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56277[ANGEL] 8 Cancer, The Angels of Rhythms of Life and Breath

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Jun 29, 2014

    Astral Travel 3.jpg
     A NASA funded research project
has discovered the existence of
unexplained portals between the
Earth and the Sun

    8 degrees Cancer

    The Angels of The Rhythms of Life
    and Breath

    Alsoknown as

     The Angels of


    K…The virtue of omnipotent will

    I…combined with the understanding of breath, emotions, and rhythm

    L…allows the splendor of Divine Consciousness

    K…to manifest with infinite power

    I…so that complete mastery over all of life is attained.
    Weare known as Masters of Life.
    Weare angels of rhythm and vibration, for life is rhythm and vibration.
     Weare heavenly hosts of breath.
    Weinitiate the children of Divine Being into the mastery of rhythm and vibration and therefore into the mastery of life.
    The Divine virtue of original Omnipotence is the first letter, K, of our name.

    Omnipotenceis the highest power imaginable.

    vortex both sides
    Thispower is the highest and purest light, which means that it is the highest and purest WILL for the highest good of all.

    This will or divine desire exists in the spiritual realm and connects the awareness, which is the mental realm, with understanding the highest good of all. 

into the Spirit
    Awareness of the highest good reveals the most beautiful divine virtues.
    The HIGHEST WILL TO LIVE depends on out picturing Divine Splendor and Majesty, the sum of all divine virtues taken together, the letter L.

    As the will to live in unity with Divine splendor and majesty becomes an emotional energy, and thereby a magnetic expression, life force and vitality result.
    Lifeforce and vitality flows in and out through breathing.
    Inlife, the Law of Cause and Effect governs consciously using WILL and EMOTION to create and out picture divine splendor and majesty.  
     TheLaw of Cause and Effect also governs the act of breathing, which is also life.
    Aspeople become aware of the power and nature of will and emotion, they become aware of the cause-effect relationship between the will and emotion, and of their rhythmic interaction.
    The motion of consciousness flowing between WILL and EMOTION creates rhythm and vibration in cycles large and small, in the micro and macrocosm.
    Throughthe Law of Correspondences, the as above, so below law, the control of will and emotion qualifies breath in the microcosm of the human body to cause changes in the macrocosm as well.
    Bymastering the law of cause and effect, of sowing/will and reaping/emotion, a person learns about Divine alternating rhythms of electro-magnetic energy. 

    Whatever is sown in desire and thought creates emotion.

    Emotion attracts what is formed in the physical plane.

     Thisis how to master life itself.
    Becausethe divine virtue of letter L represents the sum total of ALL Divine Virtues, which taken together are the Splendor and Majesty of Divine Being, true spiritual morality and life force, it is important that these Divine virtues are integrated into the consciousness and enlivened in both will and feelings.
    Revelationsof the Divine virtues unfold in perfect order.

    In the ancient language the Divine virtues are mastered in sequence according to the order of letters in the alphabet.
     Forinstance, the Divine virtue of wisdom and enlightenment, which reveals the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind, letter A, precedes all other divine virtues.

    After the Divine virtue of wisdom and enlightenment is integrated within the consciousness, the next divine virtue, letter umlaut A, ae, is mastered.

    This virtue is the mysteries of life and death and transformation.

     With this virtue, any imperfection on any level is acknowledged and released back to Divine Providence for transformation into another state, majorchange occurs so that the original Divine blueprints of creation can manifest.
    Thenext virtue in the alphabet, B, which is the virtue of Universal Life and polarity, is then mastered.

    The mastery of the Divine virtue of polarity awakens mastery over all polarities, and especially over the polarity of will and feeling, electricity and magnetism.

    This gives mastery over life and death,  because whatever is willed and felt is given life.
    Afterthe virtue of polarity is integrated, the next virtue is letter C, which is the virtue of the spiritualization of matter with divine qualities.

    Then follows the art of creation, D, then omnipresence of Divine Consciousness, E, then the legality of harmony of all visible worlds, F and so forth.
    FlowingINTENT or will to visualize, enliven and understand a virtue with meditation on its meaning, then flowing with its FEELINGS, musical note, and sensations, opens up awareness and connects it with Universal Mind so that individual consciousness becomes one with the virtue itself.

    This virtue is enlivened in the microcosm and the macrocosm through the breath.
     Asa person masters all of the Divine virtues according to the ancient language as explained in these messages,  there are many orders of heavenly host who assist with this process.

    Because of this help, as meditations are pursued, the process flows easily and in ways that are custom tailored to each unique psyche, temperament, and situation.
    “Seekye first the kingdom of heaven and all else shall be added unto you.”
    Aseach person on the spiritual path of enlightenment goes through the process of integrating divine virtues, Divine Providence gives us the responsibility to teach mastery over life itself with these attunements to highest Divine being, will, feelings, sensations and understanding of cause and effect. 
    Weawaken perfect mastery of breath, vibration, and rhythm in the micro-and macrocosm. 
    Inthis way a person creates heaven within self and also on earth.
    Byattuning to the highest will/feeling rhythms and cycles of Divine Providence, the electro-magnetic energy of an individual is in step with unlimited power and harmony.

    K…The virtue of omnipotent will

    I…combined with the understanding of breath, emotions, and rhythm

    L…allows the splendor of Divine Consciousness
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