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56147[ANGEL] 27 Aries Angels of Astrology

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Apr 16, 2014


    27 degrees Aries
    TheAngels of Astrology
    Also known as
    TheAngels of


    Weare excellent initiators into synthetic astrology and reveal the most remote secrets of astrology.  Weteach the astrological influences on the mental and emotional worlds, furthermore the opposite oscillations and vibrations of the various spheres with regard to the mental, emotional, and physical planes.  The knowledge of the cosmic effects, on the mineral, the plant, and the animal kingdoms is also taught by us either directly or by intuition and inspiration.’
    Our degree of Aries is trine, or 120 degrees, from 27 degrees Sagitarrius, which is Galactic Center .
     Ourposition is one of the three points of an equilateral triangle that express exactly OMNIPOTENCE OF DIVINE BEING, in power, love, and wisdom.
    The third point is 27 degrees Leo.
     Theconstellation Aries expresses Omnipotent Will to LOVE, which is the feminine expression of Divine Being.  Leo expresses omnipotent Will to WILL, which is the masculine expression of Divine Being. Sagittarius, the Galactic Center, expresses omnipotent Will to WISDOM, which is a combination of Love and Will.

    The sign of Aries is omnipotent Will to Love, for the purpose of giving birth to and manifesting new realities of love.
    As you know, a warrior of Love receives training in many fields because love’s victory requires many different skills and broad knowledge.
    By understanding the birth chart, a child of light better understands the soul purpose of this incarnation.

    By understanding the mathematical aspects between the planets and points in a birth chart, a person can understand what is easy and what takes additional skill
    in victoriously bringing through Divine Love.

    For example, planets that are 120 degrees from each other bring ease in accomplishment.

    Planets that are 90 degrees from each other bring wonderful learning challenges.

    Sinceaccessing divine powers from other planets in the solar system and beyond are at times necessary, an understanding of astrology is the first of the final three steps in the warriors’ education under the sign of Aries.
    "As above, so below."
    Firstof all, the overall concept of astrology can be understood in a  simple way. Imagine astrology as an electro-magnetic flow chart, very similar in appearance to the branches of an upside down tree that are perfectly symmetrical with four levels of branching.
    The ground that the tree grows from is the unified field, which is the element of the Akasha, or unity with Divine Being and all Creation.  Thisis the Delta brainwave level that is dominant in infancy. It is a state of consciousness-penetrating-all.
    Fromthere energy flows into the trunk of the tree which is represented by the sun and the moon. The sun is electric [will] and the moon is magnetic [feeling]. The trunk of the tree is also in the Delta brainwave state of pure being.
    Fromthe sun-moon trunk, energy flows to three branches which are represented by Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus. Pluto receives Divine Love, Neptune receives Divine Wisdom, and Uranus receives Divine Will. This is the Theta brainwave state of deep inner thought.
    Fromeach of these three branches grow two more branches. Electro-magnetic energy goes into these two planet-branches, of which one receives electric energy and one receives magnetic energy. This is the Alpha brainwave state of flowing feelings.
    Fromeach of these two planet-branches grow two more astrological-sign-branches. These astrological-sign-branches make up the final total of twelve branches, or twelve astrological signs. This is the Beta brainwave state of logic, memory, and the five senses.

    It looks like this:
    [Print the following charts out for your astrology notebook. Obtain a copy of your own birth chart.[ Remember to round up degrees
    to the next higher degree. For example, if a planet is 23 degrees and 5 minutes Scorpio, the planet has
    already traveled the entire 23 degrees and is already 5 minutes into the 24th degree. So round up  to 24 degrees.]
    Look up the planets and points of your
    natal birth chart in the degrees of the Angel Messages to understand their divine significance.
    Keep for future reference.]
    AstrologyFlow Chart
    This chart is the flow of energy from the sun-moon trunk into the three branches of Pluto, Neptune, and Pluto and then into the branches of visible planets and from there to the branches of twelve constellation signs. 
    Trunk:Delta Brainwave Level dominant, the pure infant self.
    receptive, magnetic, feminine flowing feelings and intuition of Divine Being
    masculine, electrical, willpower of Divine Being
    Two:Theta Brainwaves dominant, the inner child self.
    Three:AlphaBrainwaves dominant, the adolescent self.
    The visible planets
    Venus, Saturn, Mercury
    Mars, Earth, Jupiter
    Four:Beta Brainwaves dominant, the adult self.
    Thetwelve signs function on this level.
    The twelve signs are:
    Aries,Sagittarius, Leo
    Element of Fire
    Masculine-Masculine[electric on inner branch and electric on outer branch]
    This is accessed best in the Delta brainwave state of the infant self. The adult self asks cellular memory to release experience of the pure divine infant state
    Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer
    Element of Water
    Masculine-Feminine[electric on inner branch and magnetic on outer branch]
    This is accessed best in the Alpha brainwave state of the adolescent self. The adult self asks cellular memory to release experience of the inner adolescent self with strongly flowing feelings.
    Libra, Gemini, Aquarius
    Element of Air
    Feminine-Masculine[magnetic on inner branch, electric on outer]
    This is accessed best in the Theta brainwave state of deep inner thought of the child self. The adult self asks cellular memory to release experience of the inner child self
    Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
    Element of Earth
    Feminine-Feminine[magnetic on inner and outer .]
    This is accessed best in the Beta brainwave state of the

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