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55431Divine Guidance ~ Path of the Soul Tarot: Deeper Look ~ Footprints

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  • Ash
    Oct 15, 2013
      How often have we found ourselves questioning whether or not we are making a difference upon this world? The questions can be a fine line. Are these questions which feed our doubts, confusions and fears? Or are the questions asked those that motivate us and inspire us to look deeper and beyond the perceived 'box' of where we are? May they be those that do motivate and inspire. In that we can transform the questions of doubts and confusions into those that strengthen us and restore our passion and purpose in life.

      For there is no doubt that each of us has value, has worth, bring meaning and purpose to this life, this world and to the others that we connect with. As we look deeper we are beginning to look within ourselves. Regaining a deeper appreciation and wonder for not only our lives but for who we are. If we still wrestle with any doubts remember to look into the eyes and hearts of those who touch us for we have touched them. Each of us will be a candle, a lantern, a flame that walks beside us and encourages; one that never supplants your radiance for theirs. Rather that we compliment one another and awaken our Soul to Know beyond any shadow of doubt our Calling, our Purpose here in this life that we live today. That is the deepest, highest and most Divine Aspect of our Soul that speaks to us and rekindles hope, wholeness, peace and serenity with all of those stemming from Love.

      Perceptions can and do grow, evolve and expand. We can begin to embrace the wisdom which comes from embracing and understanding our unique place within this cosmos. Yes we are all One and we also have our complimentary, unique vibration that is in harmony with our Earth, with Source, with One Another. Here and there we can begin to see the fruition and manifestation of our purpose unfold upon this world, and all worlds, for that is already there blooming and radiating brightly within us. Through the footprints within our Soul that we give to one another through our commitment to life, to each beloved soul that is so beautifully connected to us, to Source and to ourselves.

      Trust that you are where you should be and shall be able to discern and intuit the nuances of life as well as the path that you not only walk upon but that you are also Co-Creating in the same glorious, divine moment. *:x lovestruck

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'