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56233[MOON ANGEL] 1st Day of Lunar Cycle, Tides, New Moon,

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    May 28, 2014

    Today's new moon is conjunct Hygeia, which will illumine divine and true cosmic philosophy concerning physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of self, others and the world.




    The28 Angels of the Moon Sphere

    DivineEmotional Magnetic Rhythm





    ‘TheMoon in its planetary function influences everything liquid
    on our earth.
    The Moon sphere is analogous to flowing feelings
    or the emotional awareness of each child of God, which
    is known in ancient terms as the astral body.’


    Healingof the Divine Feminine, the awesome realm of flowing feelings
     and magnetism, the water element, is necessary for Heaven to manifest on Earth.

    The healingof the flowing feelings of each child of God on Earth
    is therefore of major importance.


    TheAngels of the Moon Sphere

    arecommissioned with great responsibility in this regard.


    Angelsof the Moon work with mankind in the realm of flowing feelings,
    in contrast to the Angels of the 360 degrees of the zodiac surrounding the Earth
    who work with the children of God in the realm of vitality.


    Thereare 28 angel groups, one for each day of the moon cycle.




    TheMoon Angels of Tides

    Angelsof  ‘E-B-V-A-P’

    1st Day of Lunar Cycle


    We inspire perfect use of OMNIPOTENT SACRED WILL 
    in the meditation of the divine virtues so that all things are possible.

    Wehave been given the responsibility by Divine Providence to control the
    tides of earth, which correspond to flowing feelings of omnipresent,
    omnipotent, and omniscient Divine Love and Life.

    Whenthe children of God call on us for our help, we teach them how
    to use omnipotent will and intent for the highest good of all in combination with
    strong flowing feelings of unconditional Divine Love to heal the emotional reality of Earth.

    Inthis way we teach how to control the physical reality of Earth,
    because the physical reality of each person, and of the Earth as a whole,
    is determined by flowing feelings and emotions.

    Justas we control the tides of earth, we teach the children of
    God to attune themselves emotionally to the rhythms of Divine Life,
    so that they may flow with the sea of unconditional all encompassing Love,
    that ebbs and flows with the expression of polarity in Universal Consciousness.

    We particularly attune the child of God to the use of the Sacred Dream,
    the blueprint for perfection on the Earth. This blueprint is the
    Prime Will for the highest good of all for Earth.

    Thisis the Prime Will for bringing about a perfect kingdom,
    a home of pristine beauty and harmony for all living creatures.

    Miraclesare created by combining OMNIPOTENT WILL FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD
    of the Earth, the electric-masculine power, with the FLOWING FEELINGS of
    unconditional love and flowing feelings of the Sacred Dream of the Moon,
    the magnetic-feminine power.

    Justlike the miracles of the tides, FLOWING FEELINGS of the Sacred Dream
    and Divine Love of the Moon, manifest perfect power, rhythm, harmony, and cycles
    of flow in the emotional life for all the children of God and for all sentient creatures.

    By studying the tides, and flowing with feelings of their healing effects, 
    perfect understanding of this is attained.

    Bystudying the scientific effects of the tides, the influence of a rhythmic
    emotional life on the well being of the physical bodies of the children
    of God and on the creatures of the world is understood.

    Attune to the divine virtues represented by the letters of our name,
    and call on our help to receive the following:




    We use cosmic and universal transference of consciousness


    to produce miraculous phenomena, change the course of fate, and
    teach the children of God the control of will and flowing feelings in all planes.


    We mentor masters to control the unfolding of
    spiritual qualities in self and others.


    A and umlaut A (ae)

    We teach seekers to apply wisdom and truth of the
    enlightened mind to develop magical abilities like clairvoyance,
    mental discipline, language of symbols, and mind control. We reveal the
    original perfect divine blueprints of everything in creation. 

    umlaut A, AE...all imperfect forms of everything in being, will, thought,
    feeling, and form are released, and therefore go through transformation,
    making way for the perfect original divine blueprints to manifest. 


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