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56230[MOON ANGEL] EMZHABE, 27th Day of Lunar Cycle, Minerals

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    May 26, 2014


      The Moon Angels of Minerals
      Angels of  ‘E-M-Z-H-A-B-E’
      27thDay of Lunar Cycle


      Every form in physical creation is ATTRACTED into
      place through the magnetism of flowing feelings.
      Therefore every form in creation has analogous flowing feelings.

      We teach the children of God the connection between
      divine flowing feelings and the minerals that they manifest.

      Each mineral is created and is sustained by powerful magnetic 
      flowing feelings held in place by Omnipresent Divine Consciousness.

      By understanding this, and attuning to the flowing feelings of each
      mineral, great healing, change, and enlightenment can be enjoyed.

      At this time of the ALPHA AND THE OMEGA, the children of God
      are being inspired to seek out and wear minerals for the purpose of

      the healing and enlightenment that comes from their flowing feelings.

      "In the end times, even the rocks cry out."

      As minerals are understood and used according to their
      emotional-magneticinfluences, their use as adornments in homes
      and temples, and in healing elixirs, and many other uses become a source of great joy
      and union with Divine Consciousness Flowing Feelings.

      By meditating on the divine virtues that correspond to the letters
      in our name, and seeking our assistance, the following is gained:



      Theletter E in the ancient language represents the divine
      virtue of omnipresence. This virtue is used to create the spinal
      cord of every child of God. In the emotions, this virtue gives control
      over the flowing feelings of oneself and others, and the ability to
      understand the language of all beings, including plants and minerals.
      We teach how to understand the languages and communication of all
      levels of beings on earth. The letter E has the musical note of D, is the color
      of dark violet, and is meditated on with the feeling of God-penetrating-all.


      Thisletter represents the magnetic power of flowing feelings.
      It also represents control over the element of water, and therefore
      over rain and all manifestations of water. We reveal the mysteries of
      the growth process and how feelings attract manifestation into form.
      The letter M vibrates to the musical note of D, the color of blue-green,
      and has the sensation of coolness, like water. The abdomen of every 
      child of God was created with this virtue.


      Theletter Z represents the higher faculties of divine intelligence,
      especially those that come from remembering everything ever
      learned in all lifetimes.
      Whenmeditating on this in the emotional realm, all kinds
      of artistic faculties arise. The ability to put all abstract ideas into
      words develops. This virtue introduces tremendous endurance and
      resilience into material world forms. The divine virtue of the letter Z has
      the musical note of G, the color of light yellow, is of the air element,
      having the sensation of ease, and is practiced in the heart.

      Theheart of every child of God was created with this virtue.


      Thisletter represents The Power of the Word.
      When meditating on this virtue in the flowing feelings,
      the faculty of influencing each fate at will is gained.
      All tantra and mantra practices are understood.
      Weteach the power of the word to invoke certain divine virtues
      and accordingly, influence growth and manifestation of the
      virtues of Divine Consciousness.
      This virtue has the musical note of A, the color of silver-violet,
      is of the water element and has the sensation of coolness,
      and is practiced in the right arm. The right arm of
      every child of God was created with this virtue.


      A and umlaut A, Ae

      Thisletter represents wisdom and enlightenment, and the original
      purity of all ideas. In the feeling realm, eloquence, musical gift,
      poetic talent, and mystical faculties of clairvoyance, clairaudience,
      levitation are attained. Also control over the spirits of the air is attained,
      and therefore over weather. We tap into the wisdom of divine mind
      in order to teach the mysteries of life and growth in minerals.
      This virtue has the musical note of G, the color of light blue,
      is the air principle and meditated on with a sense
      of ease, and is felt in the lungs.
      SoftA turns into umlaut A, so that the perfect divine blueprints
      thatare enlivened through wisdom and enlightenment above 
      replaceany previous states of being, desire, thought, feeling, 
      orform that no longer serve the highest good of all. 
      UmlautA, AE is the virtue of transformation through releasing
      whateverneeds to be released for the highest good of all. It gives
      control over
      negativebeings and the urge
      for harmful self satisfaction.
      It is a virtue of the earth element. It has the sensation of weight,
      and vibrates to the musical note of C. 
      Theanus is formed from it.


      Theletter B represents the divine virtue of polarity. Cognition of polarity;
      yin and yang, sun and moon, male and female, will and feeling,
      and how each compliments the other, leads to profound wisdom.
      Bymeditating on this virtue, the different polarities of emotions
       represented by minerals can be understood. This virtue
      has the musical note of A, the color of light violet, is of  the earth
      element, meditated on with a sense of gravity. It is felt in the right eye.


      Wehelp you bring cosmic into ordinary consciousness and confer
      upon you high intuition and the faculty of transfer of consciousness
      into any being or kingdom, including the mineral kingdom.’


      We are inspiring the children of God to look about them with new eyes,
      at all of the minerals of Earth. The flowing feelings held in each mineral
      are a treasure house of change and attunement with Divine Consciousness.

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