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56314[MOON ANGEL] EMZHOM, 17th Day of Lunar Cycle, Immediate Protection

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Jul 15, 2014


    The Moon Angels of Immediate Protection


    Angels of  ‘E-M-Z-H-O-M’

    17thDay of Lunar Cycle



    ‘A-L-C-Ch-U-L’ using Stejnar cipher







    When danger is imminent, the adrenal glands
    produce chemicals that enter the bloodstream and
    enable the body to perform miraculous feats of survival.

    By taking this heightened state of emotional energy and 
    directing it with flowing feelings of the divine virtues of ‘Emzhom’ ,
    a child of God can avert any disaster.

    These are flowing feelings of the virtues of omnipresence, flowing feelings 
    of the desired outcome, high cognition, the power of the Word [which is the alignment of being, will, thought, emotion and sensation],
    transmutation through seeing through the eyes of Love Divine,
    Harmony and Justice, and strong flowing feelings of the desired reality.

    These powerful flowing feelings are used to bind, ban, and transmute any 
    harmful negative force in a way that is for the highest good of all concerned.

    By mastering the steps of emotional consciousness of the
    first sixteen days of the 28-day moon cycle, a child of God
    is capable of producing enough flowing magnetic attraction 
    through flowing feelings of love and the divine virtues to attract an
    unstoppable force to  transmute any harmful reality.

     When called,
    we help this process in such powerful ways
    that words can hardly describe.

    Flowing feelings are the magnetic power that attract changes in physical reality.
    By mastering feelings, a child of God masters the change process on the Earth.

    It is the will of Divine Providence that Heaven manifests on Earth.

    We encourage the children of God
    to meditate on the virtues of our name, ‘Emzhom’
    every 17th day of the 28-day moon cycle.

    Then, if any being, person, or thing uses free will to cause harm at any time,
    the individual will and feelings of the intended victim, or someone who
    is praying for the intended victim, can become one with the will and
    flowing feelings of Divine Providence, and bring about immediate relief.
    This skill is for the mature person who understands the oneness of all life
    only to use, and then only in real and immediate danger.

    We teach the particular meditations by which ‘any enemy
    can be destroyed at once, thieves are checked on their escape,
    attackers are rendered stiff and lifeless at an instant.’

    ‘Further, the most furious beast rendered harmless,
    whether in the air, on land or in the water.’

    By meditating on the divine virtues associated with the letters
    of our name, and calling on our help, the following is gained:




    Weteach control of the feelings of all other beings,
    through mastery of the divine virtue of omnipresence.


    Weteach the power of feelings,
    and thereby the mastery of magnetism.


    Weteach how to immediately transfer ideas to others.


    Weinspire the children of God with the correct divine
    virtues to invoke and meditate on in any situation.
    We especially do this to those who are familiar with
    the divine virtues through prior meditations with the
    letters and divine virtues of the ancient language.

    umlautO, OE and O 

    Weteach how to transmute any situation or being
    through cognition brought about by Love Divine.

    We inspire the deepest love for
    and attunement to Divine Justice and Harmony.



    We inspire the children of God to develop their mastery

    offlowing feelings especially of the divine virtues, so

    powerfullythat complete mastery over change in the

    feelingand material world is successfully attained.’


    In times of real and immediate danger, we inspire mature people
    to direct their adrenal energy into awareness of feeling.

     We inspire them with the feelings of the divine virtues that
     transmuteany negative being and render them harmless.

    On the 17th day of every 28-day Moon Cycle we flood the feelings of
    the earth with knowledge of dangers that must be avoided combined
    with the positive feelings and intent that transmute these dangers

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