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56207[ANGEL] 27 Taurus, The Angels of Philosophy

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    May 17, 2014

    Today is an auspicious day, when the powers of divine consciousness reveals the underlying truth,or lack of truth, behind all of our belief systems.


            27 degrees Taurus

    aspecting[quincux] Galactic Center

    TheAngels of Philosophy

    Alsoknown as
    TheAngels of


    Wehelp you comprehend all religious systems of this physical world of the past and the present.’

     Weinspire universal philosophy.

    ‘Wehelp you get to the bottom of any religious system and find the universal laws effective in it.

    We also show towhat extent universal laws have been hidden, veiled, misused, and misunderstood, and we help you correct these errors from the philosophical point of view for your personal use.’
     Native Star Nation
    Weinspire the experience and understanding that there is ONE LIFE that lives and moves in all beings, large and small, so
    wheneverany life is helped, no matter how small,
    theunified field of life is blessed as a whole.
    Thatis why these and similar sayings ring true:
     "Whatyou do unto the least of these you do unto Me."
     "Dounto others as you would have them do unto you"!
    "Stepon a blade of grass and the universe trembles."
    "Godis aware of the least sparrow".
    Blessingothers is the core and essence of the divine virtue of Grace and Mercy, the letterG, which is the first letter of our name.

    Meditatingon this virtue enlivens true divine blessing for self and others.
    We inspire the sons and daughters of Divine Life to meditate on divine grace and mercy in all their aspects.

     We help with the understanding of how far legality goes and how divine grace and mercy effects man and animal to bring success and satisfaction to all.
    Meditateon the virtue of divine peace in the spirit, the experience of peacefulness and the blessing of Divine Providence.
    Flowwith feelings of divine happiness and complete satisfaction.

    Meditateon all phases of true abundance and success in the physical world for all beings.

    We help with understandingthat according to the law of Reciprocal Action, the law of cause and effect
    , negative results of past mistakes become a bitter harvest.

    Bycontinuously uplifting one’s state of being, desires, thoughts, feelings, and actions in holiness and helpfulness through grace and mercy, a person greatly heightens his or her own vibrational field which reduces dire effects of returning negative karmas.
     Truedivine blessing brings peacefulness of the spirit, and encourages helpfulness in all concerned.
    Rememberthat a higher frequency results from turning away from harmfulness and aligning individual will with Omnipotent DivineWill for the highest good of all.  A higher frequency repels lower frequencies of returning negative karmas.  Inthis way negative karma is greatly weakened in its effects.

     Allof the web of life is then blessed because it is spared ripple effects of suffering resulting from unfortunate effects of past misdeeds.

     If the dire effects of every wrong were not made less through
    thevirtue of Grace and Mercy, the painful results, the painful reapings,  couldbe grievous to the entire web of life.

    Becauseeverything is connected to everything else, harm anywhere effects everything everywhere, so whenever a person turns away from harmful activities, and embraces Divine Will, so great is the rejoicing in Heaven for this very reason!
    Bymeditating on the divine virtue of wisdom and enlightenment, the second letter of our name, the letterA, the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind are comprehended.

    In this way, a person can look at any idea in any religious system and determine how much it corresponds to the original purity of all ideas. All imperfections can then be released for changes into other states, through the virtue of
    umlautA, ae.
    Oncethe original perfection of all ideas are understood, theimportance of true divine blessing becomes more obvious.
    Thatis why the letterG, the divine virtue of Grace and Mercy, appears again as the next letter in our name.
    Whateveris identified with, whatever is desired, whatever is thought, whatever is felt, and whatever is sensed goes out and gathers more of its kind through the Lawof Attraction and
    returnsto the sender much stronger than when it went out.

    Meditatingon The Law of Cause and Effect, which is the divine virtue of letterI, allows a person to comprehend “Karmic Law”, the Law of Sowing and Reaping.

     This virtue awakens memory, remembrance and conscience and points again to the great importance of

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