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6179re: Adopt our troops and family to pray for

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  • birdof@paradisenow.net
    Mar 27, 2003
      Karen posted

      > Check this out it is a great idea.
      > Go to this site and click on the "Adopt Our Troops" logo. You just give them
      > an e-mail address and it will give you a person's name in the military
      > service overseas
      > to pray for specifically everyday. It lets you download a printable
      > certificate of reminder to put on your refrigerator with the person's name,
      > which branch of military of service, and if and how many children they have.
      > It makes it a little more personal to be able to pray out loud and mention
      > the name. It has been talked about on WXML radio and someone sent me an
      > e-mail about it.
      > The link to the site is:
      > <http://www.presidentialprayerteam.org/index.htm>

      What does this have to do with true love?

      I could understand the well-foundedness and positive contribution of such a
      prayer action in the case of a "just war" (because possibly such "just wars" do
      exist, example: WWII to get rid of Naziism).

      The war presently waged and the killing currently perpetrated seem to have no
      just reason behind them at all. Why pray for the safety of people who become
      co-murderers in an unjust cause? It would seem right perhaps to pray for them
      to "wake up and see the light" instead of "knowing not what they do" (or
      perhaps best to simply pray for the highest good of all concerned in this

      Also please note the URL www.presidentialprayerteam.org!

      In April 2002, I received a request to pray for President Bush's success since
      he is such an upright Christian and doing what the Christ and the Bible exhort
      us to do. It was from this very same group. Here are some excerpts from this
      April message:

      > "God is so powerful and the prayers of His people are so powerful. I really
      > want to encourage and urge you to pray for the President. There are two
      > reasons why I'm so thrilled about this idea: Number one is because prayer is
      > so important. And number two -- can you think of a president that you want
      > to pray for more than this man we have in office right now? Awesome! He is
      > a man who has professed his love for Jesus Christ, and who is a born-again
      > Christian.
      > I am so excited about what God is doing in this nation. We are all praying
      > for revival and awakening in this country, and we believe that God is
      > ushering that in. He will help bring it about through this man. I just want
      > to encourage you to please pray for him and really join with us in this
      > effort."
      > --Rebecca St. James
      > I am deeply concerned about the loss of innocent lives. It breaks my heart
      > when children, innocent women and innocent men lose their life. I fully
      > understand Israel's need to defend herself; I respect that. It's a country
      > that has seen a wave of suicide bombers coming into the hearts of their
      > cities and killing innocent people. That country has a right to defend
      > herself.
      > --George W. Bush, April 2, 2002

      The "awesome" man George W. Bush "who has professed his love for Jesus Christ,
      and who is a born-again Christian" "ushering in" the Kingdom of God?

      Well. perhaps indirectly, by making the world aware of what's really going

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