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559252014 - An Astonishing Year - Pat Crosby with the Cosmic Council of Light. Sedona Journal Predictions issue reprint in entirety.

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  • Pat Crosby
    Dec 31, 2013

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      Thus we have noticed, as have you, Earth Partners -- that there is a sense of being on a runaway horse, of things being out of control, of your sense of always being behind the eight ball, of feeling rushed for no particular reason, of being overwhelmed.

      Your earthly political systems are in a free-for-all overhaul, as old concepts are being turned inside out and thrashed in the court of public discussion – often no-holds-barred discussion as your news headlines continuously report.

      Long standing arrangements are being dashed to smithereens - and most of it seems to make no sense at all....

      December 2013
      Reprint from Sedona Journal December 2013 issue:
      Predictions 2014

      Why so Much Rapid Change? Will it continue in 2014?

      New light codes sped up their trajectory onto planet Earth’s energy fields in 2013 – The Dawn of the New Dream. The marker date of December 2012 threw gas on the fire of accelerating change. These changes are being instigated by the new multidimensional light and sound patterns that the newly released light codes are delivering to our planet earth through the planetary and galactic grids and the symbiotic receptacles in your DNA – which weave the codes into your human body process energy matrix.

      There is no safe ground for anyone right now. We do not mean it is “unsafe” - rather we mean there is no solidity in taking refuge in what used to be. For it is this “what used to be” that is being replaced by advancing solution technologies based on love, harmony and the highest good for all.

      There is no holding back this tide of change - for the cosmic forces at work under divine intelligence are flooding your planet with their newer energies and encoded messages. You will continue to go through these very rapid and tumultuous changes in the coming year.

      How to Grow with the 2014 Changes

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      Happy New Year, Everybody :)