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6136Adopt our troops and family to pray for

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  • Karen
    Mar 25, 2003
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      Check this out it is a great idea.

      Go to this site and click on the "Adopt Our Troops" logo. You just
      give them an e-mail address and it will give you a person's name
      in the military service overseas to pray for specifically everyday.
      It lets you download a printable certificate of reminder to put on
      your refrigerator with the person's name, which branch of military
      of service, and if and how many children they have. It makes it a
      little more personal to be able to pray out loud and mention the
      name. It has been talked about on WXML radio and someone sent me
      an e-mail about it.

      The link to the site is:

      So, please take the time to check it out (and get
      the kids involved!)


      Love Brightens the Day, Love Lights the Way


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