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56288[ANGEL] 12 Cancer, The Angels of Transmutation

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Jul 3, 2014



    Violet Flame and Blue Orb
    12 degrees Cancer 
    TheAngels of Transmutation
    Alsoknown as
    TheAngels of

    T…We mentor inventors and awaken intuition to inspire remarkable inventive acumen.

     We favorably improve mechanical memory to facilitate alchemical or transmutation activities in all kingdoms.

    M…We teach the transmutation of powers, which is the Alchemical process.

    A and umlaut A, ae…We bring comprehensive insights, the wisdom and high intelligence, of the divine mind to bear on developing talents and abilities.

     We inspire the release of imperfection for transformation and also control over negative beings.

    K…We confer mastery of all earthly treasures of the physical planet earth and teach how to get what you want.

    Umlaut O, eu, and O…We evoke Divine cognition brought about by love that transmutes all into successful happy situations.

    We help produce masters of astro-and metaphysics who have the power to manifest any scenario that is in divine harmony and order.’

    A child of Divine Being uses transmuted magnetic feeling power to manifest the just and perfect outcome for all concerned.
    We reveal to the child of God the FEELING NATURE of plants, minerals, and metals.

    We inspire the transmutation of these feelings of plants and minerals into higher vibrations.

    Emotions going through change in turn change material reality on all levels, from the densest level of earth, to the more subtle levels of the astral, mental and spiritual planes. 
    The evolution of creation is toward ever greater spiritual majesty and perfection, so the ability to transmute emotional energy into the highest divine love, faith, and wisdom is most necessary.

    This transmutation of emotions is our province as we guide the created worlds into expression of the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind.
    Allthirty degrees of the sign of Cancer are gateways to  flowing with powerful divine feelings of faith,  OMNIPOTENTFEELINGS OF DIVINE WILL,  for the highest good of all concerned.
    Here,at the 12th degree, feelings of Faith and Omnipotence are used to transmute emotional vibrations 

     Everything that exists in material form does so by the magnetic power of corresponding feelings flowing.

    Change the feelings and change the form.

    Each seeker who desires to manifest original divine will for spiritual perfection at times may encounterpersonal and group situations in which raw negative emotional power must be transmuted, then directed and used to attract harmony and justice.
    "Allthat I do ye shall do and more."
    Takefor example a situation in which a person feels strong anger and despair concerning an  intolerable situation.

    We help this person realize through high inspiration that strongfeelings of anger and despair are magnetic POWER that only attract further negative realities.

    We help this person realize the importance of transmuting 
    negative magnetic power   into positive divine feelings  to attract harmonious and beautiful solutions.

      This is done by a person recognizing that everything that exists is part of ONE UNIFIED FIELD of energy, that everything is one with everything else.
     A person can center in the heart and meditate on remembering times in his or her past when he or she felt fear and other negative emotions that caused him or her to behave in upsetting ways resulting in inharmonious outcomes.

     By first understanding, validating, and through love and gratitude for the lessons learned from this experience, forgiving this part of the self, it then becomes possible to empathize and forgive others in the present time; to forgive and have compassion and understanding for the troubling situation being confronted in present time.

    "Judge not, that ye be not judged." 
     Inthis way a child of Light and Love can attune to a troubling situation, even one of many people generating combined raw negative emotional power, feel him/her self at one with it, and transmute it internally within.

      With the power of divine love,  it is being transmuted for all through the Law of Correspondences and breath.
     Doingthis is one meaning of "taking on the sins of the world".

      "All that I do ye shall do and more."
    "Love conquers all."
    A technique for transmuting feelings is as follows:
    1…Insteadof resisting negative emotions, or being afraid of them, or trying to make them change by force of Will, or bypassing them, or acting them out destructively to self or others, EMBRACE negative feelings with Unconditionalall Encompassing Love, acceptance,  gratitude,  empathyand compassion FOR THE FEELINGS THEMSELVES.

    Beaware of the vast amount of learning that these feelings make possible for those who are experiencing them there is much wisdom that arises from the experiences of feeling them.

     Feelings such as these are so painful and alarming that they awaken desires for love, for harmony, for the healing of all the divine virtues.
     Thesefeelings usually originate from earlier emotional traumas , traumas that have been caused by lack of love and harmony,  and now these feelings arebeing activated  in  a present  time  situation.

    At the time they were originally 
    experienced , they were normal and appropriate feelings  for a painful situation,  and therefore they  deserve to be validated.

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