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56226[MOON ANGEL] LAVEMEZHU, 25th Day of Lunar Cycle, Plants

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    May 24, 2014
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      The Moon Angels of Plants

      Angelsof  ‘L-A-V-E-M-E-Z-H-U’

      25th Day of Lunar Cycle




      Weinfluence and control the plant kingdom through emanations
       of FLOWING DIVINE FEELINGS combined with intentions.


      We teach the children of God how flowing feelings
      control the mysteries of life, of sprouting, and growing.
      By flowing with the feelings of all the divine virtues, letter L,
       and especially flowing feelings of the virtue of the mysteries 
      of creation, the virtue of letter D, a person


      ‘can make fertile in a supernatural way, a whole field,
      no matter how large it may be, or vice versa,
      to make it infertile and change it into a desert.’

       Eachperson who comes under our influence receives
      inspiration on which divine virtues to emanate in
      order to make grow whatever they desire.

      Bymeditating on and flowing with feelings
       of the divine virtues associated with the letters of
       our name and calling on our help, the following is gained:





      The letter L represents the sum total of all divine virtues taken together, 
      therefore it represents the splendor and majesty of God. In the feeling
      realm this virtue endows a person with the mystery of emotional 

      equilibrium with regard to the character of any human being. It also
      endows one with the ability to BECOME ONE WITH ALL DIVINE VIRTUES.
      We can change disharmonies into harmonies, bestow health
      and vitality. We connect with and intensify vital energy.

      A and umlaut A (ae)

      This represents wisdom and enlightenment, and the original purity of
      all ideas. In the feeling realm, eloquence, musical gift, poetic talent,
      and mystical faculties of clairvoyance, clairaudience, levitation are
      attained.Also control over the spirits of the air is attained, and

      therefore over weather. We tap into the wisdom of divine mind in
      order to teach the mysteries of life and growth in plants.

      As the perfect divine blueprints of creation are revealed
      throughwisdom and enlightenment, with its light blue light,

      thenthe virtue of transformation,shining with a loamy
      brown light, releases any state of being, desire, thought,
      feeling, or form that no longer serves the highest good of all.
      Control over negative beings is gained through releasing
      imperfection to Divine Providence for transformation.



      This letter equates to the letter F, which represents the
      legalityand harmony of all visible worlds. In the feeling realm,
      meditatingon this virtue gives one the ability to perceive and control
      all elements and will, intellect, feeling, and form. We control the water
      elementof flowing feelings and help you thus control material world
      phenomena.We help you discern mortal from eternal and thereby
      help you enliven the original divine blueprints of perfection. 



      The letter E is the omnipresence of God. In the emotions, this
      virtue gives control over the flowing feelings of oneself and others,
      and the ability to understand the language of all beings. We teach
      how to understand the languages and communication
      of all levels of beings on earth.


      This letter represents the magnetic power of flowing emotions.
      It also represents control over the element of water,
      and therefore over rain, and all manifestations of water.
      We reveal the mysteries of the growth process and how
      water brings vitality and renews life, through being
      programmedwith flowing feelings of all the divine virtues.


      We bring cosmic into ordinary consciousness and confer upon
      you high intuition and the faculty of transfer of consciousness.


      The letter Z represents the higher faculties of divine
      intelligence,and the ability to remember everything
      learnedin all lifetimes. When meditating on this in the
      emotionalrealm, all kinds of artistic faculties arise.
      The ability to put all abstract ideas into words develops.
      We can introduce tremendous endurance
      and resilience into material world forms.


      This letter represents The Power of the Word.
      When meditating on this virtue in the feeling realm,
      the faculty of influencing each fate at will is gained.
      All tantra and mantra practices are understood.
      We teach the power of the word to invoke certain
      divine virtues and accordingly, influence growth.


      The letter U represents the understanding of the creative
      act and its karma, and the original source of everything that exists.
      In the feeling realm, this virtue bestows the

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