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56118[ANGEL] 15 Aries, The Angels of Problem Solving in Science and Philosophy

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Apr 3, 2014


    The 15th degree of any astrological sign is especially pure and potent.
     It is often called the ' Heart'   or 'Essence'  of the sign.
    This message, The Angels of Problem Solving, is the heart of  Aries, which is the spiritual will to love.





    15 degrees Aries

    The Angels of

    Problem Solving in Science and Philosophy

    Alsoknown as

    The Angels of




    We help to solve any problem in the material world for the Child of Light who is impulsed with divine Love to create new realities, particularly in philosophy and science.


    The divine virtue of Grace and Mercy, the virtue of letter G, awakens  flowingfeelings of grace and mercy that emit emerald green light . Divine Grace of the emotional realm confers gifts of  truedivine blessing for self and others.  Thisvirtue of flowing emotions of divine blessings, the water element, has sensations  ofcoolness and shines through the left eye.


    The powerful divine transmutation of any state of being, situation, thing, or problem through the power of cognition brought about by Love Divine, is the virtue of umlaut O, eu, shining with dark orange light. Because transmutation through seeing through the eyes of divine love is the densest expression of the akashic element of consciousness penetrating all, this virtue has sensations of ethereal earth, or weight penetrating all.  Divineloving cognition transmutes anything into its original perfect divine blueprint. Divine Cognition of love radiates from the ovaries and testicles.


     Divine Justice and harmony is the virtue of letter O, shining with an ultramarine blue light and sensations of weight because it is a virtue of the earth element of physical manifestation. This virtue that justice is harmony and harmony is justice. With this virtue, any situation in the physical world can be  createdwithout incurring any negative karma. Harmony is the key to mastering astrophysics and metaphysics.  Harmonybrings success and satisfaction to every endeavor and situation.  Itshines through the throat and windpipes.


    All of the divine virtues taken together, letter L, shine with olive green lights and sensations of relaxation and ease, because this is the virtue of the air element, of deep inner thought. All of the divine virtues awaken true spiritual morality, vitality, and awe of the splendor and majesty of Divine Being.  Thisvirtue of vitality and youthening shines through the spleen, which in Chinese medicine is the organ of Chi or life force.


    Divine transmutation and justice and harmony are repeated again, vitalized and empowered with deep spiritual morality.


     Then Divine Grace and Mercy flows with divine peace in the spirit, bringing about true happiness and abundance.


     Throughthese divine virtues, overviews and grand perspectives in philosophy integrate different viewpoints.


     Nowa child of light can synthesize various disparate schools of thought so that they support and complete each other.


     Wetie together science and philosophy so that they become one continuous science of thought that showcases the Magnificence and the Majesty of Supreme Consciousness.

    The ultimate purpose of all philosophy is to enhance seekers’ paths to enlightenment.

    Insightsin philosophy are powerful spiritual tools and are necessary for the victory of love. 




    Here is one of our stories:



    Onceupon a time, a brilliant and gifted man named Paul had an amazing experience.


     Paul had always thought of himself as a misfit and an outcast even though he had graduated at the top of his class in Law at Harvard.


    Paul had never fit in socially. 

      He was so uncomfortable with society that eventually he had stopped even trying.


    Even though everyone knew that he was at the very top of the class in intelligence,  hewas so far below the bottom socially that no one would hang out with him.

    Nolaw firm could handle his lack of social graces so he ended up alone.

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