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  • Sandra Smyth
    Lots of beautiful Reiki, Prayers and bubbles of pink love have been sent Carol. Hugz, Sandra
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 23, 2003
      Lots of beautiful Reiki, Prayers and bubbles of pink love have been sent Carol.
    • nachiketan@sify.com
      The accelerated forces of Light that are streaming into your consciousness are no doubt bringing up each facet of Self that is in need of healing and growth.
      Message 2 of 3 , Feb 1, 2005

        The accelerated forces of Light that are streaming into your consciousness are no doubt bringing up each facet of Self that is in need of healing and growth.

        It is rather difficult for a person to continually fight his or her own self-truth. For those of you who are, let me describe what this feels like.

        You worry. You doubt. You hold back, and you look at the faults of others. There are times when you truly want to grow, and at the same time, the familiarity you feel in the ways of old on the egoic or personality level find ventures into new areas of being quite ruffling.

        You can clearly see where others are falling short of their highest and best, and as you subtlety judge or advise them, this gives you a false sense of being your highest and best via transference of your wisdom onto them, rather than onto you, where it truly needs to be.

        It is quite difficult to break old, ingrained patterns. Yet, this is why you came in to this life after all. It is to clear your karmic baggage, and renew yourself by renewing your mind. What does it mean to renew your mind? It means processing all of the pain you have felt while being stuck in patterns that you have yet to heal, and via genuine compassion for Self, you are placed with a choice: To drop the ways of old and honor your truth, or to remain stuck in the baggage you came into this life with.

        There is not one soul on Earth that does not have some measure of inner healing to do. So when you find that you are not being authentic, and when you find you are avoiding, it is your responsibility to bring to light all of the pain you have felt as a result of this, and DECIDE once and for all exactly how you REALLY want to feel, and that is filled with love, confidence, truth, and love for all others without judgment.

        If you are judging others, then you are unconsciously avoiding self-healing. This applies to even the tiniest level of judgment. However, when you can view others with a tremendous amount of loving compassion, and allow them their own path, whether or not it is in alignment with your personal view of what is of the highest and best then you are giving others a genuine gift.

        The gift comes from the heart and this is understanding.

        Now, how to move YOU into this place of understanding is a bit trickier because you may have so much justification invested in keeping your status quo. This can very well exist at the unconscious level, and the purpose of this message is to bring it to your conscious awareness.

        So now, I have a few questions for you:

        1. What has been a repeated pattern throughout your life, where you have always ended up feeling pain or dissatisfaction?

        2. What have you been avoiding?

        3. What have you been so invested in keeping in any area of your life or lifestyle as a result of the repeated pattern which always invariably caused you pain?

        The answer to question number one is the karmic baggage you came into this life to heal, and only you know what that area is.

        The answer to question two is how you have avoided facing your true core of Self, and have placed blame on others, or wished others have treated you differently.

        The answer to number three is your unconscious investment in your comfort zone. THIS is the area that only you can heal, and this is the area within Self that once faced with the greatest desire for healing from your heart, that will leave you feeling like a brand new you, filled with realizations, awareness, and profound authentic empowerment that no person can EVER take away from you.

        So now I ask you: What would happen if you made a complete break from the patterns of the past and moved into your authentic self? How would your life change? How do you think you would feel?

        If you find that you feel fear, please understand that this is a natural part of moving forward into a new area of being. So on the personality level, there will be a period of adjusting to the “new you.” However, the fear will soon dissipate, and you will find a feeling of true inner freedom unlike anything that you have ever felt before. This is bringing out your true core essence, and this is the reason you chose to come into this life.

        Here is the cycle of karma: If you choose to avoid this area, you will have to repeat this pattern in another life all over again, until you finally agree to heal. Can you imagine going through all of this again? I would wager to say that you would cringe at the thought!

        The big “secret” of truly healing is your intense heartfelt desire to do so. You can ask for Divine help and assistance, and actually receive it in your sleep! Imagine waking up with profound realizations. Imagine waking up with vivid recollections of actually being helped in your sleep to unblock the patterns you have been stuck in. This is working with God, or the Light, and ASKING for Divine assistance truly from your heart. Guess what is going to happen? You are going to receive it! Many people are now receiving “therapy” in their sleep. And as strange as this may sound, these are the people that truly desire to grow into their highest expression of Self possible in this lifetime.

        This is the gift of working with all of your senses, as opposed to just five. Spiritual/human beings all have a connection to Divine Source, to God, to the Light. You can call upon any facet of the Light that you feel most comfortable with, be it God, or Jesus, or Buddha, or your Guardian Angels, or whomever is of the Light that you feel a personal feeling for when you call out for help. Call on all if you want to – there is no limit! And when you call, and your heartfelt request to understand and heal what has been so difficult for you to heal all of your life, please remember that as a spiritual being, this is your birthright. This is also what it means when you have heard the term “you are never alone, and you are always guided and protected.” You are always helped, however you MUST ASK for the help, and then you will certainly receive it.

        There is no greater joy than to heal what you have been trying to heal for eons, and to then be a beacon for others who are going through the same process.

        The accelerated Light energy is for deep transformative healing, which is what you truly deserve. And then should you find that there is another facet of the same karmic imprint that is in need of healing, the process will quicken for you, so that you can heal that much faster than ever before in the history of humankind.

        Additionally, I strongly suggest you look at that precious face in the mirrow twice a day for the next year to two years, and as you look into your eyes, tell yourself three good qualities that stem from your observable actions so that your ego will actually beleive you.

        Let'sa say that you helped someone with their groceries, that is being kind and helpful. If you took a shower, that is being clean, if you reached out for help, that is being authentic and honest.

        So as you look at yourself, and tell yourself the real truth about you, then suddenly, and quickly, your TRUTH will begin to replace any old negative beleifs that you have bought into. You will really become your own best friend, and ally you with you - with a lot of self-love and compassion. Then, get EXCITED about the direction you are taking in your life, based solely on what you really want to do, and simply be and express all that you are!

        You will come to find a certain glowing confidence as you live your truth, and express it daily from the inside out.

        Our inner healing exists in one place only: our mind. Once you are actually telling yourself the truth about you, you will feel more energy, more confidence, and as you move into the NOW moment, you will be living completely in the now, with passion and excitement as you are being and doing all you truly love and are passionate about.

        I hope this helps! It does take time to chip away at the old views, and the mirrir process will be met with fierce resistance on the ego level, so that is where you have to take over, so that the ego is tamed, and you are living completely from your heart center, based on your truth.

        You can never go wrong, and you will find a renewed sense of self - this is what I have done, and it clearly works! : )

        Much Love and Light to you!!
        Barbara Rose
        Healing Within the energy structure of our soul, we carry the memory of all of the cumulative experiences of the soul. To the extent that some of these
        Message 3 of 3 , May 27, 2006


          Within the energy structure of our soul, we carry the memory of all of the cumulative experiences of the soul. To the extent that some of these experiences have been inharmonious, we retain the associated unbalanced energies within our soul structure until they are released through a healing process.

          In a like manner, as we incarnate into physical embodiment, we accrue the memory of our day-to-day experiences within the cellular structure of our body. As in the case of our soul, if some of our experiences are conflictual, then these memory patterns of discordant energies reside within the cellular structure. These energies interfere with the normal, healthy functioning of our body. If these imbalanced energies are severe, they will ultimately manifest in our physical body as "dis- ease".

          Healing is simply a process we go through to bring the energies within our soul structure, and within the cellular structure of our body back into balance and harmony.

          As we begin to awaken within our human consciousness to our true spiritual nature, it is only natural that we begin to focus on our need to undergo a healing process, to bring our body and soul into balance. The first phase of this process usually involved becoming aware of our daily habits, such as our eating, breathing, and physical activities; to experience how these affect our well-being. It is also important that we become more conscious of our thoughts and emotions, and observe their impact. Our human body has wonderful regenerative capacities, so as we eliminate those habits which tend to negatively impact us, we normally begin to experience a higher degree of wellness within our body, and within our life in general.

          Elimination of Toxic Intake

          An important first step in our healing process is to reduce, or eliminate from our daily intake those substances which grossly impact our health in a negative manner.

          The primary cleansing systems of our body -- the kidneys, bowels, lungs, and skin -- function on a system of priorities, assigning highest priority to the elimination of those substances which are of the greatest toxicity. To the extent that we consume substances of high toxic content, we tend to overload the cleansing systems, and thus they are not able to do a complete job.

          Although each human body is unique, and has greater or lesser tolerance toward various substances, there are a few substances which, at least in my observation, tend to be universally detrimental. Let's consider a few of them.

          Tobacco: The effects of smoking on health are well documented. More recently, we are learning that tobacco companies are putting a lot more than just tobacco in cigarettes, and it may well be that it is the additive chemicals, rather than tobacco itself, that has the most detrimental effect on our health. But the elimination of smoking is an absolute essential for anyone who seriously wants to improve their health.

          Alcohol: Many people who drink alcohol excessively over a period of time eventually develop kidney problems. This is because the kidneys assign a high priority to the elimination of alcohol, and if the alcohol consumption is excessive, the kidneys are constantly overworked. Furthermore, in such cases, so much of their functional capacity is consumed in dealing with the Alcohol, that they never get around to the elimination of other less toxic substances. Alcoholic beverage companies attempt to promote the myth that drinking alcohol in moderation is absolutely okay for adults. However, the problem is that our food supply, even under the best of circumstances, is laden with toxic substances because of the pollution on our planet. Thus, it seems prudent to totally eliminate from our food and beverage intake those substances which we know to be highly toxic, so that the cleansing systems of our body can focus on eliminating the toxins which are inherent in the foods we eat.

          Coffee: Every living plant carries within its essence specific energy frequencies which resonate with specific areas within our body. The coffee plant resonates with our heart area, and thus dramatically impacts the functioning of our heart. Located just above the heart is the thymus gland, which plays a major role in the immune system of the body.  In fact, T-cells are developed in the thymus gland, and that is where their name comes from: "thymus-derived" cells. There is a very close functional relationship between the heart and the thymus gland. If that area of the body is constantly overstimulated through the ingestion of coffee, it interferes with the normal functioning of the heart and immune system.

          Meat: Modern medical science has fairly well documented the manner in which the fat content of meat, especially red meat, tends to clog various systems and organs within the body. However, there are two additional factors which receive lesser attention.

          • First, the manner in which modern factory-farms raise livestock and poultry usually includes the addition of various antibiotics and other chemicals into the food-stream, or sometimes directly into the bloodstream of the animals.  A recent example is the approval by the FDA to the addition of a genetically-altered hormone into milk-cows, to increase milk production. Antibiotics then need to be administered to offset some of the effects of the hormones. Many such chemicals tend to accumulate in the tissue of the animals, and when the meat is later ingested by humans, these residual toxins are ingested along with the meat. Although there is much yet to be learned about the so-called "mad cow disease", this is just another example of the potential dangers inherent in meat.

          • Secondly, animals have thoughts and emotions similar to humans. Again, the manner in which modern factory-farms raise and slaughter animals creates a lot of stress and anxiety, which is stored in the cellular structure of the animals. When humans later ingest the flesh of such animals, they also ingest the discordant energies locked into the cellular structure.  Thus, the reduction, or elimination of animal products from our diet can greatly assist our body in achieving a higher level of wellness.

          Energetic Nutrition

          The manner in which modern science has dealt with nutrition and the impact of various foods on our body systems, has been almost exclusively from a chemical, or bio- chemical perspective. Although this approach is certainly of some value, it does not represent the entire picture. To achieve a higher state of wellness, we must also consider nutrition from the perspective of the energetic content of food.  Foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, which are rich in living energy, are of much greater value to our health than processed foods which have a very low living energy content. Unfortunately, one of the processes currently used extensively in this country to help "preserve" foods is irradiation.  Irradiation involved zapping the food with gamma rays. This process is used on a wide variety of foods, including "fresh" fruits and vegetables. Needless to say, irradiation is very detrimental to the energetic content of food. In fact, it makes the food so undesirable that even the micro-organisms won't eat it, which is why it is an effective "preservative"! So it is important for us to know the source of our foods, and know what they have been through before they reach our dinner table. The most ideal situation is to grow our own fruits and vegetables. If this is done lovingly, the plants absorb the love energy, and return it to us as we later ingest the food.

          Wisdom of Our Body

          As our body gradually achieves a higher state of healthfulness, it becomes like a wonderfully tuned instrument. Thus, if we learn to listen to our body, it will tell us which foods it needs at any particular time. Likewise, it will tell us which foods are not being assimilated harmoniously into our body. In my own experience, I find that this varies considerably from week to week, or month to month. It is not unusual for my body to have a craving for a certain food for a period of time, and then I reach a point where that craving will abruptly disappear. If I continue to eat that particular food after the craving disappears, my body oftentimes reacts to the food in a negative manner.

          There are various techniques, such as muscle testing, or the use of a pendulum, which can aid us in evaluating the energy content of food in relation to the current needs of our body.

          As our body becomes more finely attuned, it becomes much more efficient, and thus we need less and less food to maintain a state of healthfulness. In fact, many of our "energetic" nutritional need can be absorbed directly from the sunlight. Thus our dependence on the photo-synthesis process of the plant kingdom is greatly reduced.


          There are at least three very important aspects related to breathing.

          On a physical level, the lungs and the related oxygenation process are one of the primary cleansing systems of the body.

          Secondly, on a subtle energy level, the inbreath brings pranic energy, or life-force, into our human energy field.

          Finally, the act of breathing, and specifically the rhythm of our breathing, directly affects our mental and emotional states of being.

          Many books and teachings are already available which deal with the importance of breath, so there is no need to go into further detail here. However, in my experience, there is one factor related to breathing that never seems to be adequately emphasized. That deals with the oxygen supply during our sleeping hours. Since much of the cleansing and regeneration within our body takes place during our sleep state, it is crucially important that we have a good supply of fresh air during those hours. It never ceases to amaze me as to how many people regularly sleep in a close room, with no external supply of fresh air.

          Thoughts and Emotions

          Fortunately, there is a growing awareness within humanity as to the effects of our thoughts and emotions on our overall health. Just as it is important to eliminate toxic substances from our food intake, it is equally important to reduce our exposure to "toxic", or "abusive" mental and emotional environments. Oftentimes this involves difficult choices in our lives as to the people which whom we choose to live or work.

          Many of the healing therapies now in use are designed to help bring discordant energies, related to negative thoughts and emotions, to a conscious level, so that they can be released and healed. Also, there are a growing number of medical doctors, such as Deepak Chopra,  who are helping to bridge an understanding within the medical profession of the relationship between our thoughts and emotions, and our overall health.

          Although most of the therapies currently in use have value in dealing with experiences which have occurred in our current lifetime, many of them tend to be less effective in dealing with imbalances retained within the energy structure of our soul, which are the result of experiences in other lifetimes.

          In the Overview, we indicated that a new dispensation, which we termed "Spiritual Transcendence," has been made available to each of us on Earth at this time to facilitate and accelerate the healing process. Many, many advanced beings are standing by within the non-physical realms to assist us with our healing.  However, because of the universal principle of "non-interference," they are not permitted to directly involve themselves in our healing process until we request them to do so. Thus, it is crucially important to our healing process for us to consciously choose the path of Spiritual Transcendence, and to request assistance from the beings of Light and Love within the non-physical realms. Once we have earnestly put forth this request, the doors are then opened wide for assistance to flow to us. The healing processes which are discussed throughout the remainder of this section of the book are all predicated on our having made this request.

          Much of the healing assistance comes to us during our sleeping hours. Oftentimes beings on the non-physical dimensions, in response to our request, come into our bedrooms while our body is in a restful state, and work on our energy fields. This process helps to release the discordant energies in a non-traumatic manner. If we are sensitive and alert, we may often feel the effects of this energy work after we return to a waking state of consciousness. We may experience the effects as a mild form of disorientation within our mental, emotional, and physical bodies. After the release of discordant energies from our soul and cellular structures, it may require a day or two, or perhaps even longer, to assimilate the changes, and return to a feeling of balance.

          John Hornecker....


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