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56169[ANGEL] 9 Taurus, The Angels of Mystical Behaviors

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Apr 28, 2014
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      9 degrees Taurus

    TheAngels of Mystical Behaviors

    Also known as

     The Angels of





    The roles and functions of the sons and daughters of Divine Being, as divinely inspired co-creators of the physical world, are those of splendor and majesty, true spiritual morality, vitality and beauty.


    We inspire the mystical behaviors that correspond to divine cognition.
     Mysticalbehaviors have great power to anchor heavenly states into physical realities.
    Divine love manifests  through  behaviors ofsons and daughters of Divine Being.
    Weinspire gestures, postures, prayers, and ceremonies in daily life that align with being, will, thought, feelings, and sensations in the physical body temple that are flowing with divine virtues.

    Through these empowered behaviors, Divine Consciousness profoundly impacts the physical realm.

    Tree of LIfe-Hunab KuManifesting Divine Will for perfect expressions of cosmic love in practical terms often comes about by mystical actions ,,,actions  resulting from cognition made possible by love divine.  



     Thisdivine loving cognition brings through  beneficial  changes, allowing divine harmony to prevail.  


     Mystical behaviors come from strong intuitive connections,  inner guidance, clear conscience, and the experience of unity with all.  



     Thisresults in flowing feelings of supreme happiness  through all concerned. 


      We inspire behaviors that give vitality to creation through the majesty and splendor and true spiritual morality of all  the divine virtues taken together.
    Our responsibility is to facilitate success and satisfaction through transmutation,  divine justice and harmony, clear inner guidance, mastery of cause and effect, supreme happiness, and attunement to  divine virtues in everything that has been created.
    Intuitive inner guidance inspires sitting in certain postures, called Asanas, and performing prayers and movements that express divine states of consciousness.  



     Mystical behaviors have always had great power to anchor heavenly states into physical realities.

      These behaviors communicate through
     the virtue of omnipresent unity within all chackras of the human body and outwardly with everything in creation.





    Native Sunset
Pictures, Images and Photos

    Umlaut O, eu, and O…
    Looking at creation through eyes of flowing divine love reveals and enlivens indwelling Divine Perfection. Acute discernment of spiritual justice in the interest of bringing happy and successful circumstances in everyday life awakens.

    R… Easily articulating spiritual wisdom,

    I… factoring in the karmic consequences of all actions and doings,

    E… cosmic consciousness is infused into material forms

    N… while keeping interactions between people in harmonious balance.

    E… The intuitive ability to intensify concepts and thought forms so powerfully as to allow the universal transfer of divine consciousness

    L… causes spiritualization of emotions and

    L… enlightenment of the emotional body.

    The melody of our name is D-sharp, C, C, G, D, A, D, F, and F.
    M I R A C L E S





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