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9068Re: [spiritofaloha] Magik of our/her huna love...

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  • AmaNoGawa
    Sep 1 12:03 AM
      aye, Sister Sky!


      the transition of love from desire to
      blissfulness is known as respect!

      the transition from unconsciousness to
      consciousness -- away from focus on the
      tongue and genitals (food and abuse) -- is
      named yoga.

      awakening to the vision beyond a thousand
      senses, beyond ten thousands ...

      when we know, see, experience what it means
      to open our "3rd eye" -- to see the unseen --
      then we know what it means to open all 365
      main accupoints -- and the thousands of others.

      know what it means to focus on every organ,
      every chakra nexus, every muscle, bone, sinew,
      and (eventually) cell of our body --

      as we connect with, hear, our WHOLE self
      experience and function -- and hear HER
      voice -- Mother Sun, Moon and Milky Way --
      speaking to, through, us in millions of
      now opened channels ...

      we have only to let go of perversity,
      need, greed, violence and disrespect ...

      and come into the playful light,
      gentle spectrum unending ...

      Millennium Twain



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