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55448Pleiadedolphininfos: The Ascended Masters and the Pleiadians: Allow the Illusion of Separation to Dissolve

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  • Ash
    Oct 17, 2013
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        Posted: 17 Oct 2013 04:20 AM PDT

        As the dignitary of time walks about, showing its fullness of color, like a well endowed phoenix what was uncompleted long ago comes forth written in the sands of time.  No one is certain where the hands of time will land. All await the next dust storm to settle before the writing on the window sill has been seen. 2013 has existed as an isle outside of time beating to the drum of a new element. Rules gone by no longer adhere to earth as the hidden formulas within the text of the ancient ones reveal the magician behind the curtain. The invisible ink has faded and all can be read. What has been redacted bursts free from its inky shackles.

        The universe can no longer wait for solar systems to awaken those that sleep.  You have come fully packed on an earthen journey of initiation. You have come with all that you need in truth, in matter and in all longings. The melodramas of earth are yours to own or dismiss accordingly. All situations that have come undone are holograms of misrepresentation projected by what needs to acknowledged and released.
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        Posted: 17 Oct 2013 04:13 AM PDT

        -Channeled through Wes Annac-
        Note: This was the last message I channeled before I reached the epiphany expressed in “The One Consciousness that is our Universal Family“.
        I, Jeshua, speaking for our collective of Masters and the Company of Heaven overall, ask each of you to allow the illusion of separation dissolve away from you now.
        Separation breeds so much difficulty and so many negative feelings in the minds and hearts of many dear awakening souls, and those of you who perceive yourselves to be alone or separate from your collective should know that in your true state of being, there is no such thing as separation.
        We note the loneliness and isolation many of you tend to feel as you go about your Earthly experience and notice the difference in vibration between you and the majority of your public, and we ask for you to see what you’ve known as isolation from the perspective of a soul who’s awakening to the constant oneness encompassing each soul, even those who don’t yet realize it.
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        Posted: 17 Oct 2013 04:06 AM PDT

        Logo Lucas_square_words

        I hear about the default and shutdown of government. I hear the people cry that still have a good job  and income how bad things are.  I hear the people with a good running business talk adverse about others. I hear people who are the richest upon this earth still talk how to squeeze a dime out of somebody or something to gain more. I hear myself  despair when I just not get enough donations in to keep things going for all of you 120.000 readers per month. It all feels odd and totally out of balance.
        I see how things could change for the better as things already are appearing all over the world and people say enough is enough. We need to get caring and sharing, we need to get doing things without that debt-slavery system and those that run it as our government, representatives and bankers and their strong-arm of officials, police and army enforcers. It should not be about corporate interest and profit. It should be about abundance for all in all.  The people making change is already happening  for some time. Those who got inspired by the new way of living their lives in equality is what we should look at.
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