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56359[ANGEL] 15 Leo, The Angels of Balance

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Aug 6, 2014





    15degrees Leo

    TheAngels of Balance

    Alsoknown as


    The Angels of




     We help with mastery of four levels of manifestation.

    We initiate people to understandthe connections between the mental, emotional and physical world, that is, in the correlative action of the mental, emotional and physical fluids in the body and nature, and furthermore, in the disharmonies caused by these fluids, and in the restoration of harmonies.



     First there is the level of the spirit, which is the level of pure being and unity with Divine Being and all creation [also referred to as the element of akasha].

     It is also the brainwave of desire, visualization, and intent.

    This level is the fire element.

    It is the level of electricity.

    It is a masculine energy.

    These Delta brainwave levels are dominant in infancy.

     In the second trimester of prenatal development this level is deeply and bodily experienced and imprinted in cellular memory.

    During this stage of development it is important that mother and child live in peace, love and quiet.

     Physicalor emotional stress to the prenate during this time may manifest later in life as either rage toward or disbelief in Divine Being, or as a fearful or narrow relationship with spirit.

    When a person desires to connect with and master this level of pure being, any  emotional and physical traumas from the second trimester and also traumas during infancy are restimulated for the purpose of being healed.

    This can best be done through allowing painful feelings to flow with empathy and asking for Divine Love to heal both the mother and yourself and the traumatic situation.

    It is important to trust the psyche, the subconscious mind, as these feelings erupt through cellular remembrance of visual images. 

    Trust the feelings and experience how quickly they change through letting them finally flow freely and release.

    The subconscious mind speaks through visual images and symbols.

    Once the painful visual images that arise in the imagination of conditions that created stress in the second trimester are accepted and the painful feelings are validated by the conscious mind and allowed to heal by being expressed safely, it is important to replace the original painful visual images with happy ones.

    Imagine what it would have been like if you and your mother had lived in a peaceful, loving, spiritual environment during this time of your growth in the womb.

    With this asking and visualization, healing takes place in the imagination, and a new cellular memory replaces the visual memory of the previous trauma.

    The imagination is the inner eye.

    Visual images seen in the imagination stimulate the pineal gland to produce corresponding frequency chemicals into the bloodstream.


    Many years of scientific study has revealed that the subconscious mind does not distinguish between imagined happenings and actual ones.

    These imagined healing images are most important, and affects even the

    The new healed loving memory becomes the new ground of beingness.

    Now, when you wish to experience this level of your being, connection with Divine Being and all creation happens much more naturallyand easily.


     Thesecond is the level of mind, which is the level of thought, ideas and understanding.

    This level is the air element, a masculine energy that forms a bridge or connection to the next and opposite feminine polarity of flowing emotions and physical form.

     Mind at this deep level is the Theta brainwave that is dominant in childhood.

     When you wish to connect with this deep inner level of thought, any traumas that occurred during childhood, or in the third trimester of development in the womb, will be restimulated for the purpose of healing.

     Physicalor emotional stress to the child during this time may manifest later in life as fearful inner visualizations, and as a fearful or narrow relationship with the use of the imagination.

     Allow painful emotions to flow with deep empathy for them.

     Ask Divine Love to heal yourself and all others concerned during these times.

     Imagine what it would have been like if you had had a wonderful happy loving spiritual third trimester and childhood.

    Take your time and dwell at length on the images and feelings that arise from this.


    Thethird is the level of flowing emotions, the level of heart and emotion.

    This level is the water element.

    It is magnetism.

    It is feminine energy.

     It is soul.

     Thisenergy ATTRACTS reality into form at the next level, the physical.

    Emotions are the Alpha brainwave level that is dominant in adolescence.

      When you wish to experience this level, any physical or emotional traumas at birth or during adolescence will be restimulated for the purpose of healing.

     Physicalor emotional stress to the adolescent during this time may manifest later in life as fearful paranoia,  as hopelessness, upsetness, and other obsessive reoccurring negative feelings.

    Thesame technique that you used for spirit and mind also works at this level.


      Thefourth level is the level of form, which includes sensation in the physical world of the five senses.

    It is the Beta brainwave level and includes memory and linear thought or logic.

     This is the element of earth.

    This is also a feminine magnetic energy.

    Beta becomes dominant at puberty and throughout adulthood.

    When you wish to operate masterfully at this level, emotional and physical traumas from any of the preceding stages and after puberty will be restimulated for the purpose of healing.

     Physicalor emotional stress to the adult may manifest  in life as destructive behavior toward self, others and the environment.

    Use the same techniques as before.

    Allow painful feelings and memories to flow with deep empathy and love, then ask for healing from Divine Love and imagine what it would have been like if these painful times had been times of love, happiness, and spiritual peace.


    We help you heal these levels.

    Whenever one of these levels is out of balance, the entire flow of energy, of creativity and manifestation is out of balance too.

    Imbalance of the four elements results in spiritual, mental, emotional, and/or physical diseases.


    Thefullness of time has now come for everyone to manifest Heaven on Earth.


    Our specific assignment, by Divine Providence, therefore, is to instruct the children of Light to understand how these levels affect each other and to heal them and keep these levels in balance, purity and harmony.


    Themost important concept to grasp is The Law of One.

    This is the Original Law.

    This is the Law of Laws and all other laws in all dimensions come from this Original Law.


     WhenThe Law of One is invoked, all lesser laws are overridden.




      The Law of One:


    We are all One.

    When one is harmed, all are harmed.

    When one is helped, all are helped.

    Therefore,in the name of who I AM, one with all there is,

    I ask that ONLY  THE HIGHEST GOOD of
    ALL concerned, happen.

    I give thanks that this is done.

    So be it.



    TheLaw of One should be grasped (understood in its entirety) and invoked with conscious intention and visualization and feelings to apply its power during any process of manifestation, to ensure balance between levels.

    This is a protection so that even if you have inadvertently become unbalanced on any of the levels in the process of manifestation—omnipresent consciousness and the heavenly hosts can fill in the gaps, when you have consciously invoked The Law of One.


    Whenworking to manifest new realities, BE AWARE of unity with Divine Being and inner guidance that manifests as a desire (intent) to manifest a divine virtue.


     CLEARLYvisualize a perfect outcome of this desire IN ITS PUREST FORM, then understand and contemplate the meaning of this desire.


     Thiswill generate flowing feelings of the divine virtue.


      Finally,at the physical level, sensations of this image manifesting as physical reality, as form, will occur—with shape, measure, number and weight.

     The act and the physical form that the manifestation is to take depends entirely on the divine inspiration received from inner guidance, the visual image that is formed, and the feelings with which it is imbued.

    Sensing it gives form to an emerging miracle, that is, it finally takes on physical dimensions as a result of sensing in detail the intended shape, number, weight, and measure. 


    Sometimes all levels may not get exactly “equal time” because of any individual’s (co-creator’s) natural propensity to emphasize one level over the others, however the key is to strive for balance, making sure that all levels are at least adequately expressed. 


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