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579Fw: Addition to emotional healing technique

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Sep 1, 2001
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      From: Spiritus Sanctus  (Cynthia Rose)
      Sent: Friday, August 31, 2001 6:00 PM
      Subject: Addition to emotional healing technique

      After the feeling word list has been made, and the original traumatic event located, and the still photo described, next ask the person who is doing the clearing to list the POSITIVE IDEAS associated with the painful memory.  Do this before they begin the tell/retell process.
      Usually their reply will be "There are no positive ideas associated with this terrible event."  Gently urge them on.  Even the most horrible war memories often yield some interesting positive ideas such as ; " Well, I survived."
      That is a VERY positive idea.
        Usually a few others crop up, such as , " I learned that I am strong enough to endure anything."  " I have a lot of courage."   " No matter what happens, somehow I get through."   " I learned that I can stand on my own."  " When my own family betrays me I find help in God."  etc.
      Then proceed with the tell/ retell process.  First silently to self and then outloud.  As a facilitator, remember to write down the memory during the outloud retells.
      When they get to the point of receiving healing images, write these down too.  When the final healing image is pushed into the original still photo, ask them what words go with it now.  This is the POSITIVE feeling word list that has replaced the original list of negative feelings.
      At the very end, ask them , "How would you like to remember this event now?"  and "What ideas go with it now."  and " How does this change the way you live your life now?"
      Give them plenty of time to stare into space and be in the silence.  Don't hurry them.  These quiet moments are pregnant with insights. 
      REMEMBER, DON'T GIVE ADVICE OR INTERRUPT, except to read back what they have said before if they get stuck, in order to unstick them.  This is an inward process.  Be patient.