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56256[ANGEL] 19 Gemini, The Angels of Personal Ritual

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Jun 8, 2014


    Blaze your heart of love, go within, find your sacred dream, and dream it awake!


    19 degrees Gemini
    TheAngels of Personal Ritual
    Also known as
    The Angels of


    Weare masters of mystical ceremonies, especially personal ones.
    Manytimes personal rituals include gesticulation and spontaneous prayers spoken from the heart.
    When people feel inspired to perform loving individual rituals or ceremonies for the highest good of all, we make sure that their natural flows of creative energy connect with the entire spectrum of help from Divine Being, which is omnipresent.

     We especially workthrough emotion and gestures, which shape magnetic energy to attract miracles
    Here is one of our stories:

    Once upon a time there was a lady named Mary who deeply cared for the earth.

    She often would call on her Guardian Angel for help with her prayers when she became deeply worried about what she heard in the news.
    Newspapersand news on television had depressed her so deeply that often she felt that she must do something.

    Too much suffering and war, too much dishonesty, denial, rampant aggression and insatiable greed in high places, too much harm to the environment, poverty, and other bad news, everything taken together, had driven her to increasingly lead a life of deep prayer.
     Oneday after hearing particularly troubling news about the environment,  inner guidance told her to drive to the mountains north of the city.

    She saw an inner vision of herself standing on a high peak and praying more deeply than she ever had before.
    She followed her intuition, and found herself going down narrow dirt roads winding around mountains that she had never been on before.

    Finally she spied a perfectly shaped conical mountain standing somewhat apart from the others.

    There was a powerful energy all around it.

    She knew that was the one that she had seen in her mind’s eye.
     Asshe hiked up to the top, she felt extraordinary power.

    Itwas as if she had entered an interdimensional portal.
     A NASA funded research
project has discovered the
existence of unexplained
portals between the Earth and
the Sun
    She stood high overlooking valleys all around.

    The wind whistled sharply in her face.

    Her heart was beating so strongly with Divine Love for the earth, for the animals, and the whole human race.
     Radiating Heart
     Asshe stood there pummeled by the wind, she asked God why humanity could not figure out how to use all the vast sums of money and technology to create peace and heal the earth.
     Thedeep spiritual need of the entire earth coursed through her being as she stood in this ancient outpost in the midst of nature.
    She prepared to pray to UniversalConsciousness on behalf of all sentient life.
    She was just one person, standing on the roof of the world, alone with God and the angels and eternity.
    How should she go about this?
    Searchingdeeply within for guidance, she closed her eyes, took off her shoes, and surrendered to Omnipresent Divine Providence.
    The Angels of Debam came to help her.
    Her breathing deepened.

    Ancient currents of energy rose up from the mountain through her feet. 

    She saw many generations of native people, who had been on this very ridge to pray, surrounding her.
    The fingerson her right hand began drumming against her thigh.

    Suddenly she felt herself turning and spinning on one foot, the other foot thumping down over and over  in strong rhythmic beats.
      Her spinning created a vortex of Light and Love, moving energy from the earth to heaven in one direction of spinning,

    and when she turned and spun in the other way the vortex pulled light and love from heaven to earth.
      The foot that was thumping awakened many beings of the earth, rousing them and filling them with light.
    Ancientchants came into her imagination and she felt a strong urge to lift up her voice. 

    Overcoming shy hesitation, she began to sing.
    Her heart burst open.

    Tears flowed down her cheeks

    All of her pent up love and longing for spiritual perfection and beauty exploded through the sound currents of her voice.
    She raisedher left arm up to heaven, and as she sang, she felt Angels descending on waves of light to earth.

    She held her righthand out over the earth, sending divine light and angels through it to bless all.
    Round and round she spun, singing with heavenly angels, filling the earth with Light and Love.
    She sang and she sang and she sang.

    Her body sometimes paused in stillness with palms together.

    At other times she knelt on the earth with palms on the ground, light flowing through them.
    She would rise and face the four directions, chants and sounds rising in beautiful cadence,  her whole being invoking and blessing the elements of each direction..

    She and the heavenly hosts healed and blessed the earth and all who lived upon her.
    A stillness came over the mountain.

    light body
    The wind completely died down.

     A small bird flew over her head, almost touching her hair. 

    Around and around it flew, passing so closely once that its wingtips brushed her face.
     Finallyshe knelt to the ground, putting her forehead on the earth, feeling herself merge and become one with all creation, completely spent, spreading her arms out with palms down.
    The earth soothed and healed her.
     Ancientmemories filled her with such poignant beauty and promises that she would never be the same.
    She lay there for a long time in oneness with the earth, the sun set and night began.

    Divine Love of the forests, the children, the animals, and the sea flowed omnipresently through all. 
    She saw healing of the past, the present, and the future for everyone.

    All were united in love.

    A new reality was dawning. 
    She fell asleep.
    After a while a bird sang and woke her.
     Raisingher head, she noticed that night was turning into dawn. 

    Out of the corner of her eye, in the pale predawn light, a tree began to take on the form of an ancient Indian Chief.

    Out of the corner of the other eye, a swirling mist began to form.
    The Indian and the mist were telling her that the heavenly hosts had indeed done their work and the earth was indeed being healed!
    She spent the rest of the morning wandering through the forest in bliss, taking a bath in a beautiful waterfall.
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