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56090[ANGEL] 1 Aries, The Angels of Fiery Wit

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Mar 20, 2014
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      1 degree Aries
      The Angels of Fiery Wit
      Also known as
      The Angels of


      We are among the rulers of the
      fire element, which is the Force of Will and Intention.

      We are also excellent teachers in the field of electro-physics and electro-technics.
      We inspire the impulse to act according to inner guidance.
      We give you a very strong intuitive connection to Divine Will and Divine Providence, so that all general knowledge is made available to you to guide your impulsive actions.

       Your wit, intuition, and memory is very keen as you become an embodiment of the Divine initiating impulse to manifest Love.
      We help you to create inventions of any kind, on any level, in a decisive manner.
      With great wonder and joy we begin a new cycle of the zodiac.

      The zodiac circle is actually 360 degrees of an open circle,
       a traveling circle or spiral.
      Each turn of the spiral is larger than the one before it. By tracing the path of the planets and sun in their spiraling journey through time and space, 
      you see an ever expanding helix that looks just like a DNA helix.
      “As above, so below."
      The 360 degrees in the circle contain information codes that guide the evolution of manifestation.
      The astrological zodiac is a 360 degree circle, or “wheel”, of Divine Energy which, altogether, manifests Heaven, Paradise , or Perfection, on Earth. 

      It is at this time of the spring Equinox every year that the Wheel begins another round, giving everyone a new start, a sense of spring as a time of renewal or rebirth.
      One degree Aries is the first degree of this “new” zodiac.
      Today is the new beginning.
      An overview of all 360 degrees of the entire zodiac-wheel puts all twelve signs, from Aries to Pisces into an overall perspective.
      The twelve astrological signs can be assigned into a 3 X 4 grid:
      Three Divine qualities
       (Love, Wisdom, and Will)
      four levels
       (Will, Mind, Emotion, and Form). 
      Aries, for example, falls into the “Love” quality
      that is expressed at the level of Will.

      Quality:      WILL
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