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  • nachiketan2001
    Nov 7, 2003
      Dear Gaele,


      I have been wanting to write to you for long time but somehow it did
      not happen.

      Your everyday messages filled with music, beautiful images, soft
      velvet like words of spirituality...that speaks the language of Great
      Masters..its a blessing to have you as friend.

      One day I was cut off from the internet...was having a anxiety attack
      so I tried to bury my nose in trying to read the messages from
      inbox...where I found many of your messages that I had kept
      unread...and I was so amazed at their beauty, the simpleness in
      them..yet they also carried the grace, profound meaning in them.

      Thanks for those lovely messages and for your support,
      friendship...in the same breath I want to extend the same feelings to
      Polly, Cynthia, Carole, Susan, Janice & Patti...

      I might not have known anything about most of you..maybe havent had
      much conversation either but I still admire, respect, love you..value
      your friendship...
      There is a fine line inbetween knowing and unknown...often one meets
      people on this fine line...and falls in love with them..relates to
      them...without really knowing who they are, or what they do...or how
      they look...I believe if there is any such feeling as Love..it should
      be like this..being in love with nameless, faceless person..who we
      can not claim to know..and yet can relate to his/her heart..finding
      Universal Love, bond of unity between them. Which is why this
      friendship, love, is ever so precious to have.

      I waited for days because I wanted this message to come from heart,
      wanted it to be beauitful to touch everyones heart...and I couldnt
      find the words...and now when I started writing..having no idea what
      my next word is going to be...I feel as if it is being written
      through my hands..by certain power beyond me...

      Wishing Everyone A Wonderful Day Ahead,

      With Love,


      P.S. Dear Carole..I love the image of a Piagion flying fearlessly,
      spreading its wing over and above the milkyway...For me it represents
      peace, the universal love that I talked about and freedom...all of
      which makes us near to God.

      Dear Patti, Polly, Cynthia and Janice...Hope all of you are doing

      Take Care Everyone..
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