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64Thank You

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  • pmenendez@myexcel.com
    Nov 21, 2000
      Thank you to all that sent out your best wishes. I am doing quite
      well, stitches (staples) have healed nicely. Surgery was on Oct.

      Patti, inspired with another poem, sent this along to me. May we
      each be fountains of love, joy, care, and affection.

      Fondly, Polly

      ~Autumn Fountain~

      Brilliant colors dipped in love
      wrapped with gentle flight
      mixed with
      kindness, honor
      and respect

      Water flowing down the heart
      filled with gentle embraces
      a light so bright
      it shines from afar
      so open
      that it oozes words of light
      warm embraces
      and fills the autumn fountain
      for ever more.

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