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56133[MOON ANGEL] EMKEBPE, 12th Day of Lunar Cycle, Marriage and True Love

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Apr 10, 2014




      The Moon Angels of Marriage & True Love

      Angelsof  ‘E-M-K-E-B-P-E’

      12th Day of Lunar Cycle







      ‘We promote peace and happiness in marriage, and bring good luck, love and
      sympathy to any desired situation through the transmuting power of real love’.


      As sexual energy courses up the spine of both partners through loving interaction, a scalar wave is generated that unites Heaven and Earth.

        A scalar wave consists of a counterclockwise vortex and a clockwise vortex together, forming a multi-dimensional sacred Star of David.

      Thetransmuting power of real flowing love magnetizes attraction for
      Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and Omniscience.

       Flowing feelings of love

      magnetize spiritual perfection through the mastery of Divine Omnipresence,
      and mastery of Divine Omnipotent Will for the highest good of all, and

      change and fluidity.

       It does so with the ecstasy of all polarities
      in Creation manifesting according to the greatest harmony.


      Divine flowing Feelings of true love are all encompassing
      and unconditional, magnetizing change in all.

      In the presence of this type of flowing love, all other flowing feelings that
      are present in anyone are sympathetically accepted and understood.
      Within the magnetism of omnipotent love, negative flowing feelings
      feel safe to express. As long as they are not acted out destructively or
      suppressed, and are allowed to flow in a safe and loving environment,
      they heal. This is soul retrieval.


      The negative flowing feelings originally came from a previous
      emotionally traumatic event. By letting these feelings flow safely,
      the memory of the wounding event is relived. In reliving this memory
      over and over, all the negative feelings and their related negative
      beliefs evolve and change, and in the process insights occur
       that shed a whole new light on the original event.

      In this way, the frightened or angry inner child receives validation and healing
      from the adult self, as the adult self comforts the upset inner child self.
      In this way the two selves become one.


      With this loving acceptance, every flowing emotion of whatever kind
      is transmuted into peace and harmony.


      Meditate on the divine virtues associated with the letters of our name,
      and call on our help, to receive the following faculties:





      The control and transmutation of flowing feelings come by
      allowing the flowing feelings of self and others to flow in an
      atmosphere of all encompassing and unconditional love.

      Thisunconditional love comes from the experience of Unity with
      Divine Consciousness, Will, and Feeling, and with everything in
      Creation through the virtue of Omnipresence. When this is done,
      control over the flowing feelings of all beings is possible.


      Feelings cleanse and purify themselves naturally by
      flowing in an atmosphere of acceptance and love.
      They do this to reflect the perfection of Divine
      Consciousness and birth Heaven on Earth. By mastering
      flowing feelings, mastery over all physical creation is gained.


      Great courage, persistence, and the desire for self-preservation
      is required of each child of God when mastering the feeling worlds.


      By lovingly attuning to the flowing feelings
      of all beings, all beings can be understood.


      By attuning to the feelings of all beings, a child of
      God understands the necessity for polarity.


      The longing for absolute beauty and harmony, for purification
      and the transformation of one’s character is necessary
      in order to attract spiritual perfection.


      This longing for spiritual perfection calls forth the
      self-disciplineneeded to master feelings in self and others.’

      When negative feelings come up day to day within a child of God,
      the psyche is ready to heal wounded emotions that are
      connected to a trauma experienced at an earlier time in life.
      Negative emotions are the beginning of a natural
      healing process that results in higher awareness.

      Strong negative feelings signal that the psyche is now ready to heal.
      Many times these negative flowing feelings come from previous
      emotional traumas occurring in childhood. In close relationships,
      old traumas are awakened from time to time so that the inner child
      of each partner can heal in a safe and loving environment.

      "Yemust be as little children to enter the kingdom of heaven."

      When strong negative flowing feelings are aroused and destructively
      acted out in present time, great harm results to all parties.

      If, on the other hand, these negative feelings are allowed to flow
      in a safe and non-destructive manner, so that they lead back to
      the memory of the original wounding event, a process of recall and 
      living and reliving the original trauma is embarked upon in the imagination.
      In this process, healing insights arise that allow the original trauma
      to permanently heal. When this occurs, negative feelings
      are transformed into wonderful healed emotions.

      Processing negative emotions so that they transmute and heal instead of acting
      them out, creates ever stronger bonds of love and safety in a relationship.

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