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56304[MOON ANGEL] EMChEBA, 13th Day of Lunar Cycle, Immortality

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Jul 10, 2014




      TheMoon Angels of Immortality

      Angelsof  ‘E-M-Ch-E-B-A’

      13thDay of Lunar Cycle









      It is written,

      "The last enemy to be overcome is death."

      When people flow with divine emotions, their physical bodies no longer outpicture imperfection, but instead outpicture perfection.  They no longer age and become sick.

      Itbecomes easy to see that there is no true death, but only changes into other statesthat occur when emotions must be healed by  transformation.


      Flowingemotions are the magnetic power of the Law of Attraction;
      flowing feelings are the precursors of new reality on the physical plane.


      Clearand pure flowing emotions of the divine virtues, of love, omnipotence,
      omnipresence, spiritual morality, youth, vitality, perfection, beauty,
      the highest good of all, etc. attract corresponding
      anti-aging results in the physical body.


      Becausea child of God in day to day life often must embrace negative flowing
      emotions for the purpose of transmuting and healing them with all encompassing,
      unconditional love, we teach ways in which the power of positive
      flowing emotions on the physical body can be held constantly in an
      unbroken field of energy in order to continuously attractimmortality.


      Wedo this by teaching each person to imagine and create a visual image
      of their physical body in perfect health, youth, and beauty. This image in
      thought is created both on an intellectual level and in flowing feelings.


      Inancient times this image was often symbolized by the mystics
      on a physical level in the form of a talisman.


      Thecreated mental image of the body in perfect health,
      youth, and beauty visualized and felt on a day to day basis is
      filled and enlivened by flowing feelings of wonderful life-enhancing
      emotions signaling the call for perfected body and spirit.


      Thiscreates a permanent magnet of flowing emotional
      energy that is constantly attracting immortality and
      affects the physical body in a positive manner.


      Thisphysical "memory" of flowing feelings of immortality becomes
      an emotional software program "running in the background",
      maintaining a constant flow of positive feeling magnetism, used
      by the body to maintain a positive chemical stasis regardless
      of other emotional "programs" running in the foreground.




      ~ ~ ~

      Dothe following:


      Each morning upon waking, say to yourself,

      "I am the Divine Infant, ever young, ever
      beautiful, ever perfect. I have within me a joy body,
      ever young, ever beautiful."

      Rememberthat the physical body is mostly water, which
      corresponds to flowing emotion. Create the visual image
      and FLOWING FEELINGS of being a Divine Child,
      ever young and ever perfect.


      Each time a negative emotion or belief attracts
      aging, tiredness, and feelings of not wanting to live,
      remember the image of yourself as a Divine Infant,
      ever young, ever beautiful, ever perfect, ever joyous.
      Love the negative feelings as they flow with compassion,
      releasing them for change and transformation.


      Train yourself to remember this young immortal image of yourself.

      Imagine, visualize, feel, sense, and intellectually grasp yourself as
      the Divine Infant, ever young, ever beautiful, ever perfect.
      In this way the body is instructed what to do.

      ~ ~ ~

      "Exceptye be as little children,
      ye shall in no wise enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

      Thisis an ancient exercise the mystics use to retain appearance
      of being a youth of approximately sixteen years of age.

      Overtime, and according to the clarity of your flowing feelings of
      the divine virtues, joy and youth, and the image of the Divine Infant,
      flowing feelings of perfect youth, vitality, beauty, and health
      take on a powerful life of their own.

      Byconstantly reinforcing this through repetition,
      the immortal self becomes stronger and stronger.

      Thebody identifies with the Divine Infant image and youthful flowing feelings,
      and the glands create chemicals necessary to retain youth and good health.
      The intelligence of the body, in creating new cells,
      forms the body to become ever more beautiful.

      Meditateon the divine virtues associated with the letters of our name,
      and call on our help, to realize the following:





      Theinfinite power of Divine Intelligence dwells
      within all of creation, large and small.


      Themagnetic power of flowing feelings attract
      new realities into physical manifestation.


      Constantly creating a clearly defined mental image of
      a perfect, divine, youthful, and beautiful physical body,
      and flowing with the feelings of divine virtues,



      Allowsindwelling Divine Intelligence to continually
      flow with feelings of the Divine Infant of
      youth, beauty, and perfection.


      This attracts the manifestation of the polarity of immortality
      instead of death, and manifests on the physical level.


      A and umlautA (ae)

      Clairvoyantcommunication between the
      created image of perfection, health, and youth with
      the indwelling intelligence of the physical body is maintained.

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