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  • Spiritus Sanctus
    Sep 2, 2003
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      Dear Polly, I did get the photos.  What a fascinating Mercury retrograde this is!  The nice thing about this one is that it is so well aspected.  With this retrograde cycle, any delays etc. will definitly have a silver lining.  One example is the delay we experienced going to the concert. We were supposed to go Thursday morning, but everything took so long to pack that we left Friday instead.  If we had left Thursday, we would have forgotten a few important items  that I only remembered to pack on Friday!
      David, one of the organizers, loaned us a van to carry the equipment to the concert, and on the way back the bumper nearly came off.  Today a wonderful local man is fixing it inexpensively with a great bumper from a junk yard, and we are going to give him a detox treatment with an amazing new machine that pulls toxins out of the feet. This will help him get rid of some of the poisons he has absorbed in his garage over the years.  He is a very kind person, and it is an honor to help him. Amazing how it all works. 
      Such an interesting life this is! 
      With love,
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