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  • pmenendez@myexcel.com
    Dec 7, 2000
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      Greetings Everyone,

      We've had several new members recently, and I hope each of us
      continues to enjoy what is shared here.

      Here is a place to uplift one another with the joy of living, the joy
      of loving, and the joy of being. We can do this everywhere, not just
      here. (grin)

      Let us never look at ourselves as incapable, because Spirit enlivens
      us with ability to renew ourselves and one another with these joys.
      We are fulfilled with the ever-present Source of happiness, as we
      continue in being the love and light for one another.

      Have a wonderful, joy-filled day, as we drink in what is beautiful
      around us.

      Thanks, Patti, for a lovely poem.

      Friend to you all, Polly