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55427Expect Wonderful: SPECIAL ECLIPSE UPDATE + New Message

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  • Ash
    Oct 15, 2013
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      Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth    
      news from the ideafrontier
      special eclipse update | october 2013
      Hello You INCREDIBLE shining being...
      I could hardly wait to write you! I am tingling and my crown is open to cover nearly the whole top of my head! I just channeled the Council of Light about this upcoming Eclipse Cycle! Then I connected with a friend and member of the Legion of Michael, Sofia, in Australia to share and she shared and the amplification was incredible.
      This is what is happening now when we come together. The WHOLENESS is being empowered. And it's exhilarating.
      I have gotten messages from you recently marveling at the amazing things opening up. Well let me tell you for me, this was yet another level of expansion I had not anticipated ... but I best get used to this and develop a new vocabulary of words to speak to the superlative-ness of it all. :)
      You can read what I received about this time from the Council of Light and check out the events, programs and specials I've been inspired to create here:
      The New! Soar Fest -- Embodying the New Harmonics, spans this whole Eclipse Cycle, and culminates on the Cross Quarter Day, November 6th. It starts in just a couple of days, on Thursday, the day before the first Eclipse.

      These are amazing and potent times we have created my friend!

      I would love to be sharing in this incredible experience of accelerating, continual revelation with YOU! 

      Join in! there are so many ways to play!

      Love + Happiness,
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