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56130[ANGEL] 21 Aries, The Angels of Angelic Intercession

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Apr 9, 2014





    21 degrees Aries

    TheAngels of Angelic Intercession

    Also known as


    The Angels of






     We teach, from the divine virtues of the letters of our name, how to understand, call forth, and work with ALL angels, heavenly hosts and powers in the zone girdling the Earth.


    Our function is primarily educational, although we do have the power to bring forth legions of angels .


      At times we act as a liason between the heavenly hosts and humans.


    The masters said, "Allthat I do , ye shall do and more,"

    because they knew that situations come in to the lives of each individual person when he/she realizes that the key to Heaven manifesting on Earth is their own soul purpose and by connecting to Heaven within the power is there to make a difference.

     Atthese times, calling on help from the heavenly hosts is very important.  It is like calling on other parts of your own self, for indeed, we are all one, a unified field of energy. 


    It is for this reason that ancient teachings are being made available now, for each of you has the power to change the course of history.


    A person meditating on the divine virtues and calling forth the help of the heavenly hosts can alter everything for everyone.


    Because there are many angels and powers available to help you, it is our job to acquaint you with them and give you instructions to set their powers in motion.


    Call on us, and meditate on the divine virtues represented by the letters of our name, to see, through meditation, the overall picture of the beings and powers surrounding Earth and how to use them victoriously to manifest Divine Love on Earth.




    Here is one of our stories: 


           HEALINGTHE ISLAND       


    The sun was setting.


    Raphael sat on the large rambling dock overlooking the bay.  He watched the waves in their endless motions, hoping they would ease his troubling thoughts and disquieting feelings.


    Behind him reverberated the sounds of busy people in the market, but they were not happy sounds. These were stressful sounds resulting from lives of intensepoverty, suffering, corruption, and abuses of power. 


    Stress and fear permeated his life and the life of most of the islanders day to day.


    It had been this way for as long as he could remember.


    The agonized and desperate looks in the eyes of each person that he passed on the streets said it all. His heart always felt the heaviness of suffering and pain.


    He wanted more than anything to bring it to a halt.  He desired so deeply to restore the islands to their original charm and beauty. He envisioned cleaningup toxic pollution at all levels, restoring the environment, and bringing in a time of peace, equality, and plenty, of love and trust.


    He felt deeply that he had waited long enough.

     For years he had waited for a change, for someone to speak the truth and take action to heal the village.


    He no longer believed that it would happen because he was coming out of denial about something he had known deep inside.  Therewas a still small voice inside of him that had whispered, since he was very little, that he was the one he was waiting for. He was the one that was supposed to heal the village.  He thought back on how his family had lived on the island for many generations. Back in history his ancestors had been responsible for many of the good things that had happened there.


    The villagers were so tired of waiting, tired of feeling helpless, tired of being victims.


     Over time he had seen that corruption was not only on the island.  He had felt it even on the other islands. He even suspected that dark powers were controlling some of the charities and spiritual institutions that he once thought would help.


     He made a decision at that moment not to wait any longer.


    Something had to be done, so he took it upon himself to do it, regardless of how difficult or how improbable.  An impulse of divine love burst into flames as a roaring fire of faith and courage came sweeping through him.


    Over the next few days, each child, each innocent animal, each helpless plant that he saw, spoke to him and asked him to do something.  “Yes”,his soul answered.


    He had reached a turning point in his life. It was a new beginning.

    He needed clear inner guidance.  He prayed unceasingly.


    Soon he sensed vividly the presence of divine invisible beings around him. They influenced him with ever greater faith, with insight, and bit by bit he found outer teachers and books that also helped him understand.


    He learned more about the power of intercessory prayer.


    He called on the Angels of Oromonas.


    Raphael closed his eyes and spoke to them silently in his most fervent prayer,


    " Dear Angels", he whispered, "Come”.


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