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  • Ash
    Oct 15, 2013
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      Greetings to my beloved Morning Message familyOct 15 ,2013
        ___________My Personal Message___________

      There is a chill in the air and I know that fall is here. I always resist the beginning of this season because I love it when the days stay light longer so that I can work in my garden. My favorite magical garden time is twilight. I also dread the cold because I live in a summer house that is mostly walls of windows. I built it that way so that I could see the beauty of the forest, the animals, and birds as well as the sky and all its changes from every room. However it is difficult to keep the rooms warm in the winter with so many windows. I feel it is a worthy trade-off as I am watching the sun rise in gold and pinks.

      I am in the process of renewing the Labyrinth in the Garden of the Beloved. So all stones are removed and the altar is set aside as I need to level the ground, so it is safe for walkers. A miracle, my new neighbor has offered to completely repair the back fence. So there is still much happening here in the garden as far as maintenance goes.
      This webinar is going to be so powerful and informative, "Sound as Pure Potential". When we understand the power of sound and how to use it as a master, our reality begins to change. Sound and the use of sound have been my passion and my connection with the 'team' since 1995. When I began to create this new webinar I realized the vast amount of information I have collected regarding sound.

      So this presentation offers expanded understanding and new data on how we are affected by sound and how we affect our reality with our sound. I sincerely encourage you to join me in the exciting awareness.

      I am honored to be able to support and assist those who are experiencing challenges as well as the tremendous changes in their life. I have been offering more and more appointments for personal readings with the 'team'.  Call to book your private appointment with the 'team'.

      To those loyal member of this wonderful conscious family I am deeply grateful for your monthly generous Bluesky donations, may you be blessed a thousand fold. I love you and am so grateful for your support. You are such a precious community to me. You truly enriched my life beyond measure. I acknowledge your magnificence as together we anchor a new reality. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy
      _________ Message from the 'team'_________ 

      Upside Down and Backwards 
      Peggy Black and the 'team'

      We are here, embracing you with our love as well as offering these words of support.  The intensity of change in your reality is increasing. What is polarized is becoming even more polarized. You are experiencing that those holding certain positions or beliefs firmly without wavering are affecting the much larger global well-being and health. From our observation it seems there is always some situation that is locked in place by two opposing points of view or attitudes.

      The conflicts between individuals, countries, nationalities, or religions have certainly been the energy behind the many wars your planet has experienced. Each person or group of people is willing to die or destroy the other in order to claim their position of rightness. 

      You can observe these conflicts within your family, your community or the global matrix. Perhaps you personally can identify with a point of view or attitude that places you in a position of conflict with another.

      We are inviting you to become aware of your personal attitudes and beliefs that push against another, causing a certain sense of separation. This is your moment to investigate what energies you are holding that are being reflected in the events occurring in the hot spots around the globe. You are not an innocent bystander by any means.

      You are a multidimensionals being of light having a human experience. You are here on this planet Earth at this time to transform and uplift the sense of separation. When you engage emotionally and mentally with one point of view or the other you empower that position. You add to what is being polarized, you add to the conflict, you energetically support the discord.

      Remember, what you resist persists. It is the pushing against that actually gives strength to the cause you are fighting against. Any time you declare a "war" on drugs, poverty, obesity, you are energetically adding to the strength of what you want to eliminate.

      We might say that you have this upside down and backwards. It is time that humanity realizes that as vibrational beings you call forth into your reality what you place your focus and attention upon. If your focus is on opposition to some action or controversy you are actually feeding the very thing you would desire to change or improve.

      More and more individuals are awaking to this realization and stepping into their personal power to assist in the evolution which supports humanity in its well-being and true connectedness.

      When you are fully aware that your thoughts and emotional vibrations are adding to the field of the collective consciousness you are in a position to contribute to the greater  good and a world that is life sustaining.

      When you realize that you have been taught incorrectly in the use of your focused power, you will shift how you hold situations, how you react to events and you will begin to be the solution.
      We invite you to see and sense, visualize and call forth a reality that truly supports and maintains an environment that honors all living things. This is your task, this is your service, this is your assignment as the divine conscious being that you are.

      Begin to envision, truly envision, and energize what it is that you would like to see and experience in your reality. You do not need to know how this is going to manifest, simply hold your focus on what it is that you would desire to empower.

      Remember when you are fully embodied, anchored to this planet and connected to your divine source and guidance you are truly powerful beyond measure. When you are consciously aware that you are living from your heart, offering coherent vibrations to the field, you are making a significant difference.

      When there is a situation occurring that is charged with conflict, whether it is in your personal life or your global reality, spend some time visualizing the most optimal results for the benefit of all involved. See or imagine a resolution coming about in the most amazing manner. Don't waver; hold firm your vision, energized with the coherent vibration from your heart's focus and desire for the perfect solution and outcome for everyone. Learn to avoid pushing against, holding a polarized opinion and adding to the collective discord.

      Everything and everyone on your planet is connected. There is an interaction between solar geomagnetic events and human events. There is an interconnection between your planet, its weather, humanity and the outcropping of conflicts.

      When you are aware of your heart's coherence, generated by holding an emotion of gratitude and appreciation, allow this vibration to go forth, anchoring this coherence into the field of consciousness.  

      It is a new training for self. Rather than judging what is occurring and becoming polarized yourself, stop and place your awareness in your heart's center, then radiate the vibrations of appreciation out to all. Each time you do this you will personally feel more stable and balanced; you will be feeding your personal energy field as well as the field of consciousness with a coherent energy of love and well-being.

      Rather than resist war, envision peace, rather than fight drugs, envision healing, rather than judge the homeless, envision a solution that serves the highest and best for all. Rather than seeing the differences of others begin to acknowledge their uniqueness. Be the answer. Be the solution. Anchor this firmly into your consciousness and offer if to all.

      We remind you to call upon and invite support and assistance from the realms of Light and all non-physical beings of consciousness. Each moment, each day and each situation call upon the forces of Love and Light to support the perfect resolve and healing as well as the uplifting of this planet. We acknowledge you and your powerful service, for when you are fully embodied, anchored to your planet, connected to divine source and radiating coherent vibrations from your heart, you are in your power to transform all that is before you. We embrace you with our deep appreciation and gratitude as you accept the challenges. the 'team'

      ©2013 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may  share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.  www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'


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