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56188[ANGEL] 16 Taurus, The Angels of Creative Genius

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    May 6, 2014


      16 degrees Taurus

      The Angels of Creative Genius

      also known as

      The Angels of







      Exciting new paradigms are being awakened across a wide range of disciplines among visionaries who are open to receiving creative new possibilities through high inspiration and inner guidance.


       Moresacred and intuitive ways are unfolding.

      New paradigms of living in harmony with the environment, and a whole spectrum of other areas such as inspired time management, new models of loving relationships and uplifting emotional expression, nutrition to enhance longevity and high level wellness are opening up.

      Better forms of transportation and free energy technologies, healing of so called ‘incurable’ diseases, professions such as ‘win-win’ negotiators and medical healers, new paradigms of music, art, crafts, and science in general are birthing themselves anew through the inspired genius of the sons and daughters of Divine Being to manifest divine beauty and harmony.


       Manyof these breakthroughs have been waiting for the right time to blossom forth in rapid succession to the amazement of a world which has been overburdened, longing for transformation.


      Many of those who were close to giving up hope of ever seeing Heaven manifest on Earth will be overjoyed that they held on to see the new age dawn.


      We awaken in the child of Divine Being various talents—for instance talents in art, literature, or other talents—by suitable practices, rituals, and the like, or, if a person has the disposition for
       certain talents, to develop these quickly.


      Artists,writers, crafts people, inventors, scientists, and anyone who uses creative genius for creating loving successful outcomes, security, and contentment come under our protection.


      The original blueprints for Heaven on Earth require that paradigms, which are ways of understanding reality, reflect the majesty and splendor of Divine Perfection and Harmony.

      Pioneersin shifting old paradigms into new ones that more accurately reflect Divine Law are under our guidance and protection.





      Here is one of our stories:




      Once upon a time a very sensitive woman realized that without beauty in her everyday environment, her soul continued to feel spiritually starved.


      Nancy wanted beauty.  The ugliness of her environment when shopping at strip malls, working at the office, or going out on the road in general had at times put her spirit and soul into numbness. 


      She felt that she had to have beauty to breathe, to stay alive.


      She went deep within. In prayer and meditation she asked what to do. Inner guidance awakened within her and over time she realized that she wanted to turn her modest home and yard into a state of paradise, a place that would refresh her and attune her to God’s perfection. 


      With limited financial resources, skills, and materials, it would take miracles to accomplish all that she wanted to do.


      The Angels of Tardoe granted her high inspiration. 


      They inspired her to meditate on the divine virtue of high inspiration, the letter T in the Cosmic Language, and the other divine virtues of the letters of their name. She meditated on wisdom and enlightenment, the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind.  She meditated on releasing any beliefs of limitation or negativity.

       She focused on following inner guidance, and seeing through the eyes of love.  Sheunderstood the legality of harmony, success and satisfaction.

      She meditated on the presence of Divine Being, of Divine Life in all Creation.


      Her inner guidance inspired her to wander out behind the utility shed and look at the old pieces of tin roofing and pieces of treated wood that had been lying there for years. She saw that she must clean up the area and make it more beautiful.


      On an intellectual level, the obvious thing to do would be to put the stuff on the street for the garbage to pick up. However, she viewed everything intuitively, and quietly attuned to her inner guidance.


       Shebegan to see a vision in her mind’s eye of a small Japanese type tea house out in the wild thick privet hedge that grew in the furthest reaches of the yard.


      Carefully following intuition,  she grabbed a post hole digger and dug four holes to form a rectangle about six by eight feet under the thickest part of the overhanging branches.  The back holes were about 24 inches deep and the front ones were about 12. Then she stuck in four of the old landscape timbers that had been stacked behind the shed.


        Next she found a couple of two-by-fours and put them atop the posts in front and in back.  Now she could use some of the old pieces of tin roofing that she had found buried under the leaves. A few nails later and she had created a small space with a tin roof that had a gentle downward slope towards the back. 


      With her acrylic paints she painted flowing patterns all over the posts and under side of the roof.  It took several days. She deeply enjoyed painting beautiful mythical images that flowed into her imagination. She reached within for guidance and inspiration. Ancient unknown parts of her soul revealed themselves to her.


       A few planters here and there with shade flowers in them, a few colorful banners swaying in the breeze, and soon she was finished. It was beautiful. 


      She found a couple of chairs on the side of the road that fit perfectly. She built a small table and hung wind chimes.  A kerosene lantern hung from one of the posts.  Privet boughs covered the little tea house hanging down protectively all around. Carefully she placed some stepping stones making a curving path through the undergrowth. It was a magic, private, secret little place.


      The next evening she took her book out there to read. It was wonderful!  Day by day she would look up and notice another plant, another bird, another butterfly.  A deep peace descended upon her.


       Shehad a place of her own in nature.


      Flashes of inspiration would come at the most surprising moments.

       Next Nancy created a special meandering path connecting the back porch of the house to the wild area around the tea house.

      She covered it with golden straw and lined it with monkey grass and Roses of Sharon.


      It was her favorite place.

      The little tea house was her favorite place to study and ponder.


       Theprivet got higher and she planted honeysuckle, clematis, and trumpet vines to climb in a wild tangle, reaching for the sun.

       Due to very strong intuitive guidance, she gave away her lawnmower and made more wandering pathways through increasing undergrowth and foliage. 


       Soonthere were sunflowers and roses along the paths.

       Nancy eagerly learned the names and healing properties of the native plants that sprang up and so bountifully grew all around.

      She felt much healthier as her body absorbed the fresh enzymes from the edible ones.

       Birds flocked around as they found more cover and food, and she noticed new species that she had never seen there before. 

      Butterflies were in Heaven.


      Bit by bit she used up every scrap of old wood.
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