-
      Virgo[-,-] Libra[-,+]-Taurus[-,-]

      In this scenario the middle path is wisdom which is will and love
      together, the left is willpower, and the right is love.

      All fire signs are +,+; creative and electric in the inner[ Alpha--
      emotion] and outer [Beta-five senses, logic, memory]world.
      air signs are -,+; receptive on the inner and creative on the
      water signs are +,-; creative on the inner and receptive on the
      and earth signs are -,- receptive in the inner and outer world.

      So, for instance, if your sun is in Capricorn, then your Masculine
      Nature or Spirit is receptive on the inner[feeling] and the outer
      [five senses, logic] to Divine Will.
      Or, if your Mars is in Pisces, then creative Divine Love
      expresses through creative wisdom in feeling on the inner and in
      the outer world through receptivity.

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