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56126[ANGEL] Aries 19, The Angels of Water and Emotional Rulership

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Apr 7, 2014

       19degrees Aries  
      TheAngels of Water and Emotional Rulership
      Also known as
      The Angels of



      Our service to Earth is to help people master water and the beings of water, through the mastery of feelings and magnetism.

      Thewater element of emotions and feelings are magnetism and, along with physical reality [earth element], make up The Divine Feminine Principle.
      Remember that Creation begins with Pure Being and unity with Divine Being and all creation.

      Then it becomes Masculine Omnipotent Will, which is electrical and the Fire element.

      Creation that starts as electricity passes down into realms of thoughts and ideas, which is the air element.

       Together Pure being, or Akasha, and Fire and Air make up the Masculine Principle.
      SoElectricity goes into realms of feelings, creating magnetism.

       Magnetism ATTRACTS unique manifestations on the plane of matter and form.
      Eachof the five elements are enlivened and populated by intelligent beings.  The intelligent life forms in each element wish to serve mankind in love and wisdom.
      Throughmeditating on the divine virtues of the letters of our name, we inspire you to know and interact with the beings of the water element.

      These are known as Undines.

       Undines are intelligent and aware emotional entities who inhabit and control bodies of water.
       A warrior of Love who has healed the emotions of the past, and who feels strongly flowing beautiful feelings of Divine Consciousness, attracts good feelings for other humans and can summon Undines to create strong feeling states as well, thereby controlling waters and creatures who live in the water.
      Ecstaticfeelings are created and anchored to attract divine virtues into form for the purpose of birthing new realities of Love.

      Becauseemotions bring about manifestation on the physical plane, emotions are absolutely necessary to master to bring about changes on Earth.
      Forthis reason, people are inspired to unblock and acknowledge previously buried emotional memories, both wonderful ones and painful ones.  Thisis best done as good and bad feelings spontaneously come up in day to day life.

      When an important feeling comes up in response to day to day events and interactions, go within and ask the cells of the body to release the earliest memories of this feeling in this incarnation, especially the original and earliest memory.

       As these feeling memories are released, stay in body awareness and flow with the feelings that course through the body. Trust the process and refrain from thinking too much, as this will put you in your mental body and dissociate your awareness from the astral body, from the feelings themselves.

      Flow with these body based feelings with empathy and unconditional love.

      Thank the feelings for all the wisdom you have gained from experiencing them.

       As they flow, they may become very intense, so remember that this is how feelings heal.

       At any time call in the heavenly hosts to help heal yourself or others during these earlier times.


       Wonderfulearly memories of emotional bliss restore a person’s divine identity.

       Painful early memories of emotional trauma are healed through unconditional love and through flowing in non-destructive ways.

       In this way woundedfeelings are healed, and original blissful feelings are remembered.

      Blissful flowingemotions in physical body temples attract resurrection, spiritualperfection, and immortality.


      Remember: Stagnant emotions are like stagnant water, increasingly toxic and dangerous.

      When these emotions are allowed to flow in a safe and nonselfcritical way, with an attitude of unconditional all encompassing love, understanding and empathy, they heal and become pure and lifegiving once again.

      This is analogous to the way that water purifies and heals through flowing naturally

      Whenold painful feelings flow, through remembering and reliving a traumatic memory over and over from beginning to end, previously forgotten aspects of the original situation are spontaneouslyremembered.

      Bit by bit these remembered insights CHANGE  the old perception
      about what happened and why.

      The psyche releases healing images that totally change the blood chemistry.

      s change, thatwere formedat an earlier time, a younger age in a timeof stress with limited understanding andmaturity.

      These changes of perception about the memory itself bring healing not only to the hurt feelings involved, but also to
       limitingnegative ideas about reality.
      Asa memory is relived , usually about five or six times, and felt through to resolution, a person learns valuable lessons about what happened and why.

       Take your time.  This is time well spent.

      An understanding about why it happened, about the inner struggles of the people involved, evoke even more powerful HEALING IMAGES.

       A series of healing images flow, and finally, a grand final healing image is merged into an original remembered picture of the memory.

      Push these two memories together.

      Watch as they are pushed together to transform into a mental blueprint
      or image of healing and resolution that will replace the original painful memory permanently.

      A memory is made up of three things: visual images, feelings, and thoughts. This process heals and changes all three. 
       Eachperson has a finite number of traumatic experiences that must be healed.  Once a sufficient number of these early wounding events are dealt with successfully, a person has an easy time attuning to flowing ecstatic feelings of divine virtues in meditation.



      H….Usingthe cosmic language in combination with mantra and tantra practices gives control over feelings and the water element.
      Y….The feelings of the rhythms of life awaken gifts of prophecy and abilities to flow in natural cycles.
      R….Listening to inner guidance creates the ingenuity to use and
      I….understandThe Law of Cause and Effect, which is the Principle of Life. This gives a person control over memory, remembrance, and conscience and the astral matrix which is the energy of emotions and water.
      S….Theall penetrating power of divine will in everything in creation is available. This can be used to manifest clairvoyance, the gift of prophecy, and loving control over feelings. This also gives a person power over the element of water in all of its forms.
      Theelement of a divine virtue is used to create A SENSATION in meditation that activates Beta brainwaves. The imagination of a sensation creates part of the waveform of consciousness that is necessary in the manifestation of miracles. This sensation will be either consciousness-penetrating-all, which is the fifth element of Akasha [ the deeper end of Delta brainwaves], or
      itwill be hot-will-fire, or ease-thinking-air, or coolness-feeling-water,
       Manifestingmiracles requires a five part waveform that corresponds to the stillness [Akasha - deepest end of Delta] and the four active brainwave patterns of [ higher Delta-omnipotentdivine will, Theta-deep inner thought, Alpha-feelings,and Beta-memory, logic, and the five senses].  Thesefour brainwaves correspond and are activated by imagining qualities of each of the five elements.  Thatis why in each meditation for a divine virtue a person WILLS- both as one with all being [Akasha] and as an individual- in pure being-Delta, THINKS- deep inner thought-Theta, FEELS-psychic sensations-Alpha, and SENSES-hot, cool, ease, weight-Beta.
      Onceyou begin to meditate in this way, it becomes easier and easier like any other skill.

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