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55805Quado's Garden: Make Yourself Ready ~ Power Animal of the Week: Dolphin

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  • Ash
    Dec 1, 2013
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      "Your belief in yourself and your talents is so great that you invest your time and energy in their blossoming." How true this proclamation is! The type of belief described is apart of our Knowing. That we dive deep and step high in releasing the beliefs which carry seeds of doubts and confusions; of "I'm pretty sure", "I think so", and more. It is that place of inner confidence, passion and assurance. One that is born, cultivated, and growing in Love. The opportunities which unfold are a manifestation of those doors which are already Open within. The Universe working in accordance and harmony with each of us. How can we not find joy, peace, and encouragement within these? Synchronicity is one of the many aspects that unfold and the Dolphin brings many of her wondrous abilities and gifts which include how to hone our intuition and discernment. Attuning to our environment is a vital part of how we come in synch with Our Beloved Earth, with Spirit, with our Self and vice versa.

      Clarity is before us and this is not something that comes to us; rather clarity is birthed from within us. The epiphanies are seeded, nurtured and birthed there at that deepest, highest and most divine location at the very core of Who We Are. We do have what it takes to follow through. Dolphin is one of the many signs which answer our call to affirm and confirm the readiness of our Spirit.

      Let our actions reflect the bounty of our dreams for a dream is not an unfulfilled desire. It is a manifestation of our Heart that speaks from our Soul. When we can see it then it is already there: Formulated and Ready to come forth from our inner world into the outer world. Embrace Your Dream for that is apart of how you Embrace Your Self and Dolphin shall swim beside us bringing and sharing joy, peace and love in a Divine Symmetry and Synchronicity. *:x lovestruck


      Make Yourself Ready

      The actions you take toward your dreams--the classes, the disciplines, the preparations--are the strongest signal you can send to the universe, much stronger than mere visualizations of an outcome. 
      When you are truly ready, you have a demo of your latest song ready when the universe sends a record producer to the same party you attend.  Your belief in yourself and your talents is so great that you invest your time and energy in their blossoming.  And your faith in the great gifts of the universe is so solid that you know you will be presented with opportunities continually and gracefully, as a natural unfolding of yourself within the flow of the universe.
      Make yourself ready, fully ready.  Then relax and allow the universe to deliver.  Be relaxed, open and alert.  Notice how articles you need to read just happen to be lying open before you, how someone you meet happens to know someone you should call.  Then take a deep breath, fill yourself with courage and act, lift up that phone, talk to that person across the room you feel drawn to. 
      When you truly devote yourself to readiness, you will be amazed at how strongly the universe responds.  And you have what it takes to follow through.  After all, you are ready.

      The Dolphin
      Joy          Clarity          Synchronicity

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the dolphin fill you. Click here to listen to the Dolphin's Song.

      Ah, how fortunate you are to have the dolphin as your power animal.  Leap for joy!
      The dolphin is so full of joy, he cannot help but leap into the air, just for the sheer pleasure of being alive.  Allow this vibrant life force to fill you, making you feel and know the privilege it is to be drawing one more breath in this precious life.  Let the dolphin teach you this deep abiding joy.
      The dolphin is also a wonderful communicator.  He will teach you to listen to others and then to respond in a way which they will understand.  With the dolphin within you, words will flow more easily.  You will come into your own power as a communicator of both feelings and ideas, as his intelligence fills you with confidence in expressing yourself.
      The dolphin is attuned to others, instinctively knowing just the right moment to leap into the air, so that the entire group moves in effortless harmony.  Let the dolphin teach you this intuitive synchronicity with others, moving at one with them and understanding what drives them and what moves them.
      Love your life!  Leap for joy!  You are the dolphin.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'