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7713[lovingpurelove] Prayers to Comfort Patti

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  • JANICEWolfstar@aol.com
    Jun 30, 2003
      Sweet Patti. I first want to thank you for sending the cards everday. Some of them hit me on the right day!! Imagine that!! My sweet, you will be just fine and will sail through this procedure. Dont dwell on it, pray on it. It will all be over and on your way to recovery in a flash! It will give your doctor info that he needs to help your IBS, and other things. Then he will decide on how to treat the condition(s).Just try and relax, love. Pamper yourself, nice , soothing music a quiet bubble bath with Lavendar, try to relax so you can get a good nights rest. Have a great conversation with God and his Angels......the main thing is to try not to worry, and then your anxiety level will just plummet....yay!! I send you big hugs and lots of love...spiritually, I will be with you in OR as many of us will be...how does that sound to you> If hospital gowns had pockets, we could sqeeze into your pockets!! Never fear, you will NOT be alone!
                            Take care, Patti dear....You have friends in this group that care alot and love you.  Many Blessings of safekeeping. Love, Janice