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56115[ANGEL] 14 Aries, The Angels of Ecstasy and Eloquence

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Apr 2, 2014

    Today the sun is in the exact degree that Uranus will occupy during the much prophesied cardinal cross occurring between April 20 and 23rd.

    Uranus emits information concerning Divine Will.

    The world will  be receiving electrical impulses  to go into the ecstasies of divine love and to be eloquent during this time.

    There is a full lunar eclipse April 14th....occurring at 26 degrees Libra Moon and 26 degrees Aries Sun.

    14 degrees Aries


    TheAngels of Ecstasy and Eloquence

    Also known as

    The Angels of





    We give all kinds of assistance to create new realities of Love.


     Wecan help any undertaking on the physical plane, plus you can count on our inspiration for flowing feelings of Divine Love’s ecstasy, sharp wittedness, and eloquence.


     Ifyou desire to inspire these qualities in others, we help you do this successfully.


     This intelligence assists a person with all operations on the physical plane. 

    Moreover, the angels of Jrachro can make him or her eloquent and sharp witted and at the same time teaches how, by the means of the Akasha principle, the principle of consciousness penetrating all, a person can rouse this faculty within self or others.


    Theact of impulsing Divine Love into the physical plane transforms old conditions into new ones.

    This is done by becoming one with divine cosmic love
    with desire,  mentally, emotionally, and with sensations. 


      A Child of Light relies upon the divine virtues of our name; love, inner guidance, wisdom, transformation, purity of emotion, and the ability to see through the eyes of love to manifest harmony to all, to help transform every level of being.


    In the beginning, all things were created perfect, and at the end of time all beings reach perfection.

     When the Alpha and the Omega meet, energy comes full circle and the perfection of the beginning becomes one with the perfection of the end.


    It is ironic that the ultimate outcome of maturity and wisdom—the Omega of life, is eternal youth—the Alpha of Life. This eternal youthfulness of body, feelings, mind, will and beingness is the youthfulness of childlike purity, wonder, and unconditional love.

     Thishappy childlike state uses whole brain awareness, which is Delta [pure being and unity with Divine Being and all creation, visualization and will], Theta [deep inner thoughts], Alpha [feelings] and Beta brainwave states [memory, logic, and five senses] in equal and balanced ways.

     The Delta brainwave state is dominant in infancy.

    The Theta is dominant in childhood.

    The Alpha is dominant in adolescence and Beta is dominant from puberty on.

    By utilizing these four natural states of awareness with meditations on the divine virtues,   physical productions of glandular substances within the body
     occur thatreverse aging and maintain youth.


    Thatis one reason whythe ancients said,

    " Except ye be as little children, ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom of Heaven."


    "And the last enemy to be overcome is death."


    As people remember themselves and become more like innocenttrusting childrenand infants in awareness, the kingdom of Divine Being comes closer to earth. 


    "With faith all things are possible." 


    The Ancients teach that the beginning of the road to enlightenment starts with healing  painful feelings of the wounded inner child selves deep down inside. Original painful traumatic experiences result in negative beliefs about reality that become repeating self fulfilling prophecies.


    When these feelings and belief systems are transformed and healed through allowing them to flow with empathy, by  understanding the nature of painful feelings to reveal wisdom about the importance of love and harmlessness, feelings transform and change into beautiful positive feelings once again.   By  flowing with unconditionallove and gratitude for the experiences of life  when reliving  memoriesof wounded feelings when they come up in day to day life, original states of trust and innocence return.  


     A healed state means seeing reality as a good story, a story that is joyful and full of wonder, unconditional love, and divine ecstasy.


    “As a man believeth, so is he.”


        Beautifulflowing feelingsand ecstasies of divine unconditional cosmic love are the virtue of the first letter of our name, the letter J. Feelings of ecstasy and unconditional love are irresistibly magnetic. They are the primary means of transforming and transmuting realities through attractingheaven to earth.


    Transformation causes ecstasy and unconditional love to grow.


     Becauselove is magnetic, it is contagious.


    Ecstatic unconditional love fills all time and space with dark opal light and sensations of refreshing coolness, because divinelove isa virtue of the water element of flowing feelings. Cosmic Love vibrates to musical notes of G sharp. The midriff area of the human body temple is created by and can be enlivened and healed with divine love.


     Weinspire feelingsof loving ecstasy to flow.

    Divineinner guidance, free from any outside controls, is to be trusted, then followedin each and every moment and situation.


    Inthis state of freedom, a person harkens to "the clear small voice within."

    Thisis the meaning of letter R.


    Freedom shines forth beautiful golden lights that vibrate to musical notes of C.  Thisvirtue has sensations of weight, because it is of the earh element of the five senses, memory and logic. This virtue of freedom created and enlivens the left side of the nose.


    Complete wisdom and enlightenment are next brought into meditation, revealing the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind.  Wisdomand enlightenment are the virtue of letter A when it is pronounced softly, as in ahhhhh… Wisdom and enlightenment enliven eloquence and wit, and mystical faculties such as clairvoyance and clairaudience, and artistic talent.…! Wisdom shines forth light blue light with sensations of ease, because it is a virtue of the air element of mind and deep inner thought. Feelings of wisdom and enlightenment are toned to musical notes of G. The lungs were created by and are sustained by this virtue.


      ThenA is pronounced umlaut A, ae, and imperfections are released for transformation into other states that are the highest good of all concerned. This is transformation. A child of light releases unproductive and harmful desires, beliefs, feelings, sensations and possessions . This can be done inself and others.  Thisconfers control over negative beings, over negative beliefs, over negative passions, and anything that is imperfect or harmful.  A person comes to  understand that in reality there is no death, only transformations from one state into another.  UmlautA, ae, shines a loamy brown light, with sensations of weight.  Feelingsof release of imperfections are  tonedto musical notes of C.  Theanus is created and enlivened by this virtue.


    Enlightenment becomes crystal clear as all obscurities are removed through flowing divine feelings of perfect purity, the virtue of letter Ch. Clarity and purity of flowing divine feeling shines with medium violet colors. Pure flowing divine feelings vibrate to musical notes of D sharp. They have a refreshing coolness because they are the water element of feelings and emotion. Clarity creates the left leg of every human being.


    Now inner guidance becomes evermore clear,actions grow ever more ingeniusand impeccable. This is the second time in our name that the letter R shines forth golden lights with ringing tones in musical notse of C.


    Andfinally, with this clearinner guidance, wisdom and ecstasy,

    the virtue of cognition brought about by Love Divine opens like a flower whose perfume reveals the very essence of Divine Being. 


    Cognition brought about by Love Divine creates radical transmutation of everything as reality isseen through the eyes of love. Divine Loving perception reveals

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