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  • anita vanput
    Mar 27, 2003
      my dear one ...id like to knw more about her ....this really hits to my heart.....of course am i am praying for the hearts of some to soften...and for all our warriors.....god knows ....but the native american and all women are especially in my heart.....at this time .......because.....well you know .......they are the face of the goddess in war.....a lot is ringing true ...judith marie ...i am turning inward ...we all sit at work no in the shades of the rainbow ......really all one people  but united for now ...... dont see color except for its beauty..never have ....lol.....the sun wa omig up when i left for home and i was in e figure 8..one above the other ..it was so bright i am seeing after images ...god/dess bless us all...walk in the right way..i love you all....eda
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      Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2003 6:58:25 PM
      Subject: Re: << lovingpurelove >> A Course In Miracles Lesson 85
      Dearest Eda,

      Yes, we have a young Hopi woman missing from AZ as well.

      Deep and Fervent Prayers for the well being of all.

      Love and Light,

      Judith Marie

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