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55998[ANGEL] 16 Aquarius, The Angels of Wealth, Riches, and Fame

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
    Feb 4, 2014

    16 degrees Aquarius
    The Angels of Wealth, Riches, and Fame
    Also known as
    The Angels of
    (re-ordered name, using the Stejnar cipher)
     When it is the highest good for a person to become rich quickly, 
    without the riches becoming a hindrance to spiritual development, we make this happen.
     We help strengthen attunement to the truth that the riches of Earth 
    belong to All and exist for the Highest Good, Joy, and Beauty of all concerned.
    This new art form, of using divinely inspired personality and wealth as 
    an artistic masterpiece, is enhanced by finding creative compassionate ways to use fame and power to beautify, cleanse and enrich the world.
    Many people now are seeking to access beautiful spiritual and emotional states of consciousness. They discover the desire to use money wisely to 
    evolve that process. This is bringing about a radical redistribution of power, fame, and wealth at this time of the Alpha and the Omega.
    Instead of a limited selfishness of ego that once believed itself to be separate 
    not only from others, but also from God, enlightenment transforms a person's self identity  more and more into omnipresent, omnipotent,
     and omniscient flowing Divine Wisdom and Love, 
    into a Divine Selfishness that desires the highest good for all from Oneness with All.
     We are custodians of ALL treasures.
            Face Fr
     We also protect riches under the earth, precious stones as well as treasures put away by human hands.
    Our task is to inform such a person when wealth, fame, and power are 
    to be theirs, and we procure it quickly and easily so that they may do the work of Divine Providence.
    Those who seek to spiritualize incarnation by seeking a heavenly consciousness 
    flowing with divine cosmic love are often guided to wealth, power and fame for the purpose of World Service.
     In the natural order of the Universe, wealth, power, and reputation are 
    attracted at the proper time on the path to spiritual perfection. 
    Money is entrusted to those who use it consciously on the spiritual path of perfection.
    One of the most noble, divine purposes for achieving fame is for a Child 
    of Light to exemplify for others the Divine Virtues in the way he or she lives life.
    In World Service, power is often necessary to manifest Paradise on Earth.
    [The spiritualization of matter, the incarnation of divine virtues into 
    physical embodiment, is the divine virtue of letter C of Capipa. It shines with a vermilion light and has the sensation of warmth and ease, 
    since it is a virtue of the fire and air elements.The stomach is made from this virtue.]
    As a person grows in desire to spiritualize the physical world with 
    divine qualities, enlightenment, the virtue of A, unfolds and opportunities for transformation and World Service develop naturally. 
    Twin Souls***Twin Flames***One Love*** 11
    The tools of wealth, power, and fame usually come suddenly and unexpectedly.
     Be watchful and prepared. 
    Enlightened people are Divine Stewards. 
    They recognize and release imperfections for transformation and change to a higher state[ the virtue of umlaut A, ae].
    [Wisdom and enlightenment shines with a light blue light and has the 
    sensation of ease.This virtue awakens understanding and oneness with the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind.It bestows gifts of 
    eloquence, artistic talent, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and other mystical faculties.The lungs are made from this virtue.]
    For Paradise to manifest with maximum efficiency and minimum effort, we help a person who attracts fame, power, and wealth remain one in 
    consciousness and feelings with the longing for spiritual perfection and unity with Divine Light.
    In the beginning of the path of spiritual perfection, a spiritual seeker 
    learns that the treasures of heaven are the treasures worth seeking. At this stage, a person often turns away from the search for material 
    wealth, power, and reputation to seek the wealth of Divine Consciousness and Love.
    [The longing for spiritual perfection is the divine virtue of letter P, which has a dark gray light and the sensation of weight, because it is a 
    virtue of the earth element.The right side of the nose is made from this virtue.]
    However, the creative and communication potentials of material wealth, 
    power, and fame are often important for World Service. When a spiritual Child of Light is ready, he or she finds that the universe provides 
    these and uses them wisely to bring about the greatest good of all concerned.
    By meditating on the laws of Cause and Effect a Child of Light remembers 
    lessons learned over time and carefully creates Paradise in everything that is undertaken.[The virtue of Cause and Effect, of Karma and reaping 
    and sowing, is the letter I, andhas a light opalescent light and the sensation of weight.The left kidney is formed from it.]
    This development and awareness provides an individual meditation process 
    and the understanding of breath, so that a person awakens akashic, spiritual, mental, emotional as well as sensory skills.
     Whatever desires, thoughts, feelings, and sensation a person experiences in the now moment, goes out on the breath, which permeates
     an ever increasing area by the mixing of molecules with other molecules in the air, covering the entire earth in time. 
     Therefore, by developing an enlightened awareness on all four of these levels, a
    person CAN CHANGE THE WORLD just by breathing.
    This is why many enlightened souls stay in physical embodiment, sometimes for thousands of years, but live privately, so that
    they can breathe out molecules of air that are encoded with compassionate high consciousness.
    Through meditation, it is possible to create with Divine Virtues and the heavenly hosts, with deep unity and Divine Love.
    “As above, so below.”
    On the path to spiritual perfection there are times when enlightened people come out of obscurity because they are needed as leaders in the public
    arena, and it is at these times that material wealth, power, and fame can be a natural consequence of higher consciousness.
    Our task is to inform such a person when wealth, fame, and power are 
    to be theirs, and we procure it quickly and easily so that they may do the work of Divine Providence.
    The longing for spiritual perfection is present in all creatures, in all creation.
    This longing attracts Heaven on Earth.
    C…The spiritualization of matter, the mystery behind the Eucharist.
    A…Wisdom and enlightenment.
    Umlaut A, ae…transformation through release of imperfections for changes into other states that are the highest good of all.
    P…The urge for spiritual perfection and unity with Divine Light.
    I…Cause and effect.
    P…The urge for spiritual perfection.
    A…Wisdom and enlightenment.
    Umlaut A, ae…transformation.



    The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah, which is a very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world's religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

    Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host in the zone girdling the earth, and the angels who work with him or her.
    Thebeing and the angels share the same name. Thisname is a key to their powers and influence.

     Names, phrases, and sections,  in the angel messages are quoted or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon.

    Information of the heavenly hosts of the zone girdling the earth is referenced from
    THEPRACTICEOF MAGICAL EVOCATION,ISBN 3-921338-02-6, and Information of the divine virtues and the letters are referenced from THEKEY TO THETRUEQUABALLAH, ISBN 3-921338-12-4]. Publisher is Dieter Rüggeberg, Wuppertal/W. Germany. T
    hese books have very important information for these studies.

    Thebook " Initiation into Hermetics" ISBN 3-921338-01-8, is a preparatory book for the others. Franz Bardon's last autobiographical book, "Frabato the Magician", gives historical background and was compiled by his German publisher from notes written by Franz Bardon. T
    his book is most important for understanding present day political issues.

     Ifyou have these, read Frabato the Magician first, with appendixes, and then read appendixes from the other three for background.

    If you have questions about how to meditate on the divine virtues or what the angel messages are about, go to the archives at the lovingpurelove egroup in Yahoo. * Previous messages contain instructions on the method of meditation for the divine virtues.

     Thelovingpurelove egroup site is a loving cyber family learning together.   

    Theangel messages are indexed there.


    We have a yahoo group for people who want to receive only the angel messages and have access to all previous messages on the web.



    Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SpiritusAngelMessages

    To understand our connection to the Andromeda Galaxy, hopefully find a copy of the out of print book called "Through the Barrier" by Edgar

    A. Ostrander.  He explains in terms of physics and  allegory that Andromeda is our galaxy in the future, coming to meet us in the now.






    If you don't have an instrument for playing the sounds (pitches) associated with each letter, here is a program which will play the notes at the correct pitch like a tuning fork:




    For a copy of the
    TIBETANEXERCISE OF PARADOX, which stimulates whole brain functioning, go to




    And for information on emotional processing (Emotional Healing Exercises), go to




    Books on emotional healing by Dennis Linn, Sheila Linn and Matt Linn are recommended. Also recommended: THENEW PRIMAL SCREAM, by Dr. Arthur Janov, and any books by William R. Emerson Ph.D.



    {Note:  Theentire process of recapitulating and healing wounded emotions is elaborated in detail in a new book in process, “Healing the Past for Good” being written from the teaching materials of the late Dr. Michael Schlosser, Ph.D., to be published in the future.}

    copyright:Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser


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     Here is an excellent hour long beautifully illustrated and explained instruction for absorbing cosmic energy into the etheric body, how to meditate simply.

    Tounderstand Universal Consciousness, and immortality, it is very helpful to read The Life and Teachings of the Masters of The Far East by Baird Spalding
    The first three volumes are field notes taken on a scientific expedition to Nepal in the late 1800's.

    http://pamelaparnel l.homestead. com/life. html

    Ebook and audio format.

      The five volumes of the Life and Teachings are included in this link. 

    Note: The messages that were sent out originally are being rewritten daily with important information. It’s good to update the original messages in your archives.




    free angel music, emotional healing videos, and painting lesson are found here.

    Look for the PDF of the 8 page Trauma Clearing Form that goes with the two free hour and a half  DVD's on on emotional healing on the website, www.spiritussanctus.com. Feel free to share this information. Please print this form out to use when facilitating a trauma clearing, or to make available anyone who watches the 2 DVD's  and who wishes to facilitate a trauma clearing. This information on healing a trauma permanently in one session, with no recurring flashbacks or nightmares, has been carefully researched over many years in clinical settings by licensed psychologists when treating  veterans with PTSD.  It was  formulated as an amalgam from many successful theraputic models at the PTSD clinic at the VA Medical Center in Tuskeegee Alabama in the '90's by  Dr. Paul Michael Schlosser, PhD. 

    Thetwo free one hour and approx. 20 minute DVDs, done in 3D,  that explain how to use the trauma healing form are important. You may download or view  these, including the emotional trauma healing form, at www.spiritussanctus.com  . [There are also other free emotional healing handouts here you can download and print to help you understand emotional trauma healing.]  The trauma healing form is to be used to facilitate  healing a current or past emotional trauma permanently in one session.  It contains 23 steps that a traumatized person is led through by a facilitator in approximately one to three hours to permanently heal a traumatic incident with no recurring flashbacks or nightmares. The trauma clearing form itself and the dvd's explain each step of this form.  Please feel free to download, copy and share this information.  Thank you so much. One one is helped, all are helped.
    Howto download free angel music on website www.spiritussanctus.com

    On the homepage of website, www.spiritussanctus.com, click on the button at the top menu called SHARE MY WORK.
     A window will drop down.
     Click on Downloads.

    A page will open where there are LOTS of downloads to choose from.
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