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6267The Daily Motivator - Yes you can

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  • Sianna
    Apr 2, 2003


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      Wednesday, April 2, 2003

      Yes you can

      Can you achieve the goals you've set for yourself even though
      the obstacles are many? Yes you can. Can you get back up and
      make another effort, as many times as necessary, until you've
      successfully reached the place you intend to go? Yes, you most
      certainly can.

      Yes you can remain calm and focused when the world around you
      swirls with noisy confusion. Yes you can move positively forward
      each day even though events and circumstances seem to constantly
      act against you.

      Yes you can do all these things and more. If one path is blocked,
      there are plenty of others. When you are willing, there is a way.
      When you are committed to reaching the results you desire, yes
      you can find that way and follow it.

      Whatever life may ask of you, the answer is always yes, when you
      decide to make it so.

      Ralph Marston

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