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5710Fw: L.O.V.E

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  • Polly
    Mar 1, 2003
      Very, very lovely Peter.
      Bless you for sending.

      Love, Polly

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      Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2003 4:38 AM
      Subject: L.O.V.E

      Dear Polly,
      As an exponent of LOVE you, and your group, will be
      interested in this rendering of the Third Blessing, of the Twelve, given by
      Jesus overshadowing George King in 1958.


      "These Ones often in great pain and anguish themselves, think naught of this
      but do transmute the very forces of Holy Nature into this Mighty Energy
      called Love, so that they may give it freely to those who need it.
      Thrice Blessed are these Ones, in the NOW and by NOW.
      Theirs is the difficult task of transmutation of the base energies into
      that state of Energy you call LOVE.
      These Ones possess naught - for they have given it ALL to their brothers.
      The can love not themselves, for they have given the very seed of their
      hearts to those whose hearts are empty. Whose hearts yearn to be filled.
      They can think naught of their own Salvation for even this, these great
      Ones, these Holy Ones, these everlasting Ones, have cast at the feet of God.
      They have taken from their bowed heads their Crowns of Triumph, their
      Crowns of Achievement and cast these in Holy sacrifice at the root of their
      own Salvation.
      Thrice Blessed - aye and seven times Blessed - and seven again - are these
      Ones, for such sacrifice as this can only come from the hearts of the Cosmic
      They love not any man ,because they love ALL.
      These are Blessed.
      These are the Ones who will save the pitiful ones, for they will be
      instrumental in helping greatly to transmute the only devil which exists
      upon this Earth.
      The Lovers of God, through man, will be the Ones who will light a Light in
      the hearts of men, so that Wisdom may enter into these vessels so purified.
      Thrice Blessed are these Ones. Aye- and seven times seven times seven,
      Blessed are They."

      The sacrifice of Salvation is greater than the sacrifice of one's own
      Following the Blessing there was advice on accepting Peace,
      "---which falls like the gentle rain from heaven".