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  • sunflowerzmagick
    Jun 12, 2014
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      Hi Everyone,

          I've started a new group on facebook on the topic of yoga spirituality (alternative) and would like to invite anyone interested in this topic to join

      us.  The idea is not to promote "one yoga religion" but to recognize that it is alternative spirituality (not pure traditional Hinduism) that is being practiced in yoga circles, to let go of having to say we are all teaching traditional yoga according to the yamas and niyamas an ancient Hindu sort of ten commandments one of the restrictions of which is to be celibate, eat not meat and not to even look upon a woman.  The idea is that we can be Modern Yogi's with our own spiritual perspective and do not have to vascilate between "yoga IS relgion" to "no yoga is not religion it is just physical exercise" and find a new turf where we can say "i have my own religion and out of that context I can experience the spiritual aspects of yoga (without changing religion).  Not that anyone has to think yoga is spiritual, or stimulates spirituality or raises energy, but for those whodo, we dont' have to change to yoga fad religion in order to be legitimate modern yogis.  We don't have to change what we put up on our altars and start worshipping Lord Shiva or spouting lip service to Sri Ganesh, both of whome I have nothing against but I have my own altar with my own configuration of deities and powers including Jesus (which makes me alternative in yoga communities) and i'm not changing it for yoga fad religion. Therefor, being a spiritual person and recognizing that I find yoga to be a spiritual practice irrespective of what trends are popular in yoga fad religion, I created this group for those of us who want to explore the  more deity neutral aspect of yoga religion AND if it comes up the deity related aspects from a non sectarian perspective (i.e not pushing ONE point of view).

           I hope you will join us if you are interested in this topic.


      Om Shanti, Sunflower