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  • Leonard A Wilkinson
    Sep 9, 2001
      Hi Peter,
      I too read 'Earth' when it was first published as I did
      Barbara Marciniaks other two books ...they all resonate as truth with
      me and are well worth a re-read !

      Regarding weather.....beautiful, wonderfully varied, and
      never ever foul ! Such variety here in the west of Emgland . . .
      cooler yesterday with sunshine . . . this morning it is back to
      trousers for me after a few weeks in shorts.

      Where do you enjoy your weather Peter?

      With Love, Leonard.

      --- In lovingpurelove@y..., phdaley@b... wrote:
      > Dear Friends,
      > I am reading a book "Earth" (Pleiadian Keys to the
      > Living Library).This material comes via Barbara Marciniak; friends
      > lent me this book, and I find it most intriguing; apart from the
      > notion that we are all "Library Cards", as The Earth is being
      > destined to be a Cosmic Library. Ideas relating to Time are those
      > which I find difficult to understand. I have always been interested
      > in Time, and according to this work "Time is a Construct and is
      > collapsing:
      > An astrological event in 1993 called The Harmonic Convergence
      > an influence from the future into the past, and then reorganised
      > the present to create a hole through which the secondary and
      > nets could be bulit, and find a link onto the planet-----etc."
      > I have a good imagination and a scientific background but
      > find this difficult to comprehend, and yet the idea of different
      > Lines and the creation of a new one does not seem too strange.
      > I would like to hear of any who have familiarised themselves
      > with this information. Meanwhile, I am re-reading it.
      > Peter Daley
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